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The following is a proposal to unite Wiktionary content with Wikipedia through clever interlinkage rather than through a merger of content or structure.


Please follow this link to the Britannica entry for encyclopedia. Locate any word, for instance "scholarship", and double click it. A Merriam-Webster (a Britannica Holdings company) popup displaying a dictionary entry for that word will appears. It's neat, helpful, and adds to the completeness of the reference.

The code to implemment this feature only requires minimal javascript. I propose bringing this identical feature over to Wikipedia.


  • It's useful - Wikipedia is widely accessed by young students and second-languages users. These visitors would be grateful for an effortless lookup mechanism, and understand our material better.
  • Wikimedia is a far flung archipelago and it shouldn't be - The projects are adrift by the popularity gap between Wikipedia, a web favorite, and other projects such as Wiktionary, a site at the periphery of Alexa 10,000. Wiktionary's content and visitor number can hopefully accelerate with a Wikipedia feed.
  • It's sexy - People who discover this kind of feature have to show it to their friends, who show it to theirs; viral joy.


Will it be possible to setup a preliminary demonstration where only the javascript code is thrown in?


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