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presented by Katie: slides:

  • Overview of rejected ideas
  • Overview of not-yet-rejected ideas
    • Presentation of scenarios (worked out during last weeks)
    • linked data and "links" in wikipedia (existing ones)

Katie/presentation questions:

  • Q: Is an [edit] link +dialog box a good way? Or what brilliant idea do you have?
  • A: The best way to do is that it sucks most for everybody
  • Q: Sorting and sort order for interlanguage links?
  • A by Siebrand: We can do smarter stuff depending on the backend system available using tarbits(?)
  • A: "Magic sorting" (sorting per-user depending on the most visited links)
  • Q: Duplicate language links (local + wikidata) or local overrides wikidata links? another way?
    • comment WD team: Use case: 0.8% of language links. Wikidata does only 1:1 relationships
    • comment Siebrand: w/ Wikilinks?
    • comment Timo: page has a data object with only one link
  • Q: Do we lose section links? [Daniel K]

  • Suggestion: Duplicate links to the same language should be differentiated somehow.
  • Present local links in a way the user can distinguish? ("Why I have two different links linking to the same language?")
  • Introduce a config variable?
  • See also
  • Brandon on using dialog:
    • Should be injected, power user tool, maybe restructure separating local language links into another modal on top of the modal
    • comment Brandon (slide "Migrate local links to Wikidata"): Using a wizard, using a modal dialog over the modal dialog with the list of links