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Wikimania 2010

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This Wikimania page is inactive and kept for historical interest. If you want to get the latest news on the coming Wikimania, or join the discussion of its planning, you may visit the conference's official website.
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Wikimania 2010—the 6th annual Wikimedia Conference—took place in Gdańsk, Poland from July 9–11, 2010. It was attended by ca 500 participants from 67 seven countries (see all countries).

Bidding process


This is the timeline for the Wikimania 2010 selection. Please note that these times may be subject to revision. You should check back to the scheduled date of the item for which you're interested; or subscribe to mail:wikimania-l for announcements.

  • January 28: Jury selection announced
  • January 28, 2009: Bidding opens
  • March 7: Bidding creation ends. List of running cities announced.
    All cities which intend to run for the bidding process should have created a page on meta and entered the official list. New bids will not be accepted after this date.
  • March 29 (0:01 UTC): Bidding ends. All major information on bidding pages must be finalized.
  • March 29 (19:00 UTC): Public meeting with existing bidders -- IRC, #wikimania channel on Freenode
  • March 30: Question & Answer begins.
  • March 30 - April 12: Refining of bids and answering questions.
  • April 12: Question & Answer from jury ends
  • April 13: Jury deliberation.
  • May 7: Announcement of host city to public.

Wikimania 2010 candidate cities:
Amsterdam - Gdańsk - Oxford

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