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Global message delivery/Targets/Grants News

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To have info and updates about WMF's grant programs (Individual Engagement Grants, to begin with, and more if there is sufficient interest!) delivered to your talk page each month, please add your username and home wiki below. To opt out, simply remove your name from the list.

  1. User talk:Sbouterse (WMF) meta.wikimedia.org
  2. User talk:Pine meta.wikimedia.org
  3. User talk:Ocaasi en.wikipedia.org
  4. User talk:Ansumang meta.wikimedia.org
  5. User talk:Hawkeye7 en.wikipedia.org
  6. User talk:jakesyl en.wikipedia.org
  7. User talk:Jtmorgan en.wikipedia.org
  8. User talk:Another Believer meta.wikimedia.org
  9. User talk:Ciphers meta.wikimedia.org
  10. User talk:Mstislavl meta.wikimedia.org
  11. User talk:FloNight meta.wikimedia.org
  12. User talk:Dantman www.mediawiki.org
  13. User talk:Bennylin en.wikipedia.org
  14. User talk:Aalfons de.wikipedia.org
  15. User talk:Cynwolfe en.wikipedia.org
  16. User talk:Ashstar01 en.wikipedia.org
  17. User talk:Steven Zhang en.wikipedia.org
  18. User talk:Shyamal en.wikipedia.org
  19. User talk:Hahc21 en.wikipedia.org
  20. User talk:Leitoxx es.wikipedia.org
  21. User talk:LlamaAl es.wikipedia.org
  22. User talk:Libcub en.wikipedia.org
  23. User talk:Sharihareswara (WMF) meta.wikimedia.org
  24. User talk:Thehelpfulone meta.wikimedia.org
  25. User talk:Netha Hussain meta.wikimedia.org
  26. User talk:Kipmaster meta.wikimedia.org
  27. User talk:GoEThe pt.wikipedia.org
  28. User talk:Heatherawalls en.wikipedia.org
  29. User talk:Hubertl de.wikipedia.org
  30. User talk:Aschmidt en.wikipedia.org
  31. User talk:Benutzer Diskussion:الجوكر de.wikipedia.org
  32. User talk:-revi www.wikidata.org
  33. User talk:Liz en.wikipedia.org
  34. User talk:Bennylin/Berkala id.wikipedia.org
  35. User talk:Rubin16 ru.wikipedia.org
  36. User talk:Vojtech.dostal cs.wikipedia.org
  37. User talk:varnent meta.wikimedia.org
  38. User talk:Palnatoke da.wikipedia.org
  39. User talk:Katherine Bavage (WMUK) meta.wikimedia.org
  40. User talk:MrJohnCummings en.wikipedia.org
  41. User talk:FDMS4/newsletters meta.wikimedia.org
  42. User talk:Learnerktm meta.wikimedia.org
  43. User talk:Krol111 szl.wikipedia.org
  44. User talk:Mjohnson (WMF) meta.wikimedia.org
  45. User talk:Masssly en.wikipedia.org
  46. User talk:Ochilov meta.wikimedia.org
  47. User talk:Marta Malina Moraczewska pl.wikipedia.org
  48. User talk:Lionel Scheepmans meta.wikimedia.org
  49. https://te.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B0%B5%E0%B0%BE%E0%B0%A1%E0%B1%81%E0%B0%95%E0%B0%B0%E0%B0%BF:Bhaskaranaidu
  50. User talk:Misaochaaan meta.wikimedia.org
  51. User talk:Arianit en.wikipedia.org
  52. User talk:Qinyongr zh.wikipedia.org
  53. User talk:Samuele2002 it.wikiversity.org
  54. User talk:Mpapo meta.wikimedia.org
  55. User talk:金坷垃播种者 zh.wikipedia.org
  56. User talk:JarrahTree meta.wikimedia.org
  57. User talk :Tvcccp/Yesona Novosti th.wikipedia.org
  58. Wikipedia:互助客栈/消息 zh.wikipedia.org
  59. User talk:Jura1 www.wikidata.org
  60. User talk:Ngochue456 vi.wikipedia.org
  61. User talk:MJL en.wikisource.org
  62. User talk:Ameisenigel de.wikipedia.org
  63. User talk:IamTrendsetter mai.wikipedia.org
  64. User talk:Aliyu shaba ha.wikipedia.org
  65. User talk:Killy95 sw.wikipedia.org
  66. User talk:ꠢꠣꠍꠘ ꠞꠣꠎꠣ incubator.wikimedia.org