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Meeting 1 − 03:00 UTC[edit]

[2008-02-03 03:00:15] =-= Mode #wikimania +m  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:00:25] <bastique> We are now moderated
[2008-02-03 03:00:39] -->| CComMack has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:00:43] <bastique> brassratgirl will be running the meeting
[2008-02-03 03:00:53] <brassratgirl> :)
[2008-02-03 03:00:56] <bastique> but if you feel you need to speak, message me
[2008-02-03 03:00:56] <brassratgirl> shall we start?
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[2008-02-03 03:01:25] <bastique> before I voice the bidding team
[2008-02-03 03:01:29] -->| britty (n=Aphaia@wikimedia/Aphaia) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:01:34] <bastique> we should provide the rules
[2008-02-03 03:01:40] =-= Mode #wikimania +v britty  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:01:56] <brassratgirl> 10 minute presentation for the bid team
[2008-02-03 03:02:15] >bastique< you posting logs?
[2008-02-03 03:02:16] <brassratgirl> then there will be a question & answer period
[2008-02-03 03:02:26] *bastique* if you'd like to log, please do
[2008-02-03 03:02:28] *bastique* I'm logging
[2008-02-03 03:02:30] <brassratgirl> members of the jury will ask their questions first
[2008-02-03 03:02:33] *bastique* but if you want to post
[2008-02-03 03:02:42] >bastique< you can post :-) but if you want me to, I'm sure I can
[2008-02-03 03:02:55] >bastique< :-)
[2008-02-03 03:02:57] <brassratgirl> if there are other questions, msg me or bastique
[2008-02-03 03:03:10] <bastique> :)
[2008-02-03 03:03:15] <brassratgirl> if there are more questions than we have time to answer, they can be posted to the bid discussion page
[2008-02-03 03:03:23] <brassratgirl> for later q & a
[2008-02-03 03:03:29] =-= Mode #wikimania +vv Lankiveil Giggy  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:03:50] <Lankiveil> Thankyou
[2008-02-03 03:03:53] <Giggy> ta
[2008-02-03 03:04:10] <Lankiveil> Can I start out by thanking the jury for allocating this special meeting just for us
[2008-02-03 03:04:34] <Lankiveil> It is very much appreciated that you have gone out of your way just to accomodate our timezone
[2008-02-03 03:04:39] <MichaelSnow> Hey, some of the jury can only make this meeting, too, so you're welcome
[2008-02-03 03:04:50] <DamianFinol> Indeed
[2008-02-03 03:05:03] <Lankiveil> not a worry
[2008-02-03 03:05:47] <Lankiveil> I started this bid for Brisbane, as I believe that we would be an outstanding location to host the 2009 Wikimania conference
[2008-02-03 03:06:14] <Lankiveil> Brisbane is one of the fastest growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region, and is growing in cultural and economic importance
[2008-02-03 03:07:26] <Lankiveil> We have a multicultural community, a press that has shown great interest in Wikimedia (as those who participated in the Corey Delaney affair can attest to), and a strong base of contributors and volunteers willing to help out
[2008-02-03 03:07:29] <--| James_F|Away has left #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:07:51] <Lankiveil> In addition, we have secured the assistance not only of the Brisbane Convention centre in preparing and assisting us in our bid, but also the city government and marketing organisations
[2008-02-03 03:07:52] -->| James_F (n=James@wikimedia/JamesF) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:08:12] <Lankiveil> These organisations were *excited* when I first contacted them to let them know that we were preparing the bid
[2008-02-03 03:08:36] <Lankiveil> and accordingly, they have pledged some pretty hefty financial resources to make sure that we can make 2009 in Brisbane the best Wikimania conference yet
[2008-02-03 03:08:51] =-= Mode #wikimania +v James_F  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:09:28] <Lankiveil> The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre has extensive experience in assisting in preparing conferences of this type
[2008-02-03 03:10:32] <Lankiveil> other conferences that they are in the process of arranging are the Australian International Education Conference (2008), and the IFLA World Libraries Congress conference in 2010
[2008-02-03 03:10:48] -->| Warpath (i=bob@wikimedia/Cometstyles) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:12:39] <Lankiveil> in addition to providing rooms and facilities for the bid, they will also provide more technical assistance to us
[2008-02-03 03:12:51] =-= Mode #wikimania +v zero1328  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:13:16] <Lankiveil> for example, they will provide a dedicated events manager, to make sure that things are arranged professionally
[2008-02-03 03:13:36] <Lankiveil> allowing us volunteers to concentrate on other things
[2008-02-03 03:14:22] |<-- Lankiveil has left freenode (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[2008-02-03 03:15:18] <brassratgirl> looks like lankiveil is having connection problems
[2008-02-03 03:15:25] <Giggy> In conclusion, Brisbane is the ideal destination for Wikimania 09.  It's a really great place, you'll love it.  Enjoy!
[2008-02-03 03:15:29] >Giggy< hahahaha
[2008-02-03 03:15:36] <bastique> zero1328, anything to add?
[2008-02-03 03:15:43] <zero1328> not right now
[2008-02-03 03:15:58] <brassratgirl> OK, we'll start to take questions then
[2008-02-03 03:16:12] =-= Mode #wikimania +v {Daniel}  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:16:15] <brassratgirl> Members of the jury?
[2008-02-03 03:16:26] <DamianFinol> Good evening
[2008-02-03 03:16:27] -->| Lankiveil has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:16:35] =-= Mode #wikimania +v Lankiveil  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:16:56] <Giggy> Sorry about that tech problem, guys
[2008-02-03 03:16:59] <DamianFinol> I'll like to know, if the Brisbane team has contacted any possible sponsors, and if so, what's the relationship?
[2008-02-03 03:17:00] <Lankiveil> Brisbane is a beautiful location, and apart from a good convention, you'll love coming here
[2008-02-03 03:17:12] <DamianFinol> Is it friendly, cautious, etc
[2008-02-03 03:17:21] =-= Mode #wikimania +ooo James_F brassratgirl bastique  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 03:17:35] <Giggy> The relationship is friendly, definitely
[2008-02-03 03:17:41] <Lankiveil> I'd say "enthusiastic"
[2008-02-03 03:17:55] <Angela> Your bid says that the price of accomodation tends to range from US$90-$225. This is a lot more than people have paid in previous years. Is there anything cheaper, like student or hostel accommodation available near or in the venue?
[2008-02-03 03:18:41] <Lankiveil> There is heaps of backpacker accomodation in Brisbane, if that's the grade you want
[2008-02-03 03:18:58] <Lankiveil> it is some distance from the actual convention centre
[2008-02-03 03:19:10] <Lankiveil> however, as noted in the bid, there is public transport that leads right to the centre, so that should not be a problem
[2008-02-03 03:20:20] <Lankiveil> the $90-$225 figure is for accomodation right in South Brisbane, within 1km of the venue
[2008-02-03 03:20:47] <brassratgirl> I have several questions from Achal, who could not attend this meeting
[2008-02-03 03:20:48] -->| Messedrocker (n=messedro@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:21:07] <brassratgirl> - How many Wikipedians do you estimate coming from other parts of
[2008-02-03 03:21:08] <brassratgirl> Queensland and other parts of Australia, realistically?
[2008-02-03 03:21:10] <brassratgirl> - Can you see any other Asian countries nearby increasing participation
[2008-02-03 03:21:11] <brassratgirl> because of the location in Brisbane?
[2008-02-03 03:21:13] <brassratgirl> - Given past Wikimanias, what is the overall mix of local vs foreign
[2008-02-03 03:21:14] <bastique> That's AUD, right?
[2008-02-03 03:21:14] <brassratgirl> guests you expect? [Given fairly high travel costs from Europe, US,
[2008-02-03 03:21:16] <brassratgirl> where visitors have tended to come from]
[2008-02-03 03:21:20] <Giggy> bastique, USD
[2008-02-03 03:21:28] <bastique> 'kay
[2008-02-03 03:21:30] <bastique> oh
[2008-02-03 03:21:35] <bastique> sorry.
[2008-02-03 03:21:39] * bastique goes back behind the curtains
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[2008-02-03 03:21:48] <Lankiveil> Brisbane is a large city and there many Wikipedians here
[2008-02-03 03:22:09] <Lankiveil> we have some unofficial support that we are looking at formalising on recruiting Wikipedians from the University of Queensland, and getting them to attend
[2008-02-03 03:22:09] <Giggy> We've also had a lot of support from the proposed Wikimedia Australia charter
[2008-02-03 03:22:16] -->| MichaelSnow (n=Administ@wikipedia/MichaelSnow) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:22:22] <Lankiveil> UQ almost fell over themselves to indicate how happy they would be to support this
[2008-02-03 03:22:27] =-= Mode #wikimania +v MichaelSnow  by bastique
[2008-02-03 03:22:28] <{Daniel}> Brisbane is also located on the East Coast of Australia, which is close to the major centres of Sydney and Melbourne
[2008-02-03 03:22:55] <Lankiveil> Yes, travel from Sydney or Melbourne to Brisbane is relatively inexpensive, and there are other options (coach, train), which provide more options
[2008-02-03 03:23:00] <brassratgirl> UQ?
[2008-02-03 03:23:06] <{Daniel}> brassratgirl: University of Queensland
[2008-02-03 03:23:11] <brassratgirl> thanks :)
[2008-02-03 03:23:21] <Lankiveil> A wikimania in Brisbane will be much more accessible to Sydney, Melbourne, or other Aussie Wikimedians than one in the Northern Hemisphere
[2008-02-03 03:24:01] -->| SWATJester (n=swatjest@wikipedia/Swatjester) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:24:05] <Giggy> As well as those in New Zealand
[2008-02-03 03:24:09] <{Daniel}> I personally would fly in from Adelaide, as would possibly the likes of Riana and Blnguyen and others, and there's a strong contingent of Wikipedians (and administrators, especially) in Perth who would probably be interested.
[2008-02-03 03:24:10] <Giggy> Or regions of South East Asia
[2008-02-03 03:24:21] <Lankiveil> aye
[2008-02-03 03:24:45] <Lankiveil> Qantas Airways in Australia have expressed some interest in maybe providing discounted group fares for this convention
[2008-02-03 03:24:50] <Lankiveil> although this is not yet formalised
[2008-02-03 03:25:41] <Angela> You said in this meeting that the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will be providing rooms and facilities for the bid - do you mean they are providing these free of charge, or would we be charged normal rates?
[2008-02-03 03:25:50] <Lankiveil> discounted rates
[2008-02-03 03:26:20] <Lankiveil> we have been offered what I believe is a competitive quote from them
[2008-02-03 03:26:45] |<-- NotAMetroid has left freenode (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[2008-02-03 03:26:49] <Lankiveil> the actual details of the quote are commercial in confidence, however I am happy to provide it to any member of the jury who wishes to view it
[2008-02-03 03:27:02] <brassratgirl> lankiveil: yes, if you could send that on to the jury I'm sure it would be a help
[2008-02-03 03:27:07] <MichaelSnow> A question about travel, how common are direct flights to Brisbane from overseas?
[2008-02-03 03:27:34] <MichaelSnow> I'm sure London needs a stopover or two, but can you fly direct from Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.?
[2008-02-03 03:27:57] <Giggy> Yes, from most parts of South East Asia you can
[2008-02-03 03:28:04] <Lankiveil> You can fly direct from most major Asian cities to Brisbane
[2008-02-03 03:28:36] <Lankiveil> as well as selected cities on the US West Coast (like LA)
[2008-02-03 03:28:59] <Lankiveil> other flights typically require a stopover in either Singapore or Sydney
[2008-02-03 03:29:59] -->| MessedRawker has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:30:08] <MichaelSnow> San Francisco, by chance?
[2008-02-03 03:30:49] <Lankiveil> possibly
[2008-02-03 03:30:54] <{Daniel}> it appears so
[2008-02-03 03:30:58] <Lankiveil> I'd have to check that and get back to you
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[2008-02-03 03:31:05] -->| Monobi (n=User@unaffiliated/monobi) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:31:08] <{Daniel}> "San Francisco - Qantas ex Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane from $1879 (inc tax)"
[2008-02-03 03:31:10] <--| Monobi has left #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:31:12] -->| Monobi (n=User@unaffiliated/monobi) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:31:28] <{Daniel}> as Lankiveil said, not 100% confirmed, but preliminary research suggests it appears to be.
[2008-02-03 03:31:34] <MichaelSnow> (not that everything revolves around convenience for Foundation staff)
[2008-02-03 03:31:40] <bastique> !!!
[2008-02-03 03:31:46] <Lankiveil> gasp! ;-)
[2008-02-03 03:31:52] <{Daniel}> There is no difference in aircraft hosting capabilities between Sydney and Brisbane, and Brisbane is actually closer to San Fransisco
[2008-02-03 03:31:54] <DamianFinol> A question about Visas, several countries not in the EU or North America, require a visa to travel to Austrlia (Most of latin america for example). How is the team going to address the need of some Wikimedians to travel there?
[2008-02-03 03:32:38] <Lankiveil> as we outlined in the bid
[2008-02-03 03:33:03] <Lankiveil> the Australian Government offers a service to coordinate granting visas for persons attending conferences and the like
[2008-02-03 03:33:20] <Lankiveil> we propose using this service
[2008-02-03 03:33:53] <Giggy> I've used it personally and can attest to its efficiency
[2008-02-03 03:34:07] <Lankiveil> hopefully it will make things easier for people from countries that are not able to apply for ETA visas
[2008-02-03 03:36:07] <brassratgirl> OK, I think five minutes more for questions
[2008-02-03 03:36:11] <Angela> I have some general questions which I will be asking to all of the cities, so I will put those on the talk pages on meta.
[2008-02-03 03:36:18] <brassratgirl> angela: ok
[2008-02-03 03:36:20] <Lankiveil> sure
[2008-02-03 03:36:44] <brassratgirl> yes, anyone who thinks of questions later should feel free to put those on the bid talk pages
[2008-02-03 03:37:03] <bastique> Are there any other bid teams by any chance?
[2008-02-03 03:37:08] <{Daniel}> (quickly revisiting the airline direct question for a moment) Yes, you can. Qantas flies direct in both directions, and preliminary research suggests others do too.
[2008-02-03 03:37:30] <{Daniel}> (other airlines)
[2008-02-03 03:37:41] <brassratgirl> thanks Daniel :)
[2008-02-03 03:37:55] <brassratgirl> Jury members, any more questions for Brisbane?
[2008-02-03 03:38:00] <Giggy> If necessary, there are also 2 major local Australia airlines (Jetstar and Virgin Blue) which are highly competitive
[2008-02-03 03:38:05] <Giggy> So in any case it shouldn't be a problem
[2008-02-03 03:38:10] <MichaelSnow> One more question I'd like to ask
[2008-02-03 03:38:16] <britty> ah if possible: how multilingual brisbane public facilities are?
[2008-02-03 03:38:22] <MichaelSnow> which should probably put to all of the bids
[2008-02-03 03:38:24] <britty> e.g. transportatio system
[2008-02-03 03:38:48] <Lankiveil> britty: English is very much the dominant language
[2008-02-03 03:39:00] <MichaelSnow> Simply, suppose this bid isn't ultimately chosen - would you want to pursue it again in a future year?
[2008-02-03 03:39:12] <Lankiveil> however, there are multilingual facilities widely available
[2008-02-03 03:39:15] <Lankiveil> particularly in Asian languages
[2008-02-03 03:40:00] <Lankiveil> certain neighbourhoods particularly are bilingual, such as Fortitude Valley (Cantonese/English)
[2008-02-03 03:40:11] <britty> thanks
[2008-02-03 03:40:25] <britty> please go ahead for michael's question ;)
[2008-02-03 03:40:45] <Giggy> MichaelSnow, Wikimedia Australia is considering a number of options for future years
[2008-02-03 03:40:49] <Giggy> But it's not off the cards by any means
[2008-02-03 03:40:55] <Giggy> (I hope! ;) )
[2008-02-03 03:40:58] <bastique> This question from CComMack: How much do you expect hosting a conference during the austral winter to depress local turnout?
[2008-02-03 03:41:13] <Lankiveil> not greatly
[2008-02-03 03:41:17] <Lankiveil> Brisbane winters are very mild
[2008-02-03 03:41:27] <Giggy> Brisbane's climate is such that it shouldn't have a major influence
[2008-02-03 03:41:36] <bastique> Like San Francisco!
[2008-02-03 03:41:38] <Giggy> On the contrary, hosting in summer would have a more negative affect
[2008-02-03 03:41:39] <Lankiveil> in my personal opinion, the winter climate is much more pleasant than the summer climate
[2008-02-03 03:41:51] <zero1328> The normal temperature range is around 10-20C in winter
[2008-02-03 03:42:22] -->| Spebi (n=spebi@wikipedia/Spebi) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:42:23] <_sj_> .
[2008-02-03 03:42:34] <britty> wow it is autum days in japan: now i realize why so many people do their honeymoons in those areas
[2008-02-03 03:42:39] <bastique> _sj_ ?
[2008-02-03 03:42:44] <zero1328> In summer, it may be 25-40C?
[2008-02-03 03:42:48] <{Daniel}> As an example, a certain football player recently returned from playing in Europe. He said that he felt the summers were hotter than he was used to, but the winters were like a mild-ish spring.
[2008-02-03 03:42:51] |<-- Messedrocker has left freenode (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[2008-02-03 03:43:01] <Giggy> And everyone like mild springs ;)
[2008-02-03 03:43:22] <bastique> CComMack wants to ollowup: What about from other points in Australia?
[2008-02-03 03:43:28] <{Daniel}> (he went on to comment that the conditions in winter in Australia were basically perfect playing conditions temperature-wise: low 20's maximum)
[2008-02-03 03:43:31] <bastique> s/ollowup/followup
[2008-02-03 03:43:45] <{Daniel}> bastique: flights?
[2008-02-03 03:43:54] <bastique> I think he means winter
[2008-02-03 03:43:57] <{Daniel}> oh :)
[2008-02-03 03:44:06] <{Daniel}> Brisbane is about the best place in Australia during winter
[2008-02-03 03:44:28] <brassratgirl> OK, other questions?
[2008-02-03 03:44:40] <{Daniel}> Adelaide and Melbourne tend to be a tad colder
[2008-02-03 03:44:44] <Giggy> Brisbane is the best place in Australia, full stop. :D
[2008-02-03 03:44:46] <{Daniel}> Darwin doesn't cool down sufficiently
[2008-02-03 03:45:03] <Lankiveil> Agree with Giggy
[2008-02-03 03:45:14] * {Daniel} grudgingly agrees.
[2008-02-03 03:45:24] <{Daniel}> :)
[2008-02-03 03:45:53] <Lankiveil> ;-)
[2008-02-03 03:45:55] -->| TheLetterE has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 03:46:17] <bastique> I believe we can conclude
[2008-02-03 03:46:36] <brassratgirl> OK, yes
[2008-02-03 03:46:40] <bastique> We will not be opening up the page for Q&A until after the next meeting
[2008-02-03 03:46:41] <brassratgirl> Other questions to the bid talk pages
[2008-02-03 03:47:00] <brassratgirl> thank you very much to the Brisbane team
[2008-02-03 03:47:06] <brassratgirl> and to the jury members/attendees
[2008-02-03 03:47:17] <Giggy> Thanks for your time
[2008-02-03 03:47:20] <brassratgirl> are there any other bid teams present that wish to present now?
[2008-02-03 03:47:36] =-= Mode #wikimania -vvvv Giggy Lankiveil zero1328 {Daniel}  by bastique
[2008-02-03 03:47:37] <brassratgirl> If not
[2008-02-03 03:47:52] <brassratgirl> we will wait for our next meeting at 15:00 UTC

Meeting 2 − 15:00 UTC[edit]

[2008-02-03 15:03:21] =-= Mode #wikimania +m  by ChanServ
[2008-02-03 15:03:31] <bastique> Good morning/day/night all
[2008-02-03 15:03:40] <bastique> if you'd like to chat, #wikimania-lounge is available
[2008-02-03 15:03:57] <bastique> let me introduce brassratgirl
[2008-02-03 15:04:05] * brassratgirl waves
[2008-02-03 15:04:08] =-= Mode #wikimania +v HistoryOnTheRoad  by bastique
[2008-02-03 15:04:10] <brassratgirl> OK, first up is toronto
[2008-02-03 15:04:17] <brassratgirl> again, 10 min presentation
[2008-02-03 15:04:19] <brassratgirl> then q&a
[2008-02-03 15:04:29] <brassratgirl> msg me or bastique if you have questions that you would like to be asked
[2008-02-03 15:04:34] <HistoryOnTheRoad> Ok
[2008-02-03 15:04:35] <brassratgirl> the jury will ask their questions first
[2008-02-03 15:04:45] <brassratgirl> if we run out of time, we can move questions and discussion to the bid talk page
[2008-02-03 15:04:55] <brassratgirl> OK, take it away :)
[2008-02-03 15:05:33] <brassratgirl> historyontheroad?
[2008-02-03 15:05:39] <HistoryOnTheRoad> First, I'd like to thank the Jury and all of the other teams for their efforts thus far on Wikimania 2009, and for attending this meeting.
[2008-02-03 15:06:03] <HistoryOnTheRoad> esp. those of you for whom it is still dark
[2008-02-03 15:06:05] <HistoryOnTheRoad> :)
[2008-02-03 15:06:51] <HistoryOnTheRoad> I'm here today to explain why Toronto is the best choice for hosting Wikimania 2009
[2008-02-03 15:07:58] <HistoryOnTheRoad> Toronto, being an ethnically and culturally diverse city, is already a world destination for people to live, and naturally a place for people to congregate for world class meetings.
[2008-02-03 15:09:01] -->| AnonDiss has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:09:01] -->| mahadeva (n=mahadeva@wikimedia/Mahadeva) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:09:39] <HistoryOnTheRoad> We have an active cultrual community, an active technology community and we are one of the hubs of interaction for both Canada and North America, for both a technological and business community sense.
[2008-02-03 15:15:52] <HistoryOnTheRoad> We've already got a great deal of enthusiasm from both our local City government and the provincial government, and we have a budding Country chapter which will be able to provide support to us.
[2008-02-03 15:16:10] -->| Tango42 has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:12:36] <HistoryOnTheRoad> Our preferred venue has great facilities, and is definately a world class facility. It is close to affordable student housing, and is in the downtown core, which means it is close to a much wider range of accomodations, from very frugal to very posh, depending on your purse.
[2008-02-03 15:12:57] <brassratgirl> OK, two minutes :)
[2008-02-03 15:13:28] <HistoryOnTheRoad> We have a wealth of sponsorship opportunities, which we intend to exploit, if given the chance.
[2008-02-03 15:14:25] <HistoryOnTheRoad> We are close to all forms of transport -- Rail, International airport and major highways.
[2008-02-03 15:15:10] <HistoryOnTheRoad> The city and the prefered space offer lots of opportunities for interaction and exploration for the participants.
[2008-02-03 15:17:00] <HistoryOnTheRoad> I think I've highlighted some of the major reasons why Toronto is the best choice, but there are hundreds more reasons why Toronto is a great choice. I sincerely hope that like the slogan of Ontario says, we will be "Yours to discover".
[2008-02-03 15:17:26] <brassratgirl> :) thanks HistoryOnTheRoad
[2008-02-03 15:17:30] <brassratgirl> anything else?
[2008-02-03 15:17:50] <brassratgirl> If not we will move to Q&A...
[2008-02-03 15:17:54] <brassratgirl> Members of the jury?
[2008-02-03 15:18:07] <theodoranian> Toronto: Are the bidding team members the same as past bidding members? What is the improvement in comparison with the last bids of Toronto?
[2008-02-03 15:18:12] <HistoryOnTheRoad> Go ahead. I'm sure there is questions :)
[2008-02-03 15:19:25] <theodoranian> Thank you.
[2008-02-03 15:19:58] <HistoryOnTheRoad> theodoranian: Well, the chair remains the same. I have had a bit more involvement this time, and we've reached out a great deal more then in the past, to assess the willingness of organisations to assist in staging a conference such as that.
[2008-02-03 15:20:58] <HistoryOnTheRoad> We have a larger and more diverse team, and I think that we have come together in a bit more organized fashion.
[2008-02-03 15:22:08] <brassratgirl> OK, thanks
[2008-02-03 15:22:22] <brassratgirl> don't forget, everyone: if you want to ask a question, you can msg myself or bastique
[2008-02-03 15:22:46] <Angela> You say you have a wealth of sponsorship opportunities, but are you actually in contact with any potential sponsors yet?
[2008-02-03 15:24:29] <HistoryOnTheRoad> Angela: Yes. Actually, I personally built up a list of sponsors soliciting for last years Taiwan Wikimania. Due to Canadian rules, we couldn't capture monies for an out of country conference, but many potential sponsors were quite enthusiastic about helping us.
[2008-02-03 15:25:08] <Angela> also, your bid page implies that the venue itself will be free of charge. Is that still the case?
[2008-02-03 15:26:16] <--| Markie996_ has left #wikimania
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[2008-02-03 15:26:38] -->| barcex6667 has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:27:24] <HistoryOnTheRoad> KMDI have been very supportive of us, and have indicated that they would do all that they can to help us. Unfortunately, they are part of the University, and the University won't formally commit to something 2 years in the future, but from what they have indicated we do expect that there will be no charge for the venue.
[2008-02-03 15:27:32] |<-- barcex has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)
[2008-02-03 15:27:38] <HistoryOnTheRoad> (KMDI indicating, not the University)
[2008-02-03 15:28:14] <--| barcex6667 has left #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:28:47] <brassratgirl> OK, other questions for Toronto?
[2008-02-03 15:29:40] -->| barcex (n=barcexx@wikipedia/barcex) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:29:57] <bastique> Thank you, HistoryOnTheRoad
[2008-02-03 15:30:32] -->| Messedrocker (n=messedro@wikipedia/MessedRocker) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 15:30:54] <brassratgirl> OK, yes, thank you
[2008-02-03 15:31:01] <brassratgirl> anything else should go on the bid talk page
[2008-02-03 15:31:04] =-= Mode #wikimania -v HistoryOnTheRoad  by bastique
[2008-02-03 15:31:11] =-= Mode #wikimania +vv barcex galio  by bastique
[2008-02-03 15:31:12] <brassratgirl> if anyone thinks of any last minute questions
[2008-02-03 15:31:19] <brassratgirl> Next is Buenos Aires
[2008-02-03 15:31:33] <brassratgirl> same thing, 10 mins to present and then Q&A
[2008-02-03 15:31:45] <brassratgirl> OK, take it away :)
[2008-02-03 15:31:49] <bastique> barcex and galio are presenting for Buenos Aires
[2008-02-03 15:31:56] <brassratgirl> Yes, thanks
[2008-02-03 15:33:09] <brassratgirl> barcex, galio, are you ready?
[2008-02-03 15:33:19] <galio> yes, I am going
[2008-02-03 15:33:23] <galio> thanks
[2008-02-03 15:33:39] <galio> First of all we would like to thank the Jury for giving us this opportunity. I beg you excuse my or our English, as you may understand the language barrier is a real obstacle. This said, we can present Buenos Aires.
[2008-02-03 15:33:39] *HistoryOnTheRoad* Thanks for poking in too, btw ;)
[2008-02-03 15:34:13] >HistoryOnTheRoad< O_O
[2008-02-03 15:34:32] >HistoryOnTheRoad< I was just here for moral support :-P
[2008-02-03 15:34:39] >HistoryOnTheRoad< /me knows nothing about the bid itself
[2008-02-03 15:36:23] *HistoryOnTheRoad* Well, having a couple people from Toronto here is good. Even if its just in case
[2008-02-03 15:36:27] <galio> Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and, as the Wiki article reads, its main city and port. A booming tourist destination, it is known for its intense cultural activity, apart from the meat. Tango, Gardel, pyschoanalisis, nightlife, Borges, Bioy, Sábato, all this makes Bs. As., as the local call it. It is located in South America, a (sub)continent that has never seen an official...
[2008-02-03 15:36:28] <galio> ...Wikimedia activity; in fact, the whole Southern Hemisphere.
[2008-02-03 15:37:42] <galio> The city is notably cheap for foreign visitors and easily accesible from worldwide, as noted in our bid page.
[2008-02-03 15:38:04] <galio> This bid is presented by Wikimedia Argentina, the local WF chapter. The core of Wikimedia Argentina is Composed of 30 very active people. Among them there are three people that have been present in past editions (Germany, USA, Taipei). We have several ongoing projects besides Wikimania 2009, and we are a well consolidated working group.  In addition several members of our team are the core...
[2008-02-03 15:38:06] <galio> ...organizers of CafeConf, a big national free software conference held in Buenos Aires each year, with up to 1500 assistants.
[2008-02-03 15:42:09] <galio> Our venue, Centro Cultural General San Martìn, is located right in the city centre, next to thousand of 'colectivo' (bus) lines and the Subte, the local metro network. Refurbished during 2007, it offers place for more then 500 people, divided in 5/6 rooms with world-class conference facilities. As it is owned by the Buenos Aires local government, usage is free of charge for cultural...
[2008-02-03 15:42:11] <galio> ...activities like Wikimania, which are hosted frequently. In fact, Buenos Aires itself is a regular host of international conferences (cfr. bid page). Around the Cultural Centre there are lots of cinemas, theatres, and the world-known Corrientes Avenue, "the street that never sleeps". This said, it is clear that the place offers not only Wikimania but the posibility of /living/ the city.
[2008-02-03 15:44:55] <galio> Accomodations are provided in a one-block range from the Centro Cultural, notably in a new Ibis-Novatel pair of twin hotels to be opened during the course of 2008 with a number of beds in line with our requirements. Prices vary and many other hotels, suites and hostels are available at walking distance. Ibis, in particular, offers rooms at an average cost of 45 to 60 dollars.
[2008-02-03 15:46:07] <brassratgirl> great
[2008-02-03 15:46:14] <galio> In what regards to sponsors, we are in talks with important firms of both the international and local level, but of course more will come if Buenos Aires is chosen. Santander/Universia has already shown interest, as Nokia and other local firms.
[2008-02-03 15:46:15] <galio> time is gone?
[2008-02-03 15:46:21] <brassratgirl> just another minute galio then we'll go to questions :)
[2008-02-03 15:46:27] <galio> right :)
[2008-02-03 15:48:44] <galio> Nokia, like I was saying, Accor (the owner of the Ibis-Novatel chain) and other international companies. Middle-range firms like Globant also showed intereset. Contacts with the local and national government, although difficult because of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, are progressing and both levels have also showed their will to participate. National University of La Plata will provide...
[2008-02-03 15:48:46] <galio> ...academic sponsorship, and talkes are in progress with the University of Buenos Aires.
[2008-02-03 15:48:56] <galio> I think that we are done for the moment.
[2008-02-03 15:49:15] <brassratgirl> OK, great
[2008-02-03 15:49:22] <brassratgirl> We should go to questions then
[2008-02-03 15:49:25] <brassratgirl> thanks galio
[2008-02-03 15:49:30] <brassratgirl> Members of the jury?
[2008-02-03 15:49:37] <theodoranian> thank you galio.
[2008-02-03 15:49:56] <galio> Thank you for the opportunity.
[2008-02-03 15:50:07] <bastique> galio: Let me know if you'd like me to "voice" any other team members to help answer questions, too :)
[2008-02-03 15:50:24] <theodoranian> Could you clarify and update the information about the conference venue and potential sponsorship?
[2008-02-03 15:50:25] <galio> yes, thanks, also Mahadeva and Zuirdj may answer your questions
[2008-02-03 15:50:42] =-= Mode #wikimania +vv mahadeva zuirdj  by bastique
[2008-02-03 15:50:54] <mahadeva> (thanks)
[2008-02-03 15:50:55] <barcex> I will answer
[2008-02-03 15:51:04] <theodoranian> have you chosen Cultural Centro as your proposed conference venue?
[2008-02-03 15:52:30] <barcex> The conference venue will be Centro Cultural San Martìn, we think it is the perfect place for Wikimania... the number of rooms that it has is enough according the requirements and the opinions of past-wikimania assistants on the bidding team...
[2008-02-03 15:53:44] <barcex> ... It is located in te very heart of the city, and we have "plan B" if we need more space, because on the other side of the street, in 50 meters there is another Cenntre
[2008-02-03 15:54:20] <barcex> in order to complement the space
[2008-02-03 15:54:20] =-= Mode #wikimania +v britty  by bastique
[2008-02-03 15:54:25] <britty> (thanks)
[2008-02-03 15:54:27] <britty> question from me: how much will it cost? Or is there any prospect of no charge or discount?
[2008-02-03 15:54:56] <barcex> the venue will cost no money, because is owned by the city
[2008-02-03 15:55:27] <barcex> and is there for these kind of activities
[2008-02-03 15:55:27] <Angela> not a question, but a request - please add more information on the venue and accommodation to your bid page soon
[2008-02-03 15:56:16] <mahadeva> we'll work on that as soon as possible
[2008-02-03 15:56:23] |<-- jpcristian has left freenode (Client Quit)
[2008-02-03 15:56:33] <brassratgirl> yes, it would be very helpful, especially for jury members who can't attend today
[2008-02-03 15:56:43] <brassratgirl> (although these meetings are logged, for interested parties)
[2008-02-03 15:56:44] <zuirdj> centro cultural san martin is a governmental space, we are in conversation with Buenos Aires minister of culture.. city authorities are incharge since december and was very diffcilut to have a serious confirmation.. just this week we have a confirmation of the venue..
[2008-02-03 15:56:52] <barcex> Angela, as we are in Summer (nobody works during January, including the public administration and the bidding tema) we just got yesterday the confirmation of the venue
[2008-02-03 15:57:07] <brassratgirl> I have a several questions from Achal, who was not able to make it today
[2008-02-03 15:57:08] <barcex> Thar's why we did not include the information yet.
[2008-02-03 15:57:13] <Angela> yes, I understand
[2008-02-03 15:57:26] <Austin> Buenos Aires is a bit distant from both North America and Europe, where (being realistic) most of our contributors live; in fact, the Spanish projects are still quite small.  What do you plan to do to ensure the diversity of attendees?
[2008-02-03 15:58:07] <brassratgirl> that is very similar to one of Achal's questions, which is:
[2008-02-03 15:58:08] <brassratgirl>  - Given past Wikimanias, what is the overall mix of local vs foreign
[2008-02-03 15:58:10] <brassratgirl> guests you expect? [Given fairly high travel costs from Europe, US,
[2008-02-03 15:58:11] <brassratgirl> where visitors have tended to come from]
[2008-02-03 15:58:39] <brassratgirl> Also,
[2008-02-03 15:58:39] <brassratgirl> - Can we assume that a majority of the participants at Wikimania will be
[2008-02-03 15:58:41] <brassratgirl>  Spanish speaking, or do you think that we will end up with an equal
[2008-02-03 15:58:43] <brassratgirl> mix btw Spanish and non-Spanish speakers?
[2008-02-03 15:58:46] <brassratgirl> (that's also from Achal)
[2008-02-03 15:59:53] <zuirdj> I disagree about spanish projects are small.. spanish wikipedia is the second most visited project, but we are working in sponsorships to assume the cost of scholarships..
[2008-02-03 16:00:59] |<-- _sj_ has left freenode ("Lost terminal")
[2008-02-03 16:01:11] <zuirdj> we expect a total attendance of 400... about 150 locals, 250 foreign,..
[2008-02-03 16:01:13] <galio> Well, we think that world-rotation of Wikimania is a de facto good practice that has been mantained and tends to internationalize, globalize Wikimedia, in line with its projects spirit. Spanish Wikipedia (to refer to the biggest of the projects) is not small at all but well-ranked if evaluated by hits and database size; the numer of articles is another story that doesn't fills here....
[2008-02-03 16:01:14] <galio> ...Argentina is the second contributor to Spanish Wikipedia, and Spanish is between the 2-4 more important languages of the world in terms of both native and total speakers. Spanish is not minor at all, and is "less" minor that languages of past Wikimanias.
[2008-02-03 16:02:43] |<-- DrorK-IL has left freenode ("Leaving")
[2008-02-03 16:02:59] <galio> Buenos Aires is a cheap destiny from the outside, travel costs are not specially high, but of course it is not close, as Taiwan (ROC) was not close for others, or Egypt for others. We expect a high amount of local attendants, as well as chilean, uruguayan and brazilian (biggest Portuguese-speaking country in all terms), apart from international ones.
[2008-02-03 16:03:22] <galio> Hope this answers your question :)
[2008-02-03 16:03:52] <brassratgirl> OK, thanks
[2008-02-03 16:04:01] <brassratgirl> a couple more questions from Achal, then we'll wrap it up
[2008-02-03 16:04:08] <brassratgirl> unless other jury members have anything?
[2008-02-03 16:04:21] <bastique> or any from the public?
[2008-02-03 16:04:28] <brassratgirl> - How many Wikipedians from Argentina and neighbouring countries do you
[2008-02-03 16:04:31] <brassratgirl> think will realistically attend a Wikimania in Buenos Aires?
[2008-02-03 16:04:32] <brassratgirl> - How will translation costs affect the budget? What is your proposed
[2008-02-03 16:04:34] <brassratgirl> modus operandi - would you suggest some simultaneous translation for
[2008-02-03 16:04:36] <brassratgirl> keynotes, etc. and for others, language coded sessions, i.e. in English
[2008-02-03 16:04:37] <brassratgirl> or Spanish only?
[2008-02-03 16:04:41] <brassratgirl> (yes, or any from the public)
[2008-02-03 16:04:56] <galio> we go with them, right?
[2008-02-03 16:05:00] -->| freakofmimsy (i=nicholas@wikipedia/Sir-Nicholas-de-Mimsy-Porpington) has joined #wikimania
[2008-02-03 16:06:05] |<-- freakofmimsy has left freenode (Connection reset by peer)
[2008-02-03 16:06:33] <galio> The first question was answered by Zuirdj up here, we expect a base attendance of ca. 400 people, composed of 150 argentines and 250 foreigners. This are base numbers, but just in case we plan all facilities for 500.
[2008-02-03 16:07:17] * bastique has a question from <zero1328> "I don't see any Strengths or Weaknesses on the bid page, could you quickly outline some for us?"
[2008-02-03 16:07:37] <galio> let me first answer Achal's
[2008-02-03 16:07:48] <mahadeva> the main language will be english, as you can expect. hopefully, we'll count with students from UBA, who will give us translation services
[2008-02-03 16:08:11] <zuirdj> UBA is Buenos Aires university
[2008-02-03 16:08:23] <galio> about the modus operandi, we plan to provide dual English-Spanish support, being the first edition of Wikimanìa to put in practice this
[2008-02-03 16:09:47] <britty> do you mean simulteneous onsite interepretation?
[2008-02-03 16:09:53] <galio> yes
[2008-02-03 16:15:18] <britty> so do you mean UBA let us lend the necessary appartus?
[2008-02-03 16:15:54] <galio> yes, UBA's "Traductor Público" career uses to provide such services in order to train its students
[2008-02-03 16:16:14] <britty> ah i see: later I'll ask you more details, thanks
[2008-02-03 16:16:28] <galio> take into consideration that this item is just in project status, not yet implemented; we'll keep informing on the issue
[2008-02-03 16:16:38] <barcex> sobre qué?
[2008-02-03 16:16:41] <brassratgirl> (yes, more details on the talk page would be great)
[2008-02-03 16:16:46] <barcex> sorry
[2008-02-03 16:16:57] <brassratgirl> OK, I think we should wrap it up now
[2008-02-03 16:12:03] <brassratgirl> since we have already gone over time
[2008-02-03 16:12:08] <barcex> Bout the strenghts and weaknesses:
[2008-02-03 16:12:17] <brassratgirl> zero1328's question is a great one...
[2008-02-03 16:12:22] <barcex> ok, we could add the strenghts and weaknesses on the bid page
[2008-02-03 16:12:23] <zuirdj> we
[2008-02-03 16:12:36] <brassratgirl> that would be great
[2008-02-03 16:12:43] <brassratgirl> they should be there anyway :)
[2008-02-03 16:12:55] <galio> good point
[2008-02-03 16:13:02] <barcex> It will.
[2008-02-03 16:13:03] <galio> whey will be there by today, believe us
[2008-02-03 16:13:18] =-= Mode #wikimania +v HistoryOnTheRoad  by bastique
[2008-02-03 16:13:21] <bastique> Thank you all
[2008-02-03 16:13:26] <brassratgirl> OK, thank you so much barcex, galio
[2008-02-03 16:13:28] <galio> Thank you
[2008-02-03 16:13:36] <brassratgirl> and HistoryOnTheRoad from earlier
[2008-02-03 16:14:04] <barcex> Let me say that our major weakness on the bid is that is a very unconvinient period being summer here. That's why our page is not well finished.
[2008-02-03 16:14:10] <brassratgirl> we're not missing any bid teams, are we?
[2008-02-03 16:14:13] <brassratgirl> ah :)
[2008-02-03 16:14:23] <bastique> No one has notified me
[2008-02-03 16:14:28] <HistoryOnTheRoad> I'd like to thank Zanimum and all of the bid team for Toronto; and again thank the jury for their time in considering us.
[2008-02-03 16:14:29] <bastique> Karlsruhe, Kathmandu, Bogota
[2008-02-03 16:14:40] <brassratgirl> Thanks :)
[2008-02-03 16:14:46] <brassratgirl> Any other last statements?
[2008-02-03 16:15:23] <brassratgirl> If not...
[2008-02-03 16:15:54] <brassratgirl> then thank you very much, all
[2008-02-03 16:16:05] <brassratgirl> The jury will be deliberating
[2008-02-03 16:16:22] <brassratgirl> until the 14th
[2008-02-03 16:16:39] <brassratgirl> when they plan to have an announcement ready
[2008-02-03 16:16:40] <brassratgirl> in the meantime
[2008-02-03 16:16:41] <theodoranian> thank you all.
[2008-02-03 16:16:44] <bastique> yes, thank you
[2008-02-03 16:16:45] <brassratgirl> please do post questions to bid talk pages