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This project revolves around improving the visibility of authors and books in Prof. Festus Aghagbo Nwako Library, Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU), Awka through the utilization of Wikidata. With the vast amount of literary works available, it can be challenging for libraries to effectively showcase the rich collection of authors and their works. By leveraging the power of Wikidata, a collaborative knowledge base, libraries can enhance discoverability and provide enriched information about authors and their books to library users.

Wikidata serves as a comprehensive repository that consolidates data from various reliable sources, enabling librarians to create authoritative profiles for authors and books. Through this integration, libraries can go beyond traditional cataloging systems and offer a more dynamic and interconnected experience to their patrons.

Furthermore, linking books to Wikidata opens up opportunities for libraries to enhance the browsing experience. Library users can easily access comprehensive information about a book, including its publication details, translations, adaptations, and related works. This interconnected approach allows readers to dive deeper into a particular author's body of work and discover new books based on their interests.

Through this project, Prof. Festus Aghagbo Nwako Library, can harness the power of Wikidata to showcase authors and their works in a more comprehensive and accessible manner. By enhancing visibility, libraries can inspire a love for reading, support research endeavors, and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of literary contributions.

Purpose of this project[edit]

  1. Encourage library/librarians engagement in actively contributing to Wikidata. By organizing training sessions, workshops, and awareness campaigns, librarians will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to contribute to Wikidata.
  2. Introduce Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia projects , and particularly Wikidata to the librarians at Prof. Festus Aghagbo Nwako Library, at Nnamdi Azikiwe University
  3. The project seeks to enhance the visibility of authors and books in the library's collections. Author profiles will be created, books will be linked to Wikidata to provide enhanced visibility which will facilitate easier discovery and exploration of authors and their literary contributions.
  4. Facilitate Learning and Idea Sharing by creating a collaborative environment where librarians can learn from each other and share ideas.
  5. Strengthen Partnerships with other libraries, institutions, and the wider Wikimedia community.


The scope of the project encompasses the improvement of author and book visibility in Prof. Festus Aghagbo Nwako Library, which is located at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, Nigeria, with a specific focus on Nigerian authors and books, as well as Igbo language collections.

Timeline and specific information:

  • Date: 16th - 21st of June, 2023
  • Time: The project activities will be conducted during regular library hours, with specific workshops and training sessions scheduled throughout the designated dates.
  • Venue: Prof. Festus Aghagbo Nwako Library, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Participants are encouraged to refer to the project's communication channels, for detailed information regarding specific workshop schedules, training session timings, and any additional activities or events associated with the project.

Project organizer: Ig Wiki Librarians Hub


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