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Through an innovative collaboration, the Ig Wiki Librarians Hub is teaming up with the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) Library to revolutionize the visibility of its vast collection using Wikidata. By providing comprehensive training, the collaboration seeks to equip librarians with the skills necessary to enrich the Wikidata platform with detailed metadata related to the library's resources.

This initiative not only advances FUPRE Library's standing within the academic community but also fosters a spirit of cooperation and knowledge-sharing among libraries across the globe. As the librarians gain expertise in utilizing Wikidata's features, they contribute to a broader network of bibliographic data exchange, promote cross-institutional collaboration, and promote open source information/data. As the project unfolds, librarians will gain heightened skills for visibility of their library's collections

The rationale behind initiating this project[edit]

  1. Outreach: The project aims to raise awareness about the Wikimedia Foundation and its diverse projects, encouraging librarians to actively contribute their expertise. By engaging with librarians and promoting participation, the initiative seeks to foster a collaborative environment where professionals can share their knowledge and enrich Wikimedia projects with valuable resources and insights. This outreach effort not only strengthens the Wikimedia community but also empowers librarians to play an integral role in advancing open access to knowledge on a global scale.
  2. Enhanced visibility: By enriching Wikidata with detailed book and author information, the library's holdings become more discoverable. Users can easily find and access relevant resource.
  3. Knowledge sharing: The collaboration with the Ig Wiki Librarians Hub fosters knowledge sharing among libraries and institutions. By contributing to Wikidata, FUPRE Library participates in a broader network of bibliographic data exchange.
  4. Technological advancement: This project exposes librarians to cutting-edge technology, enhancing their skills in managing and disseminating information. The use of Wikidata promotes a forward-thinking approach to library management.

Project's timeline[edit]

  • Project Commencement:

The project is set to kick-off on August 04th - 11th, 2023, at the esteemed Fupre Library. The launch and training sessions will take place during the library's regular working hours, ensuring optimal engagement and participation.

  • Duration:

The planned duration of the project is one week. Throughout this period, the project team will actively engage in activities aimed at achieving the project's goals and objectives.

  • Participation:

To participate, please click the button below to access further information.


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