Wikimania 2008/Bids/Alexandria/Budget and Sponsorship

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Sponsorship opportunities[edit]

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center (BACC)[edit]

BACC will be offering the venue, which includes halls of various capacities, ranging from 100 up to 1600 persons. BACC also hosts a Hitlon cafe that has a wonderful sea view.

View of cafe in BACC
View of cafe in BACC

Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA)[edit]

The ICT department at the BA will be offering technical services, including Web-casting, Video Conferencing and plasma screen streaming, as well as free wi-fi in the BA, the BACC and the outdoors plaza.

Governmental Authorities[edit]

Governmental Authorities are looking forward to hosting Wikimania2008 in Egypt. Hence, they will be providing a great financial support that will be determined in more details after winning the bid


IDRC, through the African Information Society Initiative, supports Canada’s contribution to the developement of information and communication technologies in Africa. They will take part in sponsorship, since Wiki projects are in line with the IDRC themes of new learning environments and practices.[edit]


eSpace was founded in 2000. It is dedicated to developing web and mobile applications for several clients across the globe. The sponsorship of eSpace comes along with, mainly directed towards the attendees' party, as well as some contribution with transportation costs.

Vodafone Egypt[edit]

CISCO Egypt[edit]


IBM Egypt[edit]

Microsoft Egypt[edit]

We have received a reply from Microsoft Egypt confirming their contribution in sponsporship on the Friends Level

Siemens Egypt[edit]

Total budget[edit]

Category Items No. of units Total cost
Promotional Material Posters, Flags, misc stuff # 15050 2640
Catering BA Hilton lunch and drinks 500 persons * 4 days 110500 19386
Conference Material Bags, maps, CDs, tags, etc.. for 500 attendees 33500 5877
Transportation Fee from and to the airport and inside Alex (including VIP) for 500 attendees 25909 4545
Administrative Fee volunteers uniform, office Stationery, misc stuff. for 60 volunteers 7500 1316
Travel Speakers and scholarships 10 speakers and 35 scholarships 262200 46000
Awards Awards items # 3420 600
Parties Casual and VIP parties 2 60000 10526
Souvenirs T-shirts (sold or given for free) and other free thing. # 12500 2193
Total amount to be raised 530,579 93,084
The venue Halls and tech. facilities for 4 days (seminar halls) 298,850 52430
Total budget including the free venue 829,429 145,514

calculated assuming 1 USD = 5.7 EGP

The Venue[edit]

BA will provide generously the halls needed and its technical facilities for free. Here is a breakdown for the venue items and what they would normally cost.

Prices below are what it normally costs to use these items; BA will offer these for free for the use of Wikimania.

Category Items No. of units Total cost
Halls Great hall (1630 persons) 1*2 days 70000 12281
Small Theater (242 persons) 1*4 days 69000 12105
halls for sessions (avg. 100) 3*4 days 18400 3228
Technical Facilities Video Conferencing 4 halls x 4 days 72000 12632
Web Casting 4 halls x 4 days 12330 2136
Plasma Screens 16 x 4 days 51200 8982
Wi-Fi All over the BA 0 0
Video Recording 4 halls x 4 days 5600 982
Audio Recording 4 halls x 4 days 320 56
Total amount 298,850 52430


Free transportation is confirmed now as 2 companies (eSpace and are sponsoring this. Shuttles from the airport will be available (for both attendees and VIP if required), as well as transportation inside Alexandria to the party if it is held in Montazah or at another distant venue.