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Global message delivery/Targets/Affiliations Committee/Affiliates Global message delivery/Targets/Affiliations Committee/News
Global message delivery/Targets/Affiliations Committee/Sandbox Global message delivery/Targets/Beta Features/5 November
Global message delivery/Targets/CX/18 May 2015/1 Global message delivery/Targets/CX/18 May 2015/2 Global message delivery/Targets/CX/28 May 2015
Global message delivery/Targets/CX/30 April 2015 Global message delivery/Targets/CX/7 May 2015 Global message delivery/Targets/Collection
Global message delivery/Targets/Community Capacity Development Global message delivery/Targets/Embaixadores da Wikipédia Global message delivery/Targets/Fellowship Digest
Global message delivery/Targets/Fundraiser 2011 translators Global message delivery/Targets/GLAM Global message delivery/Targets/Grants News
Global message delivery/Targets/IEG participant survey April 2013 Global message delivery/Targets/IEG reviewer survey April 2013 Global message delivery/Targets/India Program
Global message delivery/Targets/Learning Pattern Diversity Campaign Global message delivery/Targets/Learning Quarterly Global message delivery/Targets/Med250 2013
Global message delivery/Targets/Notifications/22 October Global message delivery/Targets/Notifications/8 October Global message delivery/Targets/PSP survey September 2013
Global message delivery/Targets/Signpost Global message delivery/Targets/Structured data for multimedia Global message delivery/Targets/Teahouse guests wrap up
Global message delivery/Targets/Teahouse invitees and visitors Global message delivery/Targets/Teahouse nonguest participants wrap up Global message delivery/Targets/Tech ambassadors
Global message delivery/Targets/This Month in Education Global message delivery/Targets/ULS Phase 1/spam
Global message delivery/Targets/ULS Phase 2/spam
Global message delivery/Targets/ULS Phase 5/spam Global message delivery/Targets/ULS Reenable 2014 Global message delivery/Targets/ULS Reenable 2014/Message
Global message delivery/Targets/VisualEditor/2 December Global message delivery/Targets/VisualEditor/All Wikipedias Global message delivery/Targets/VisualEditor/Every other Wikipedia
Global message delivery/Targets/VisualEditor/Small Wikipedias with no VE page Global message delivery/Targets/VisualEditor/Wikipedias with a VE page Global message delivery/Targets/VisualEditor/Wikipedias with no VE page (large)
Global message delivery/Targets/WikiCheese Global message delivery/Targets/Wiki Project Eurovision Newsletter
Global message delivery/Targets/Wiki Project Med Foundation Newsletter Global message delivery/Targets/Wikidata Global message delivery/Targets/Wikimedia Highlights
Global message delivery/Targets/WikipediaLibraryEditors
Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Education Program technical updates Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Help Survey (0 edits) Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Help Survey (1-10 edits)
Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Help Survey (101-1000 edits) Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Help Survey (11-100 edits) Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Help Survey (over 1000 edits)
Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Library Global message delivery/Targets/Wikisource Community User Group participants
Global message delivery/Targets/Wikivoyage Communities Global message delivery/Targets/विकिपरियोजना भारतीय चुनाव


Input list Count
Affiliations Committee news 24
Affiliations Committee news - Affiliates 86
Embaixadores da Wikipédia 30
Fellowship Digest 23
Fundraiser 2011 translators 418
GLAM 198
Grants News 47
India Program 10
Learning Quarterly 36
Signpost 202
Teahouse guests wrap up 400
Teahouse invitees and visitors 1522
Teahouse nonguest participants wrap up 126
Tech ambassadors 498
This Month in Education 146
Wiki Project Eurovision Newsletter 47
Wiki Project Med Foundation Newsletter 82
Wikidata 287
Wikimedia Highlights 83
WikipediaLibraryEditors 41
Wikipedia Help Survey (0 edits) 250
Wikipedia Help Survey (1-10 edits) 160
Wikipedia Help Survey (101-1000 edits) 251
Wikipedia Help Survey (11-100 edits) 250
Wikipedia Help Survey (over 1000 edits) 252
Wikipedia Library 270
Wikisource Community User Group participants 49
Wikivoyage Communities 19

Other lists[edit]