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Conference dates

Weekend of August 5-6[edit]

reservations made for August 3-6

Rooms available :

Austin Hall : Ames auditorium only. (the 1st floor rooms are booked by an annual event.)
Pound Hall : The whole building, for a week+.
Ropes Gray (400-500 person room), 1st floor rooms (4 80-120 person rooms), 2 top-floor seminar rooms (70 people each).
2d floor conference room (organization room, space for 30; organizers could have a key)
No other events use Pound b/t Aug 2 and Aug 12.
Langdell Hall : 2 160-person rooms

Dorms available :

All of Gropius (304 beds @ $40; a cluster of 5 small, connected dorms)
Some beds in other Law School dorms. One of the Gropius dorms might be holdable for the week following the main conference, for side/hacking events.
Lesley College (could provide ~30 singles @ $40, pending pre-frosh calendar)
Local couches (10+)

Other costs, benefits, and issues:

+ 3 extra weeks to plan. No other Berkman Center events just before or after; full staff attention.
+ could conceivably fit all sessions into Pound, where the best org and interview rooms are, decreasing catering costs & lag time.
- ...the following week begins to run into preparation of the grounds/grass for the fall semester; could not hang around until the following (12-13) weekend. May not be possible to lay out a tent during hacking days. (not a problem if held at MIT)

Previous date discussions[edit]

Other dates considered were July 15-16, 22-23 and 29-30. Issues considered : the ability to reserve all of Austin or Pound (though we could have a combination of the two); dorm availabilities; and conflicts with other conferences (BlogHer, etc.).

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