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Wikicite/grant/Balinese WikiLontar

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Balinese WikiLontar
Create catalog and added Balinese palm-leaf manuscript catalog to Wikidata and Commons
this project needs...
created on19:51, 10 December 2020 (UTC)

Project summary[edit]

Project Name
Balinese WikiLontar
Start/End dates
January 2nd, 2021 - April 11th, 2021
Amount requested (and the currency you wish to receive it in)
Rp. 55.580.000,- (Rp. 14.000/US$)
Amount requested (in US$ equivalent)

The people[edit]

Contact person name/Wikimedia username
Contact person e-mail address
joseagush(_AT_)outlook.co.id or joseagush(_AT_)yahoo.com

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Organisation (optional)

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Project participants
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The project[edit]


Describe the project or event.

Balinese WikiLontar ia a program to collect metadata and cataloging balinese palm-leaf manuscript in Bali island area to added more reference for Wikipedia, specially Wikidata. The metadata catalog for the manuscripts will include any manuscripts parameter with additional parameters which will collected on site, such as: dimensions, date created, date recreated, the authors/writers, number of pages, origins, coordinates, owners, genre, license, and condition. For rough view, you can see the tables in palmleafwiki, we also try to add the metadata into the article infobox like this one.

At least, there are 25.106 palm-leaf manuscripts exist in Bali, 7.309 lontar in Gianyar regency alone. More information about balinese palmleaf manuscript can be readed here. This project is important for us, because not many efforts even universal register number exist to make the manuscripts known. This project is also first project from balinese wikipedia community which not just to collect palm-leaf manuscripts from 3 regencies (out of 9 regencies and 1 city) but to introduce the wikipedia and its benefit to more broaden society target in hope they also want to contribute more in wikipedia programs.


Why is this project needed? What will it solve or improve?

Until now only 108 subject about palm-leaf manuscripts or lontar exist in wikidata. This projects help to added more palm-leaf manuscripts to wikidata, create first projects in palm-leaf manuscript catalog, contribute quality reference into Balinese Wikipedia and upcoming Balinese Wikisource along with Indonesian Wikipedia. The catalogs will be uploaded in Commons and Internet archive. Many balinese literature coming from palm-leaf manuscript which locally named "lontar". Our target is palmleaf which already preserved by many of the society which still not cataloging and digitizing because of lack of balinese can read and write balinese script anymore. Many balinese palm-leaf already has catalog in Internet Archive. We try to collect and cataloging palm-leaf manuscript data not only in available formats also OUTSIDE the archive or Balinese Wikisource catalog.


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. What will you and other organizers spend your time doing? What will you have done at the end of your project?

The activity/project include:

  • Online wikidata training for Balinese wikipedian community.
  • Collect metadata and cataloging around more than 500 balinese palm-leaf manuscript which not yet identified in 10 houses, in 3 regencies (Buleleng, Klungkung and Gianyar).
  • Create catalog table and shared to Wikidata and Internet Archive.
  • Create 4 times online editathon to add all lontar metadata to Wikidata. Right now only 108 subjects (before starting this proposal is zero! We added data from existed catalog from Gedong Kirtya and Pusdok, not from houses which not yet exist.) dataset about lontar exist in wikidata.

Measures of success[edit]

What are criteria you will define success for your project, and how do you intend to measure for them? What are your targets for these measurements?

The activity/project include:

  • Create 1 times online wikidata training for Balinese wikipedian community (5-8 persons).
  • Collect metadata and cataloging minimum 500 balinese palm-leaf manuscript which not yet identified in 8-10 houses.
  • Create catalog tables and shared to Wikisource and Internet Archive.
  • Create 4 times online editathon.


Who is your target audience for this project, and how will you? How will you engage the community you’re aiming to serve at various points during your project?

  • Balinese Wikipedian Community.
  • The Balinese society as general.


The schedule may varies but here is the list of activities.

Date Description Place
2-3 January 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 1st Place Singaraja city
9-10 January 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 2nd Place Sawan, Singaraja
Collect metadata and cataloging 3rd Place Banjar, Singaraja
16-17 January 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 4th Place Sulang, Klungkung
23-24 January 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 5th Place Sengguan, Klungkung
6-7 February 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 6th Place Klungkung city
20-21 February 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 7th Place Kemenuh, Gianyar
Collect metadata and cataloging 8th Place Pejeng, Gianyar
27-28 February 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 9th Place Ketewel, Gianyar
6-7 March 2021 Collect metadata and cataloging 10th Place Payangan, Gianyar
21 March 2021 Editathon online
27 March 2021 Editathon online
3-4 April 2021 Editathon online
10-11 April 2021 Editathon online

The Budget[edit]

How you will use the funds you are requesting? List bullet points for each expense. (You can create a table or link to a separate (public) document if needed.

No. Description Budget
1. Transportation, rent car 700
20 times for permit and collecting (10 places) x $35/trip
2. Consumtions (breakfast and lunch) 1200
6 person x 20 times x $10/person
3. Communication 6 people x 3 months x $15/person 270
4. Rent camera and documentation equipments 300
$50 x 6 times
5. Online Editathon 4 times x 10 person x $10/person (data packets) 400
6. Stationery and printing catalog, masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizer, face mask, citronella oil, etc 250
7. Accomodation to Buleleng 600
2 nights x $150/room x 2 rooms
8. Offering & souvenirs for palm-leaf manuscripts owners (10 places x $25) 250
Total $ 3970

COVID risk assessment (for in-person events)[edit]

If the project is for an in-person event, you must complete the risk assessment tool and checklist, and provide a link to copies of these documents here. Events must not include any international travel, and must follow all applicable local health guidelines.

Document for risk assessment tool and checklist

Additional info:

  • This project maximum for 8-10 peoples.
  • No international or domestic flight travels just within Bali island area.
  • Using standard local government for risk assessment during COVID-19.


Community notification[edit]

You are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal, so that they can help you! Depending on your project, notification may be most appropriate on a Village Pump, talk page, mailing list, etc.
Please provide links below to where relevant communities have been notified of your proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions.


Optional: Community members are encouraged to endorse your proposal and leave a rationale here.

  • Strong support Strong support I would like to support this project because this project is valuable project for researchers to locate palm-leaf manuscript, and it gives advantages for many people. Carma citrawati (talk)
  • Support Support This is wonderful project! I Support this project because there are many benefits that can get for balinese people and other people who are interest in with palm-leaf manuscript. Bayu Gita (talk)
  • Strong support Strong support This project is very important for preserving palm-leaf manuscript! I strongly support this project as this project will be beneficial for everyone around the globe to find out more information about Balinese palm-leaf manuscript without physically visiting the city/region where the palm-leaf manuscripts are stored. Shitadevi (talk)
  • Strong support Strong support I think this project is very valuable and important because in globalization era we have to be more efficient in terms of time. Moreover Balinese palm-leaf manuscripts are so difficult if we searched it directly in society. So, this project will help us through the globalization era. Anggabuana (talk)
  • Strong support Strong support I am a Sundanese lontar researcher, mostly dealing with old Sundanese lontar manuscript from West Java, and some other from the Central Java region. I found this project important to make a simple registration system for the lontar collection. Hopefully this project can be useful not only for the Balinese lontar but also for other lontar around the archipelago. Ilham.nurwansah (talk) 15:04, 23 September 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  • Strong support Strong support This is very important project! This project very useful to preserving palm-leaf. People can easily access palm-leaf manuscript. This project can increase the existence of palm-leaf manuscript in Balineses society and communities outside Bali.Kadek Ayu Sulastri (talk)
  • Strong support Strong support I am a as young generation very interest with this project. As we know, there are many kind of balineses palm-leaf that can find especially in Bali. With this important project, I believe many peoples will be esier to find information about palm-leaf. If the information can be access by internet, balinese palm-leaf will stay alive for the future and next generation around the world. User:Luh Gede Krismayanti (talk) 19:39, 25 September 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  • Strong support Strong support I support this project because it is very important to converse Balinese lontar. This project will make it easier to find information about Balinese lontar and so that known by the public. Siti Noviali (talk)


Any questions about this proposal and feedback from reviewers should be placed on the associated discussion page.