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The event marked a significant milestone at the FUPRE library, being the first of its kind. The library staff demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm in their participation, making valuable contributions to Wikidata. Their vibrant engagement and keen interest served as a motivating factor for the entire initiative. In fact, their eagerness was so pronounced that they expressed a desire for more events of a similar nature in the future.

The event spanned both physical and virtual sessions, with an initial in-person gathering followed by a week-long continuous online engagement. Up until 08/11/2023, the tracking dashboard has documented achievements of participants: a total of 174 new items were successfully created, accompanied by a total edit of 2.5k performed by a dedicated group of 21 editors. See dashboard for more details.

In order to refine our approach and gain insights from the event's participants, a feedback form was circulated. The responses collected are summarized and outlined below


Thank you so much for today's training . Your pattern of facilitation , energy and patience is topnotch . Much love from FUPRE library . Thumbs up for you.

--Sir Bless

Resource person was very friendly and understanding, I felt the slide should have provided more details or links with information about other aspects of Wiki... If possible she can post such links or videos that will help us understand the other aspects like building communities, mentorship, Wikipedia etc.

Yea , it goes without saying , this is one of the best training I have had . Your capacity to break down the process to the simplest terms , that even the blind can see and navigate through . You did wonderfully . Kudos to the University Librarian for attracting this great initiative ; my brain , my stomach and my internet data were satisfied. Thanks Prof !

--Emuejevoke Paul

I also appreciate you for your explicit way of teaching Thanks to the university librarian for this great innovation in bringing the resource person to teach metadata skills We hope for better collaboration as we gradually progress to creating our mark in the world of technology


Thank you so much Madam Goodness . You are much appreciated.Your patience your knowledge and ability to transfer knowledge is topnotch . God bless you immensely . You'll certainly attain great heights. Keep soaring . Thank you so much our quintessential University Librarian for the great innovations you are bringing to FUPRE library . May God Almighty reward you immensely in Jesus mighty name


Kudos goes the University Librarian for leading this epoch making precedence in Wikidata training for Fupre Library Staff ; we appreciate You Prof ma ! Also my special thanks and appreciation goes to Wiki Goodness for your extreme precision , patience , your demonstrated ability to impact knowledge . I say thank you and God bless You


Thank you so much Mrs. Goody , for your patience and time and attention you gave to me , despite network issues I encountered , you still took out your time patently to make sure that I published a book and my name was changed to blue . Thank you so much ma

--Onoruahe Jane

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