Wikikids/Basic principles

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Here are the the basic principles proposed to determine the New Wikikids.


Wikikids is a free encyclopedia for children and everybody who want a simple explanation on a subject. Wikikids articles must be suitable for 8–13 years old children. The content that is generally considered as inappropriate or possibly offensive for this age range is excluded. Wikikids is free content that anyone can edit, use, and modify according to the principle of Free Knowledge. The general license used will be CC-BY-SA.

Delicate content: sexuality for example is a part of life and should be treated also on Wikikids, whereas in a way suitable for the age group.

No editor owns an article. Respect copyright laws, and never plagiarize from sources. Sources and references are welcomed thought not required as much as on Wikipedia. The counterpart Wikipedia article can be a good basis for verification. Wikikids is not a dictionary, a web directory or a blog. Wikikids is written from a neutral point of view on each subject. It aims to expose clearly the notable aspects of a subject.


Everybody is invited to edit Wikikids, without age restrictions. There is no mandatory or forbidden roles or status related to the users real ages. Wikikids aims to enable children and teenagers to write and to be involved in building the encyclopedia.

School projects are welcomed provided they consider the wiki's rules and content objectives.

Three choices:

  • [Wikikids will have only registered users (like] or
  • [Wikikids allows registered users and non registered users (like Vikidia)] or
  • [each community can choose to allow or not non registered users].

Three choices again:

  • [A user cannot send an email to another user (like on Vikidia)] or
  • [A user can send an email as long as he and the recipient have provided their email address (like on] or
  • [each community can choose to allow or not the "send an email" function].

Good manners[edit]

Treat each other with respect and civility: avoid personal attacks. Seek consensus. Act in good faith, and assume good faith on the part of others. Be open and welcoming to newcomers. Don't cheat with a second account. Wikikids should be a friendly space, taking account that young people should be a part of the editor community.

It will be installed an "alarm button" for inappropriate content or "personal attacks".

Rules and policy[edit]

Wikikids has policies and guidelines. Apart from the general principles, they can be interpreted and evolve over time. On points that haven't been discussed, established or decided else, the guidelines of the Wikipedia in the same language should be the reference.

Two choices:

  • [decisions and granting special rights (sysops...) are held by the community in a Wikipedia way (as on Vikidia)] or
  • [notable decisions and granting special rights, depending on wikis, are either held by the community or held by a real life group that would have launched the wiki or would have been mandated for that (would allow to join with its present functioning)].

Don't worry: nothing has to be perfect at first shot, you don't need to know all the rules to begin. Every past version of a page is saved, so any mistakes can be corrected. Still, try to learn more and more and become an ever better Wikikids editor.