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English: Happy to Montpellier ! For the first time, Wikimedians are trying to stage a bid to bring Wikimania to France. Montpellier is the 8th city in France[1].
Español : Feliz a Montpellier ! Para primera vez los Wikimedians trató de obtener la organización de Wikimania en Francia. Montpellier es la 8 ciudad de Francia en población.
Français : Heureux à Montpellier ! Pour la première fois les Wikimédiens vont essayer d'obtenir l'organisation de Wikimania en France. Montpellier est la 8e ville la plus peuplée de France.
中文: 这是法国维基媒体人第一次准备争取维基媒体国际年会举办权。 蒙彼利埃是法国第八大人口集中的城市。
吴语: 法国维基媒体人头趟争取维基媒体国际年会勒法国举办。 蒙班里言末,人口来算,法国第八大城市。

Medecine faculty

About Montpellier[edit]

City Info[edit]

Information about Montpellier city (In french or in english)

Touristic review[edit]

Climate details[edit]

Weather at Montpellier in July
Higest Temperature 29.4°C
Lowest Temperature 19.6°C
Total precipitation 2.2 mm
Sunshine 335 hours
Source Insee

City details[edit]

  • Country: France
  • City proposed: Montpellier
  • Proposed dates: in august 2010 to be determinate
  • Contact person(s): see here

Conference venue[edit]

  • brief description of venue
  1. Main hall: Auditorium Berlioz between 1000 and 2010
  2. Seminar rooms: Auditorium Pasteur 745
  3. Lounge facilities: Auditorium Einstein 318
  4. Other rooms: 4 Level of possible exposition
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle in Summer.
Jardin des plantes neer the Corum.
  • Socializing areas (Garden, lounge etc.), their capacity and the hours at which they are opened/closed: Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, and Garden of champs de Mars which ares garden.
  • Contacts with conference venue (emails, price quotes etc.)
  • Technical facilities
    • Existing technical installations
      Possibilitied to record interventions
      Visio conference
    • Wireless Network implementation
Ethernet network with between 512 Kb/s to 10 Mb/s
  • Already conference in the Corum Source:
    • Assemblées générales MAIF/CAMIF
    • Conférence Internationale sur les Zéolites
    • Congrès d'immuno-rhumatologie
    • Congrès européen de gynécologie endocrinienne
    • Congrès de la fédération nationale de la presse française
    • Congrès de la société européenne d'urgence cardio-vasculaire
    • Congrès de la société française de chirurgie de la main
    • Congrès de la société française de radioprotection
    • Congrès de radio-biologie
    • Congrès des Aéroports de Langue Française
    • Congrès des dirigeants commerciaux de France
    • Congrès des Experts Comptables
    • Congrès des neurosciences
    • Congrès des notaires
    • Congrès des pharmaciens
    • Congrès des SEM
    • Congrès du syndicat national des agents de voyage
    • Congrès européen Jermov, Ophtalmologie et Vision
    • Congrès international de photosynthèse
    • Congrès mondial d'Espéranto
    • Congrès mondial de génétique animale appliquée
    • Congrès national de la société française de pédiatrie
    • Congrès national du gaz
    • Congrès mondial de médecine légale
    • Congrès mondial de Sciences du Sol
    • Congrès mondial sur la fertilité et la stérilité
    • Congrès national de l'Ordre des Experts Comptables
    • Congrès national de la CFDT
    • Convention Alcatel
    • Convention GMF
    • Conventions Ford, Seat, Peugeot, Volvo, Renault et Citroën
    • Convention fédération nationale du Crédit Agricole
    • Convention Sogea
    • Forum de l'investissement
    • Forum des psychologues
    • Journée des Présidents et Directeurs de la MSA
    • Journées internationales de l'IDATE
    • Jubilée Tupperware
    • Salon Euro-Méditerranéen Coiffure & Esthétique
    • Salon de l'étudiant
    • Salon de l'immobilier
    • Séminaire des laboratoires Glaxo
    • Symposium laboratoires Bellon
    • Vœux Sanofi


There is an IRC Channel for talk in live. To support Wikimania Montpellier on Facebook.

Local Team[edit]

No local Team[edit]



Type Category Items Description Total cost Notes
€uro USD
Venue Hall, rooms and basic technical facilities 3 days Amount 48000
Technical Facilities : WiFi, A/V recording 4 days Amount 1100 Halls are good equiped in audiovisual.
Accomodation rooms + breakfast 350 rooms * 4 days
Insurance for 500 attendees
Registration, Exhibition and Open Bar Amount 17000
Promotional Materials Posters, flags, t-shirts, mates, pins, souvenirs for 500 attendees Amount 4000
Conference Materials Badges,wikibooks, maps for 500 attendees
Transportation in fonction of the city for 400 attendees + 50 VIP
Organization team Transportation, volunteers (50), uniforms, security
Scholarships 50 full scholarships
Speakers 7 speakers
Party General party 400 attendees We expect dedicated sponsors for general party.
VIP party 30 VIP We expect dedicated sponsors for general party.
recipe Entrance to the Conference Price to be determinated
Total amount to be raised

calculated assuming 1 USD = ?? €uro


The euro (ISO 4217: EUR) is the currency of Europe, and the symbol used locally for it is . There are exchange desks in some bank, or change.

Exchange rates as of July 14, 2008 for currencies exchanged in France. Source:

Foreign currency EUR per foreign unit
Buy Sell
United States Dollar 1.58 1.48
British Pound 0.79 0.69
Foreign currency EUR per foreign unit
Buy Sell
Canadian Dollar 1.59 1.49
Swiss Franc 1.61 1.51

Probably the best choice is to come with Euros and a credit or debit card.

Cost of life[edit]

Tram at Place Ernest Granier in Montpellier.
Tram Map.
  • Food
    • Hot dog - 2.5€ ($4 USD)
    • Pizza (traditional size) - 8€ ($12.7 USD)
    • Steak with salad and drink - 15€ ($24 USD)
  • Transportation Costs
    • Bus - 1.3€[2] ($2 USD)
    • Tram - 1.3€[2] ($2 USD)

Media and communications[edit]

Mobile phones

There are three mobile operators in France: Orange, SFR (or Vodafone for europeans) and Bouygues Télécoms. If you like to be able to use your GSM phone in France, check if your device can operate in these bands.


  • Location of main accommodation facilities
(where can the attendees be hosted. On site, off site, how far from conference venue? For attendees? For VIPs?)
  • Room details and price range
Hotel ** and ***, Singles or doubles. Between 55€ ($66) and 77€ ($93) per day
Hostelin international. Amount 18€ per night (22$)
  • Catering (one meal a day, breakfast is a plus)
Breakfast cost 8€ ($12) at the hotel or the cafe in downtown 2€ ($2,4) - Meal cost between 5€ ($6) and 22€ ($27) (to be determinated)
  • Contacts with accommodation partner(s)
(Have you contacted the proposed locations, exchange of emails, price quotes etc.)

Party opportunities[edit]

Wikimania traditionally hosts two parties, one for attendees (capacity of 250-350) and one for sponsors and VIPs (capacity 40-60).

  • Attendees party(ies) propositions
  • Sponsor party(ies) proposition

Travel and transportation[edit]

To come to Montpellier (from beyond France)[edit]

Localisation of the Airport into the aglomeration.
Airport Montpellier Mediterranée Map.
Green place neer the Lez.
Odysseum, an entertainement place.
The Museum Fabre neer the reception place.
Continent Departure to Montpellier through Travel Time Estimated Cost (€uros)
Africa Alger Paris CDG 4h00 ~500
Bamako Paris CDG and Paris ORL 8h00 ~870
Beirut Paris CDG 5h30 ~630
Casablanca Paris CDG 5h00 ~430
Dakar Lisbonne and Paris CDG 9h00 ~1200
Dubai Amsterdam and Paris CDG 7h30 ~1160
Le Caire Amsterdam and Paris CDG 10h00 ~500
Le Cap Amsterdam and Paris CDG 17h00 ~1000
Tunis Paris CDG 4h00 ~500
Americas Buenos Aires Paris 16h30 ~1300
Lima Miami and Paris CDG 20h00 ~1950
Los Angeles Houston and Paris CDG 19h00 ~1200
Mexico Houston and Paris CDG 24h00 ~900
Montreal Paris CDG 15h30 ~750
New-York Amsterdam and Paris 15h00 ~1000
Rio de Janeiro Paris CDG 22h00 ~1200
Asia/Ocenia Beijin Paris CDG 15h00 ~1000
Melbourne Singapour and Paris 24h00 ~1500
Seoul Paris CDG 10h00 ~1260
Shangai Amsterdam and Paris CDG 12h00 ~1200
Sydney Hong Kong and Paris CDG 18h00 ~2200
Taipei Hong Kong and Paris 20h00 ~1200
Tokyo Amsterdam and Paris CDG 18h00 ~1900
Europe Amsterdam Paris CDG 2h30 ~550
Athen Roma FCO and Paris CDG 13h00 ~620
Berlin Paris CDG and Paris ORL 5h30 ~400
Copenhage Paris CDG 7h00 ~500
Dublin Paris 4h30 ~500
London Direct 2h30 ~90
Madrid Lyon 4h00 ~400
Moscow Milan and Paris CDG 6h00 ~650
Roma Lyon 3h30 ~400

To come to Montpellier (France)[edit]

  • TGVMed: Between 25 € (30$) and 150 € (180$) and between 10€ (12$) and 30€ (36$) for the TER
  • Orly CDG-Montpellier Airport: 1 hour and 10 minutes, more than 20 travels between Orly and Montpellier Airport per day
  • Distance from international airports and how do we get to the location, 20 minutes (in summer) from Montpellier Airport in fonction of the circulation.
  • Railway station is neer a tramway station ("Gare de Montpellier"), the distance between the railway station ans the corum in tramway is around 5 minutes.
  • Local transportation and local social opportunities
Two Tram line and numerous bus line

Visa issues[edit]

  • Visa issues
Countries whose citizens will require visas for entry in France are in orange. Those where no visa is required are shown in gray. The black show France or Territories of France.
60€ or (between 80 to 90 $ in fonction of cost of euro)
Visa waiver (less than 90 days) : Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Holy See, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and the Special Administrative Region of Macao of the People’s Republic of China, Citizen of Shengen area which include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, and for Switzerland, Monaco and french citizen of course.[3]

Tourism opportunities[edit]

Montpellier try to be a tourism destination. That why, there are more and more attraction, like the Place de la comédie, the Zoo of Montpellier (free) with its Serre Amazonienne (Amazonian Greenhouse), an all new Aquarium named "Mare Nostrum" that mean our sea in latin, it's open between 10am to 10pm in august, neer the aquarium, there are Bowling/Karting complex, a Lasergame, a cinema complex, an ice skating rink, a big center commercial (which is open in september 2009), the planetarium galillée which is a 3D theather and the beach at an half hour of Montpellier. There are too Les Rochers de Maguelone, where there are "17 adventure trails, including a breathtaking 200 m zip wire, as well as 20 fun and educational games".

The three Grace Tramway of Montpellier at Odysseum Triumph arc of Montpellier

Social opportunities[edit]

Montpellier is a student city, that why there are numerous nightlife and sport to discover at Montpellier. With the website A place for young people (EN). If you want to go to a restaurant, you could choose it on (FR), bars and pubs on (FR). There are numerous Michelin starred in Montpellier like "Le Jardin des Sens" by the brothers Pourcel (****) or the "Domaine de Soriech" by Michel Lousteau (***) and more...

Local sponsorship opportunities[edit]

Possibility of local sponsorships

  • Contacts
(no name needed, just "company X, 4000 USD or will provide 300 beds)


Anything you feel should be brought to the attention of the jury.


  • Weaknesses of the proposed location ...and how to overcome those weaknesses
  • Strengths of the proposed location
  1. In the town center, hotels and transportation.
  2. South of France with a great weather.
  3. Wifi
  4. Into the Schegen area

Notes and References[edit]

  1. Website of Montpellier
  2. a b (French) TAM Ticket price
  3. (English) Getting a Visa for France on