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Wikilist would be a Wikimedia project that lists and rates products and services.

In a manner similar to the eBay rating system, this list could become a tool where products and services anywhere in the world would be rated by users. A person could list a product or service, rate it and add a comment. statistical tracking would be used to keep track of the rating for the product/service. It could become the online "reputation" for a company and help to establish and maintain trust for long-distance commerce while serving as a useful tool for the consumer looking for a trustworthy merchant.

Would that run aground with NPOV, a common trait of all of our projects? -- user:zanimum
Indeeed. Opinions would flare, and things might get ugly. - Kookykman
They would not have to. Craigslist works decently well, as does eBay. Emesee 23:37, 11 October 2008 (UTC)[reply]
It would not necessarily have to be objective content. A collection of editable, cited, factual lists would also be a useful resource. These could lead to spreadsheets of related data. Objected data could be deleted as seen fit, but it would be much more useful and stable to just direct it toward another venue; for example, all lists and sheets could be marked as either public, for editing, or private, for "show-and-tell." Factual lists could even study objective content; for example, ranking and correlating public comment. JunkerWoland 28:55, August 16, 2009 (EST)

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