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If last year is any indication, Wikimania will involve a week of community gatherings, discussions and hacking; with a few days of packed presentations and large crowds. There will be trips into the city and surrounding countryside.

Wikimania will take place from the 4th to the 6th of August 2006. There will be trips, planned and unplanned, into the city and surrounding countryside. Information about orienting oneself on campus and having a good time in Boston is gathered here.


Getting around Cambridge[edit]

Harvard Square

MIT campus

  • MIT has a cute campus-map applet. Note in particular the Media Lab and Kresge auditorium, both of which we may end up using during Wikimania.

Getting around Boston[edit]

The city of Boston has multilingual content describing how and why to get around town.

Visitors info (En)
here's a scanned-in public domain map of the boston area

Boston University campus

  • BU's River Campus interactive map. Harvard, MIT and BU are all along the scenic Charles River and walkable on a nice day. BU is on the Boston side of the river.

Downtown & Boston Commons

  • Boston Commons is a broad expanse of park and waterway in central Boston, near downtown, right alongside the theater district. In the summertime all kinds of events and shows are held there; and people regularly camp out during the day with blankets and food.

Harvard University[edit]

Harvard Law School[edit]

Pound Hall

Other buldings and landmarks



de: Informationen über Wikimania 2006, die zweite internationale Wikimedia Konferenz.

en: Information about the program and venue for Wikimania 2006, the second international Wikimedia conference.

es: Información sobre Wikimania 2006, la segunda conferencia internacional de Wikimedia.

it: Informazioni sul programma di Wikimania 2006, la seconda conferenza internazionale di Wikimedia.

zh: 有关Wikimania 2006--第二届国际维基媒体会议的活动和场地资料。

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