Wikidata/Berlin summit 2012/layout concepts

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presented by Henning Snater


3 aspects:

  • 1) stick to MediaWiki style,
  • 2) editing is more important than browsing
  • 3) keep edit potential structured

presentation of the concept mockups with 3 columns for content, editing and messages (comments are very welcome!)

Hennings questions to the audience:

  • Are we too far off the MediaWiki style?
  • How to set quality icons (stars?)
  • How to take care fo non-js users?
  • Which browsers to support?

Discussion with Brandon Harris:

Comments consider mobile devices, they are the future! They might not be the primary devices for data viewing but not necessarily for data entry, but we can't exclude that people want to enter data.

  • Dennys Q: thinking of tablets/phones: edit buttons quite far right
  • icon set coming from WMF soon (?)
  • un-link item needs to be considered
  • left column would not be displayed on mobiel device (toolbox, navigation etc).
  • message column would be strange on a phone!
  • Discussion with Erik Möller:
  • discussion about watchlist notificatns
  • Gerard comment: Implementation of language converter (e.g. for Traditional to Simplified Chinese)