Wikidata/Berlin summit 2012/user story

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presented by Tobias Gritschacher:

Link to slides:

  • Userstory: entering a specific kind of data
    • properties can have various data types
    • Example: number with a certain unit
    • There are different ways to enter the same number
    • predefeined properties retrieved from an auto-completion box, specify accuracy, specify value and specify unit, show the system's interpretation of the entered value
  • comment Brandon: Machine should be able to do most of the work, should be able to just type into some text box, use regular expression => would be easier for the user
  • localization of regular expression will be a pain in the ass; could also give guidelines
  • comment: Daniel K.: immidiate feedback, maybe there should be an option to have drop down based form (for entering occasionally)
  • maybe just offer an input field at first and react on user input, like "I do not understand what you said - fill this out" (Brandon)
  • comment: Erik: Problem with very different numbering systems
  • comment - starting a open source javascript library for data input (numer input and normalization, accuracy, units, etc)
  • feedback Brandon: fast prototypes, get comments/feedback on that