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On localized wikis (sorted by Wikimedia language code)[edit]


Community pages
  1. Википедия:Ҡоролтай
  2. Уикипедия:Новини
  3. Wikipedia:Cafenea
User talk pages
  1. User talk:Daniel Mietchen
  1. User talk:Karl Gruber
  2. User talk:Kritzolina
  3. User talk:Sewepb
  4. User talk:Spiritia
  5. User talk:Geraki
  6. User talk:MARKELLOS
  7. User talk:Ftsalamp
  8. User talk:Magioladitis
  9. User talk:Pigsonthewing
  10. User talk:Pyb
  11. User talk:Fraxinus
  12. User talk:Hmxhmx
  13. User talk:Edgars2007
  14. User talk:Masti
  15. User talk:Polimerek
  16. User talk:Tar Lócesilion
  17. User talk:Leeturtle
  18. User talk:Nafie shehu
  19. User talk:Antanana
  20. User talk:Gikü
  21. User talk:

On international community projects[edit]


User talk pages
  1. User talk:Liuxinyu970226


Community pages
  1. WikiDonne
User talk pages
  1. User talk:Camelia.boban
  2. User talk:Delphine (WMF)
  3. User talk:J ansari
  4. User talk:MCruz (WMF)
  5. User talk:Niccolò Caranti (OBC)
  6. User talk:Samat/News
  7. User talk:हिन्दी सदस्य समूह


User talk pages
  1. User talk:Jura1