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Wikidata MassMessage tool

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Screenshot of the tool

Wikidata MassMessage is a tool to generate a list of wikipages, based on Wikidata items, ready and formatted as a delivery list for MassMessage.

It can be useful for people having a regular but diverse use of MassMessage to contact some specific communities accross the Wikimedia wikis. Based on Wikidata, which collects and aggregates links to wikipages in and out the main namespaces.

Using the tool[edit]

How does it work[edit]

When using MassMessage, the sender needs to specify a delivery list, which has a special formatting. Some lists can be found here, but they are not updated when a new page is created on a wiki, or a new wiki is created.

Wikidata stores the interwiki links of pages on several Wikimedia projects: Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikiversity, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary (except main namespace), Commons, Meta, Wikispecies. For example, Q16503 is the item describing the Village Pumps, and all the village pumps of all these projects are listed here.

With Wikidata MassMessage, you can enter the Q-ID from a community page, and you will get a list of links, already formatted for MassMessage.

Example of simple usage[edit]

  • I want to write to all the Village Pumps on all wikis[Notice 1]
  • I go to Wikidata MassMessage, enter Q16503 in the first field
  • I click on Submit
  • I get a list of formatted links that I can copy on a Meta page, verify and use for my MassMessage

Special features[edit]

Main page or talk page

Depending on the community pages, discussions take place on the main page (ex en:Wikipedia:Village Pump) or on the talk page (ex en:wikt:Wiktionary_talk:Scribunto). When you enter a Q-ID, the choice by default is to write on the main page, you can also select the checkbox "use the talk page" if you want to write on the talk page.

Choosing the wikis

You can select which projects I want in my list. In the field "wiki group", all wikis are selected by default. I can select one or several wikis by clicking on it (Ctrl + click to select several of them).


In case you're not sure that the projects you target all have the community page you request, you can select a fallback. Enter the Q-ID of the fallback in the second field "Fallback item ID". If you enter a fallback, the tool will add one link per project: the link to the first page if it is found, or the link to the fallback.

You can have two levels of fallbacks.


If you want to write to several community pages per project, you can enter another Q-ID in the second line "(optional) and to this page". The tool will then add the links in a common list.

Note that you can combine addition and fallbacks: in anycase, the tool will check that the same exact link doesn't appear twice in the list.

You can combine maximum 3 pages with their respective fallbacks.


When your cursor is in a field, if you type the arrow down, a few items are listed, currently Q16503 (Village Pumps) and Q4582194 (Technical Village Pumps).

Example of complex usage[edit]

  • I want to send a message to the Wikipedias and Wiktionaries who have a Wikidata project (on the talk page). If it doesn't exist, I'll write on the technical village pump, and if they have none of them, I'll write on the main village pump. I also want to write my message on the community pages about Lua (talk page).
  • I check the Q-IDs on Wikidata and fill Wikidata MassMessage: on the first line I write Q4847210 in the first field, Q4582194 in the second, Q16503 in the third. On the second line I enter Q6811431. I check the "use the talk page" box where needed.
  • In the "wiki group" field, I select only Wikipedia and Wiktionary
  • I click on Submit
  • I get a list of formatted links that I can copy on a Meta page, verify and use for my MassMessage

Technical information[edit]


  1. Some local wikipedia have the special news sites, see Q6117605.