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Letter of invitation to the Wikimedia Conference by Wikimedia Deutschland

Please consider that to support the visa process you better

  1. explain what is Wikimania and that it is an important international conference. The fact that it is the main conference related to Wikipedia will make the event understandable for the people processing the visa (make it simple!)
  2. state the importance of allowing this very person to participate. It she/he won a scholarship you have all the evidences to declare that her/his contribution is very very important. Tell it also to the visa office!
  3. create a partnership or an endorsement from a university. Academic conferences often follow a different visa process than generic conferences (and eventually you can get an endorsement from the Ministry of education). If you have such a partnership state it clearly in the letter and eventually ask the authorization to use the logo of the university or the double signature with a university professor.
  4. cooperate with the Ministry of foreign affairs; send the list of attendees receiving a scholarships and needing a visa to the visa office
  5. consider there might be requests to consulate that you didn't sign but were hacked (sending the list of attendees receiving a scholarships and needing a visa can also limit your risks).

Letter of invitation to Wikimania (attendees with a scholarship)

Letterhead with Wikimania logo

Re: Visa for the Wikipedia world conference in XXX country, Wikimania XXX XXX.

Visa request for: XXX name
XX Address

Dear Sirs and Madams
with this letter we confirm that Mr/Mrs XX, passport number XX, address above, has been invited to attend the Wikipedia world conference called Wikimania, an international conference which take place in XXX for the first time in XX country'.

X has been aware a scholarship from the Wikimedia Foundation; this scholarship support the attendee with the travel costs, meals and accommodation.

More specifically the Wikimedia Foundation will cover the costs of: Viaggio andata e ritorno
Voli internazionali (organizzati dalla nostra agenzia di viaggi)
Tutti i pasti, i trasporti locali e le eventuali spese aggiuntive
6 notti di pernottamento
Quota di iscrizione per le conferenze

This major conference will take place for the first time in XX country, from XX until XXX.
Wikimania have been taking place since 2005, annually, in large cities of world and prestigious universities. This year it is organized in XXX thanks to XX name of the association/fiscal sponsor/chapter in partnership with XXX, the Wikimedia Foundation and with the support/endorsement of XXX (name relevant partners/public administrations).

For further details and information, please do not hesitate to contact XXX, responsible of the registrations at Wikimania at the address XXX.

Name and Lastname
Role in Wikimania (i.e. president of the chapter, president of the fiscal sponsor)

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