Wikimédia Magyarország/2012 Programme Plan

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This page presents Wikimedia Hungary's programme plan and associated budget for the year 2012.

The programme plan is based on strategic priorities identified in a planning workshop on 17-18 September as part of the Organizational Growth and Development Network programme and after further planning at an all-day board meeting it was accepted with slight modifications at the General Assembly held on 25 September.

While the Wikimedia Foundation has indicated their desire to finance (upon approval) of the present programme budget, we have opted for a holistic approach in the case of expenses and income. In case of expenses this means that budget lines without direct expenses were included and in some budget lines are for spending on an if-needed basis. Our budgeted income includes the WMF grant itself, membership fee income, the use of reserve funds, the remainder of a previous Council of Internet Providers grant and projected income from income tax allocations.


The total budget for 2012 is 14 275 000 HUF, which is distributed among the various strategic objectives as shown on the pie-charts. All amounts are in Hungarian forints.


Strategic Goal Programme Notes Amount
Improving Wikipedia content quality Article writing competitions 1 or 2 bigger competitions and 4 smaller ones. The aim is to facilitate growth in otherwise neglected topic areas. 250 000
Photocompetition A Wiki Loves Monuments type event, possibly with the same theme as in 2011. 200 000
Photocompetitions Smaller photo competitions if they can encourage photographers to upload to Commons. The plan is to have one pilot project and if succesful organize more. 200 000
Competitions and programmes connected to other typical Wikipedia activities (patrollers, mentors, bot programmers, etc.) Thematic meetups for the specialized groups where a member of a different language community would be invited to share best practices. The budget line would cover venue rental costs and promotional items used to motivate people of these groups. 250 000
Involve the expert community in article assessment A pilot project to invite experts and scientists to rate and comment on articles of the Hungarian Wikipedia. The budget would cover gift certificates for article raters if it is deemed necessary. 30 000
Toolserver Improve the capabilities of Wikimedia Hungary's server by installing WikiTrust, Wikipedia bots, periodic mirrors of the dumps, etc. 0
Microgrants programme Extension of the existing micro-grants programme to cover costs related to article creation. The budget would cover around 20 grants. 100 000
Community health, including editor recruitment
WikiCamp 2-5 August 2012, Veszprém. The third installment of our WikiCamp event. Its aim is to bring together community members and new editors. 600 000
4 Wiki meetups Quarterly Wikimeetups in different parts of the country. The costs include venue rental and a small amount of swag to distribute to the organizers and in local games, quizzes. 200 000
Professional presentations 4 professional presentations aimed at Wikipedians on topics such as conflic resolution and article writing. 2 is planned to be held concurrently with Wiki meetups and the other 2 independently. The budget includes the venue for the latter two events and speaker fees. 180 000
Frequent meetups Local meetups in Budapest at least monthly more for organizational than social purposes (e.g. project planning meetings). The budget includes costs associated with the meetings, mostly venue rental. 100 000
Community budget The aim is to support spontaneous local meetups, wikiproject-organized events and other community gatherings and projects. 250 000
Surveys Create surveys to measure editor satisfaction and to gather feedback at our events. 0
Drawing attention to editor trends The project aims at acquainting the Hungarian community with the realities of editor decline through blog posts, data visualizations, wiki pages and by following and transmitting news of this topic 0
Summer of Research The aim is to create statistical analyses on the Hungarian Wikipedia with the involvement of university students, recreating some of the research done at the WMF, and also by examining other questions relevant for us. The budget would cover the associated costs with training the researchers and possibly a small stipend for the students. 100 000
Travel The budget line would cover the travel costs of community members to the following events: Wikimania (6 people, we expect that 3 of them would receive partial scholarships from the WMF); Hungarian Wikimeetups (we would like to increase the number of people participating in them by offering to cover travel costs of those in need); travel costs of Wikimedians invited to Hungarian wiki meetups, travel costs of Hungarians participating in wiki meetups of neighbouring countries and travel costs associated with the Prague CEE meeting.

The policy of Wikimedia Hungary is to cover up to 70% of travel costs when this is reasonably possible. (The recipient might be taxed on the support he receives if we do not cover 100% of the costs, therefore we budgeted the full costs – except for the partial Wikimania scholarships –, and are in the process of reviewing our possibilities with our treasurer and accountant.)

1 725 000
Prague Central-East European Wikimedia Meeting We would like to sponsor the Prague CEE meetup that is being organized by Wikimedia CZ. 300 000
Ensuring that more free content is available in Hungary Model Creative Commons contracts The aim is to create a number of model contracts that stipulate that the resulting content be under a free licence. The contracts created in cooperation with the Council of Internet Providers would be made available to government institutions and anyone expressing interest who are open to the idea of free licensing but do not have the expertise to write the proper contracts. 0
Arcanum The aim is to build on the strategic partnership agreement we have signed with Arcanum Publisher and come to an agreement on publishing some content on Wikimedia Commons or Wikisource. 0
Content donations As a low priority project, the aim is to encourage Hungarian institutions to allow access to their content under free licences. 0
Support Hungarian groups with similar aims but less means We would like to support the development of the Hungarian Creative Commons, Open Street Map and similar friendly communities. The budget would allow us to provide scholarships for conferences and to subsidize local community events. 300 000
PR, networking, increasing support for Wikipedia/media and free content
Monthly newsletter for supporters 0
Social media presence 0
Establishing contact with scientific and educational associations After we have established contacts, the aim is to appear at their conferences and give workshops for them on Wikipedia. 0
Publications We would like to produce and print the following publications:
  • An introduction to Wikipedia (reprint);
  • A brochure on evaluating Wikipedia quality;
  • A brochure aimed at educators;
  • A biannual report (tentative)
1 000 000
Conference A conference/Wikipedia Academy event in Szeged aimed at establishing contacts with the local teaching community. 500 000
Facilitating the creation of chapters in neighbouring countries We would like to facilitate the creation of chapters in the neighbouring countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania). We intend to do this by sending one of our members to hold a presentation or discussion with local community members on the nature and reality of chapters and to in turn invite a member from the respective communities to one of our events; thereby sowing the seeds of future chapters and providing the local community with some outside contacts they can rely on in their initial steps. 250 000
József Bokor Award József Bokor was the founder of the first Hungarian encyclopedia. It is customary for serious Hungarian associations to have their own awards. The budget would cover the cost of designing the award and for the first awarding ceremony. The start of the project is subject to further discussion and refinement but the budget line was approved by our General Meeting. 100 000
Booths at festivals Appearance at major festivals like the Book Fair, the Volt and Sziget festivals. This is a pilot project for us to collect experience on the effectiveness and costs of such presence. The budget is for booth rental costs, with the assumption that travel, swag and publications, rollups, IT equipment are already available or are being created based on their dedicated budget lines.

The actual costs of appearance at some of this events might exceed the budgeted amount, in which case we would not attend them.

300 000
Increasing activity in the chapter, engaging more volunteers Promotional material for volunteers Higher quality promotional material to motivate people who take on tasks and responsibilities. 250 000
Promotional material in general Cheaper items to distribute at fairs, events and meetups. 300 000
Regular information letters to members on activities and outstanding tasks 0
Organizational development, capacity building Employee .5 FTE for administrative tasks. To be hired by January/February the latest. 2 500 000
Project managers This budget line is for people hired on short term contracts for specific programme activities. 500 000
Online banking gateway The aim is to produce a preferably open source online banking gateway to facilitate donations and membership fee payment. The budget item is for the developer's fee and our banks contract fee. 300 000
Improve our CRM system Desired functions include membership management, fee payment tracking, etc. 0
1% campaign Letters, banner campaign, etc. in or around May to draw attention to the fact that tax payers can allocate 1% of their income tax to Wikimedia Hungary. 0
Belgrade Wikimedia Management Conference Wikimedia Hungary would like to support the Wikimedia Management Conference that is likely to be organized in Belgrade in 2012. 300 000
Administrative costs Accountant 300 000
Postal costs 30 000
Banking fees 50 000
Printer and printing costs 70 000
Telephone costs 100 000
Server hosting Covered by 2010 Council of Internet Providers grant 420 000
IT equipment Laptop, WiFi/3G router, etc. on an as needed basis and for our employee 250 000
Legal fees On an as needed basis for consultation regarding laws on civil society and copyright. 250 000
Office space We are renting 1 square meter of office space at the Budapest University of Technology that allows as to use the university as our official address. 60 000
Board meetings Venue rental, food. 100 000
Supervisory Committee meeting The Supervisory committee of the association has to meet at least once annually to create its internal audit report. 10 000
General Assemblies Wikimedia Hungary holds two General Assemblies every year. The budget covers venue rental, IT services (internet) and food. 150 000
Travel of board members and employees Wikimania (4 people), chapters meeting, Belgrade meeting, CEE meeting (2-2 people). As with community travel, we expect that some of the Wikimania attendees would receive partial scholarships from the WMF.

Board members are subject to the same reimbursement policy as community members where legally and financially possible.

650 000
Balance brought forward
Amount owed to Wikimedia Austria For the 2011 Fundraising Conference. 50 000
Amount owed to members Pending reimbursements of expenses 150 000
Amount to be remitted to WMF Due to under-spending in previous grants 550 000
Total 14 275 000


Membership fees 100 000
Income tax allocation (1%) 1 000 000
Amount requested as WMF Grant 10 500 000
Grant of Council of Internet Providers 420 000
From reserves 2 255 000
Total 14 275 000