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The ui (user interface) introduced by the Wikibase extensions used by Wikidata is separated into the clients and in the repositories ui. Both make use of JavaScript and AJAX massively. This will allow editing single aspects of data items separately and without any wiki markup. As a fall-back and alternative there will also be a JavaScript-less ui.

Component overview (with links to detail descriptions)[edit]

"old ui" (Covering labels, description, aliases site-links and "terms table")
The development has basically started in April 2012 with the repository sided ui. Development on the old ui has stopped in November 2012 while at the same time the work on a new ui approach has started for implementing the Statements ui. Later on the old ui got obsolete and refactored out of the project.
The ui component for displaying and editing data values which are used by Snaks in Wikibase.
The jQuery.widget based approach succeeding the old ui approach. Used for displaying and editing Statements.