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The encyclopedies usually do a selection. Wikipedia, as online encyclopedia, too. But the Wikimedia project as a whole (of which Wikipedia is the subproject more important) is not only a recognition of the existing, but a new manner of approaching the culture, a more problematic but also – above all – more democratic manner. It is a manner that tends to redefine the limits of the culture – with the annulment of the differences between high culture and low culture – and to remould the cultural “power relations”.

For this reason it does not seem to me wrong to believe that a project like Wikikulture would integrate itself well on Wikimedia. In Wikikulture would be the biographies and (the summaries of) the works that are not in Wikipedia, because not sufficiently known. Wikikulture would not be only a showcase for the emergent authors, but a manner to extend the horizons of the culture, to make known to the general public that which otherwise would remain unknown. Wikikulture does not want substitute the PODs, the integral works would not be in it, but only a summary of them, exactly as in Wikipedia.

Wikikulture would be a place where to realize the digital democracy or, if you prefer, the “omnicracy” dreamed by Aldo Capitini.

The project more similar to Wikikulture would be Wikipedia; a selection less pressing and a greater contact with the “rank and file” (from which the great artists and authors emerge) distinguish it from Wikipedia. A mass project, but not a project without rules: you can see the paragraph below about limits. Wikikulture already exists on the Italian Wikia: this is the address:

Overview matrice[edit]

This is a proposal for a new WMF sister project.
A light blue “w” and a pink “k” on a white background.
Status of the proposal
Statusstalled (see here how to re-open it)
ReasonNo comments of any sort since 2013. * Pppery * has returned 20:01, 3 June 2019 (UTC)
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionTo publish the biographies of the emergent authors or summaries/presentations of their works in Wikipedia style.
Is it a multilingual wiki?There will be many language versions.
Potential number of languagesThe project is going to be in many languages.
Proposed tagline“The Paradise of the emergent creative people.” or “The wiki of the alternative culture.”
Technical requirements
New features to requireThe project doesn't necessarily requires new features that the MediaWiki software currently doesn't have.
Development wikiNot yet in incubation.
Interested participants
See below


(Excluding) qualitative limits:


1) incitement to hate and/or to the ethnic, racial or religious violence;

2) exaltation of the Nazism, the dictatorship and so on;

3) satanism;

4) porn and/or pedophilia;

5) infringement of the third party's privacy (above all if they are minors);

6) any violation of the laws in force in a democratic State.

(Smallest) quantitative limits:

1) for the books of prose: treatises, essaies and fiction (and respective translations):

a) at least 1 book, but at least formed by 15 pages, format A5, 2 cm of border for side, body 12, line-spacing 1 or

b) more books but with the same general limits of which at the point a.

The limits of which above must be interpreted excluding the indexes (synthetic one, analytic one, that of the nouns, etc.), the copyright page, the preface, the postscript, the book covers and possible white pages;

2) for the “practical” texts of prose (books of recipes, of fashion, of handicraft and so on):

a) 1 book with at least 15 foods, dresses, artifacts, etc.;

3) for the books of poetry (and respective translations):

a) 15 poems;

b) less than 15 poems but with a total amount of at least 150 verses of whichever length;

4) for the paintings:

a) at least 1 with a width of at least 150 cm and a height of at least 150 cm;

b) from 2 to 14 paintings, but with the same general limit in the aggregate and 10 cm of height and width as smallest limit for every painting;

c) 15 or more painting of which at least 15 with at least 10 cm of height and width;

5) for the sculptures:

a) at least 1 with a width and a length of at least 100 cm and a height of at least 150 cm;

b) from 2 to 14 sculptures, but with the same general limit in the aggregate and 10 cm of height, width and length as smallest limit for every sculpture,

c) 15 or more sculptures of which at least 15 with at least 10 cm of height, width and length;

6) for the music:

a) at least 15 songs or “musical pieces”

b) a smaller number of songs or “musical pieces” but for a total amount of at least 75 minutes of music;

7) for the theatrical or cinematographic works:

a) director and/or scriptwriter of at least 1 work with a duration of at least 75 minutes (except possible pauses);

b) actor of at least 15 works;

8) for the comics:

a) scriptwriter and/or illustrator of 1 work of at least 75 cartoons;

b) scriptwriter and/or illustrator of more works for a total amount of at least 75 cartoons;

9) for the photographers (also of photo stories):

a) 75 photos in 1 or more “album” or photo stories;

10) for the actors of photo stories:

a) actor of at least 15 works;

11) for the games:

a) that are sufficiently structured, that are not manifestly incomplete;

12) for the anthologies:

a) at least 150 pages.

The works must be available for the purchase or also for the simple view (for example for the paintings not for sale) on internet (gratis or with fee) or the existence of them must be proven in other manner. The books and the other works can be available also only in the electronic format (e-books, mp3 files, etc.). Naturally Wikikulture is open to men and women.


There are translations of this description of this project in these languages:

  1. Italian

Alternative names[edit]

  • WikiKulture with the capital "K".

Proposed by[edit]

Related projects/proposals[edit]

  • Wikipedia, but Wikikulture has a lesser selection of the works and their authors.

Domain names[edit]


People interested

  1. Mikelo Gulhi (talk)

MGL Valentini

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