Wikimania 2013/IRC meeting 2012-04-14

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Log start time: 14:02 UTC
14 Apr 14:02:26 <Deror_jury> When do we start? now?
14 Apr 14:02:35 <JamesF_moderator> Shall we wait a couple of minutes in case a Jury member is a little late?
14 Apr 14:02:38 <Deror_jury> or lets wait couple of minutes
14 Apr 14:02:48 <Deror_jury> Lets start at 14;10
14 Apr 14:02:51 <JamesF_moderator> OK, whilst I've got your attention:
14 Apr 14:03:14 <JamesF_moderator> This meeting is the second IRC meeting between the Jury and the bid teams.
14 Apr 14:03:44 <JamesF_moderator> It follows on from the first meeting, which is logged
14 Apr 14:04:17 <JamesF_moderator> This channel is moderated, so only people with "voice" can speak. If you have a question you think should be asked, please suggest it in #wikimania-questions.
14 Apr 14:04:23 <JamesF_moderator> Or shout at me. :-)
14 Apr 14:04:43 <JamesF_moderator> We'll get started in 5 minutes, at 14:10 UTC, per Deror's suggestion.
14 Apr 14:05:11 <JamesF_moderator> I believe that this meeting we'll have Bristol, Hong Kong and Napels.
14 Apr 14:05:31 <JamesF_moderator> Though if Surakarta and London are here that's great.
14 Apr 14:06:07 <JamesF_moderator> If you are from a Bid team, please label yourselves with _hk _br _lo etc. so we can spot you. :-)
14 Apr 14:06:21 <Deror_jury> What teams are ready?
14 Apr 14:07:33 <woodsy_br> does everyone know how to change their nick?. some might be new to irc
14 Apr 14:07:59 <JamesF_moderator> Ah, yes. If you need to change your nick, type in "/nick NAME_br" or similar, without the quotation marks.
14 Apr 14:08:50 <samdownie> logging out
14 Apr 14:09:39 <samdownie_br> ok am back in chat room
14 Apr 14:09:42 <JamesF_moderator> OK, so we'll get going in a few seconds.
14 Apr 14:09:56 <JamesF_moderator> Bristol> If it's OK, we'd like to start with you guys first.
14 Apr 14:10:02 <stevevirgin_br> OK
14 Apr 14:10:06 <samdownie_br> ok
14 Apr 14:10:06 <woodsy_br> fine
14 Apr 14:10:51 <JamesF_moderator> OK, so, first question:
14 Apr 14:11:04 <JamesF_moderator> 1. What are the venues to be used, and what is the distances between them (main venue - opening and breakout sessions, not parties)
14 Apr 14:11:40 <stevevirgin_br> Wills Memorial Building and Victoria Rooms
14 Apr 14:11:45 <samdownie_br> I think stevevirgin_br should answer this question
14 Apr 14:12:02 <stevevirgin_br> they are very near no more than 700-800 m apart
14 Apr 14:12:07 <samdownie_br> Wills Memorial Building and Victoria Rooms
14 Apr 14:12:20 <stevevirgin_br> see link map for 'UoBristol' campus
14 Apr 14:12:30 <JamesF_moderator> Right, thank you.
14 Apr 14:12:30 <woodsy_br> all the venues are not much more than 5-10 mins walk apart
14 Apr 14:12:36 <JamesF_moderator> Any follow-up from Jury members?
14 Apr 14:13:00 <Deror_jury> Where will be the opening?
14 Apr 14:13:09 <Deror_jury> and where are the breakout rooms?
14 Apr 14:13:21 <Deror_jury> What is the distance in metres?
14 Apr 14:14:07 <samdownie_br> distance in meters is about 700-800 apart, about 5 mins walk between them, and easy access to do also
14 Apr 14:14:23 <stevevirgin_br> 1. Victoria Rooms has four breakout rooms: Harley Room (30 people), Victoria's Room (80), Recital Room (150) and Lecture Theatre (150) - break out rooms
14 Apr 14:14:43 <Deror_jury> And Opening?
14 Apr 14:14:52 <stevevirgin_br> wills building
14 Apr 14:14:55 <Deror_jury> Where will the lunch be?
14 Apr 14:15:02 <Deror_jury> or breakfast?
14 Apr 14:15:21 <woodsy_br> bristol university's catering facilities will handle all catering all day
14 Apr 14:15:55 <stevevirgin_br> on map catering is called The Hawthorns
14 Apr 14:16:51 <Deror_jury> cant find it on the map. Where is it?
14 Apr 14:17:05 <Deror_jury> And what will happen at the Watershed? distance from the other buildings?
14 Apr 14:17:19 <woodsy_br> top centre, just slightly to the left Deror_jury
14 Apr 14:17:31 <Beria_Jury> I'm late
14 Apr 14:17:35 <Beria_Jury> sorry
14 Apr 14:17:38 <stevevirgin_br> watershed is a possible venue for parties and events not for main venues hence we are not mentioning it now
14 Apr 14:18:22 <stevevirgin_br> Watershed to Wills 5-6 mins walk - around 1000m
14 Apr 14:18:36 <JamesF_moderator> OK, next question:
14 Apr 14:18:40 <JamesF_moderator> 2. only one hacking day? Will there be a chapter's conference?
14 Apr 14:18:48 <Deror_jury> found the Hauthorn. Distance in meters from the two buildings?
14 Apr 14:19:14 <stevevirgin_br> we have made some alterations to the Conference schedule on the Bid page
14 Apr 14:19:21 <woodsy_br> approx 400m Deror_jury
14 Apr 14:19:38 <stevevirgin_br> We realised that there ought to be scope for several things that were not in last week's version
14 Apr 14:19:57 <stevevirgin_br> hopefully it answers the question
14 Apr 14:20:03 <hk_28481k> I believed you are too optimistic about the speed, stevevirgin_br
14 Apr 14:20:06 <samdownie_br> The Watershed is 5 mins walk downhill from Bristol University and there's a good link with public transport (bus) to the venue. the watershed has free wifi throughout building and access for disabled people too. it's a really great place for party's but also for innovation too. this was the venue that JIMMY WALES came to in January 2011 before his public talk at the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia
14 Apr 14:20:14 <stevevirgin_br> we don't believe our schedule is set in stone and would welcome improvements
14 Apr 14:20:46 <CEhk_hongkong> #wikimania-question
14 Apr 14:20:52 <stevevirgin_br> depends on walking pace really
14 Apr 14:21:53 <Deror_jury> One day hacking? no chapters conference?
14 Apr 14:22:44 <stevevirgin_br> we can make alterations to the schedule - this is easy to do - we value the experience of the community inmaking improvements
14 Apr 14:22:48 <woodsy_br> we'll get local dorkbot & hackspace people involved in any hacking sessions
14 Apr 14:24:08 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 14:24:14 <JamesF_moderator> OK, q. 3:
14 Apr 14:24:18 <JamesF_moderator> 3. The bid has an extensive plan for helping European attendees get to Bristol. But what help, both logistic and immigration, will the team help attendees from other continents to attend Wikimania in Bristol?
14 Apr 14:25:26 <Deror_jury> No - wait with 2 - two hacking days meens conference should start on Tuesday. Have you considered that?
14 Apr 14:25:27 <stevevirgin_br> International conferences in the UK tend to revert back to the Home Office webpage for all matters relating to VISA applications - we shall follow the same approach. We have a question out there with the UK Borders Agency for any alternative or better approach and are awaiting a reply
14 Apr 14:25:32 <woodsy_br> stevevirgin_br is just looking; answer in a minute
14 Apr 14:25:48 <stevevirgin_br>,-immigration-and-customs.aspx
14 Apr 14:26:09 <stevevirgin_br>
14 Apr 14:26:13 <JamesF_moderator> Deror_jury> Sorry for derailing your question.
14 Apr 14:26:42 <samdownie_br> my answer for q.3 is: Bristol Airport has partnered with us to provide great transport links via air in and out of Bristol and the UK. There are connecting hubs in Dublin which will FAST TRACK you in to Bristol. I'll have a link for you in a moment
14 Apr 14:26:46 <woodsy_br> thanks, Deror_jury, we'll definitely take that on board
14 Apr 14:27:15 <stevevirgin_br> Sam is right - the Bristol airport team will fly anyone from the Americas in to dublin
14 Apr 14:27:22 <stevevirgin_br> customs will clear in dublin
14 Apr 14:27:42 <stevevirgin_br> no delegate will have to pass customs in bristol either way
14 Apr 14:27:57 <hk_28481k> samdownie_br: I would like to know how many intercontinental flights other than the North America there are to Dublin?
14 Apr 14:28:08 <stevevirgin_br> we'll also have banners/visitor welcome people in airport waiting for our delegates to come thru
14 Apr 14:28:29 <hk_28481k> stevevirgin_br: Do you know the Free Travel Area is not applicable to non-EU nationals?
14 Apr 14:28:32 <stevevirgin_br> the staffing for this will be volunteers managed by airport overseen by wikimania team meber
14 Apr 14:28:34 <stevevirgin_br> member
14 Apr 14:29:09 <root-80686_Jury> what does that mean, "fast track us in to Bristol"?
14 Apr 14:29:18 <hk_28481k> unless that nationality has visa-free arrangements to both the UK and Ireland, this might be problematic.
14 Apr 14:29:39 <woodsy_br> thanks for info re non-eu nationals & free travel area hk_28481k; we were unsure about that
14 Apr 14:29:46 <hk_28481k> Remember FTA is not Schengen!
14 Apr 14:30:14 <stevevirgin_br> customs are cleared in Dublin for anyone flying from americas - when onward planes land in bristol our delegates will go straight thru customs without stopping via the fast track procedure in most airports
14 Apr 14:30:29 <samdownie_br> on subject of 'intercontinental flights': there are hubs in germany, france, norway, iceland and..
14 Apr 14:31:05 <Beria_Jury> stevevirgin_br, but that means that someone needs a visa to Ireland AND England
14 Apr 14:31:20 <stevevirgin_br> our airport will seek to secure 2-3 hubs in Europe and attempt to replicate the same 'Dublin' arrangement for those coming from places like asia
14 Apr 14:32:22 <stevevirgin_br> in ireland you never leave the airport customs side so you are not entering the country as far as I understand it - but I can check with the airport and report to back to be 100% certain
14 Apr 14:32:32 <stevevirgin_br> but not this second
14 Apr 14:32:34 <stevevirgin_br> :-)
14 Apr 14:32:52 <JamesF_moderator> OK, any more questions on 3?
14 Apr 14:32:58 <fscala_Naples> can I contribute?
14 Apr 14:33:11 <fscala_Naples> i lived in dublin for a while
14 Apr 14:33:13 <Beria_Jury> do it fscala_Naples
14 Apr 14:33:18 <JamesF_moderator> Sure.
14 Apr 14:33:26 <samdownie_br> > Beria_Jury > no you will not need a visa for both Ireland and the UK, as you won't be stopping in Ireland and staying, you will be in transit and it's been confirmed to us that it is really easy to travel through to the UK via Dublin
14 Apr 14:33:27 <fscala_Naples> so, dublin is schengen area
14 Apr 14:33:48 <fscala_Naples> but you never leave the customs when you go touk
14 Apr 14:33:52 <fscala_Naples> so one VISA
14 Apr 14:33:58 <Beria_Jury> oh i wont be cause both countries are visa free for me (as brazilia citzen)
14 Apr 14:34:05 <Beria_Jury> but and other people?
14 Apr 14:34:34 <stevevirgin_br> Destinations Bristol (our partner) work on problems like this every single day
14 Apr 14:34:46 <stevevirgin_br> they have close ties to the UK Border agency + the airport
14 Apr 14:35:10 <stevevirgin_br> we can ask collectively for any number of potential cases from different georgraphies to be considered
14 Apr 14:35:27 <stevevirgin_br> and they will get clear guidance on our team's behalf from the UK Border authorities
14 Apr 14:35:38 <JamesF_moderator> stevevirgin_br> As a follow-up, would you have fast-track in other European hubs - Paris, Frankfurt etc.?
14 Apr 14:36:07 <stevevirgin_br> ...the airport in discussions said yes - but I have yet to see the details
14 Apr 14:36:28 <stevevirgin_br> Amsterdam is likely to be one - as many flights to bristol go via there
14 Apr 14:36:38 <stevevirgin_br> Frankfurt is another but I don't know this second
14 Apr 14:36:45 <stevevirgin_br> we'd need to sort with airport
14 Apr 14:37:06 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 14:37:15 <JamesF_moderator> OK, q. 4: 4. Can you provide a general timeline - when will the website be up? when registration will commence, when accomodations are expeceted to be available for booking? what your actions will be in the coming year, etc.
14 Apr 14:38:48 <woodsy_br> 1)may - june talk to as many people with wikimania experience as possible 2) professional conference support in place june 3) website july 4) venues reserved before new academic year starts in november
14 Apr 14:39:00 <woodsy_br> correction: september for academic yr
14 Apr 14:39:01 <samdownie_br> q.4 my answer: I can/will be setting up the website, and it would go live once Bristol is selected to host Wikimania 2013
14 Apr 14:39:55 <woodsy_br> booking for airfares becomes available in september, so we're looking to reserve discounted flights around oct-nov
14 Apr 14:40:44 <JamesF_moderator> I note that there aren't guide flight prices in the bid.
14 Apr 14:40:58 <woodsy_br> keynotes / guest speakers begin to identify & book from summer onwards until end of year in conjunction with our partners
14 Apr 14:42:00 <woodsy_br> correct JamesF_moderator; they can be added in the next day or so if required. however we thought we'd wait until we'd secured the bid before adding them
14 Apr 14:42:16 <stevevirgin_br> as the airport and ourselves will talk directly to airlines
14 Apr 14:42:38 <stevevirgin_br> we'll use their contacts and connections to get the best deal we can and save as much as we can for the community
14 Apr 14:43:09 <JamesF_moderator> OK, next question.
14 Apr 14:43:14 <JamesF_moderator> 5. In the bid you mention "University of Bristol" as accomodations. Are these dorms? How many rooms are acctually available taking in mind summer term? Same for UWE? Were they contacted? did they confirm availability? 45 Pounds per night for dorms per person is a bit high - is thatt the price?
14 Apr 14:43:19 <samdownie_br> ready
14 Apr 14:43:34 <stevevirgin_br> Its august the university is refitting
14 Apr 14:43:43 <stevevirgin_br> no students on campus in the rooms
14 Apr 14:44:14 <stevevirgin_br> prices are 'negotiable'
14 Apr 14:44:17 <stevevirgin_br>
14 Apr 14:44:49 <stevevirgin_br> we made a promotional video in which our partner Destinations bristol Kathryn Davies - says she will go back and haggle and get block deals on everything
14 Apr 14:45:22 <stevevirgin_br> UWE is not in the plans for rooms, but academics and participation from them has been encouraged, discussed and secured
14 Apr 14:46:13 <Deror_jury> Where are the dorms on the map?
14 Apr 14:46:51 <stevevirgin_br> good question they are off the map to top right corner - mostly near the suspension bridge and clifton village area so they are very nice
14 Apr 14:46:54 <woodsy_br> in addition to university dorms, there's a range of alternative budget accommodation in bristol (e.g. youth hostel, bed & breakfast, etc.)
14 Apr 14:46:58 <Beria_Jury> Theo10011, use the _Jury
14 Apr 14:47:13 <samdownie_br> we have done a 8 minute video, which you can watch here > < this video features our our partner Destination Bristol (Kathryn Davies) - says they will get the BEST deals on everything in relation to Accommodation, Travel, Airfares etc.
14 Apr 14:47:40 <Deror_jury> See the film. very nice.
14 Apr 14:47:54 <Deror_jury> And answers to Q 5?
14 Apr 14:47:58 <root-80686_Jury> I have seen the video in advance, it is nice, thanks
14 Apr 14:48:07 <stevevirgin_br> dorms - yes
14 Apr 14:48:22 <stevevirgin_br> 300=400 have already been promised
14 Apr 14:48:42 <Deror_jury> beds per room?
14 Apr 14:48:53 <Deror_jury> 300 beds or rooms?
14 Apr 14:49:05 <woodsy_br> beds
14 Apr 14:49:39 <Deror_jury> beds per room?
14 Apr 14:50:12 <stevevirgin_br> we can get an exact bed per room ratio if you desire and can post it on the discussion page of the bid
14 Apr 14:51:25 <stevevirgin_br> have we covered Q5?
14 Apr 14:51:27 <Deror_jury> No. How many beds are in the room?
14 Apr 14:51:41 <Deror_jury> Are the dorms male? femail? coed?
14 Apr 14:52:19 <stevevirgin_br> No single sex split to my knowledge - they are 'rented out' and used as per buyer
14 Apr 14:52:46 <Deror_jury> Where are they on the map?
14 Apr 14:53:05 <Deror_jury> showers and toilets inside the room?
14 Apr 14:53:07 <JamesF_moderator> stevevirgin_br> Yeah, sorry, didn't want to trample on the accomodation point before moving on to question 6.
14 Apr 14:53:14 <stevevirgin_br> We can list each student residence on the bid page and get a full detailed breakdown of beds, rooms and anything else you wish
14 Apr 14:53:34 <stevevirgin_br> In the Uni residences there are mostly showers and toilets shared
14 Apr 14:53:46 <Deror_jury> If shared how can u coed?
14 Apr 14:53:48 <stevevirgin_br> they are not on the map
14 Apr 14:54:15 <stevevirgin_br> they are off the top to the right hand corner in Clifton village near the suspension bridge
14 Apr 14:55:04 <Deror_jury> right hand corner?
14 Apr 14:55:07 <stevevirgin_br> as we already work closely with the University of Bristol - if it is desired that we segregate rooms by sex we can do so
14 Apr 14:55:19 <stevevirgin_br> No its is off the map not on
14 Apr 14:55:45 <Deror_jury> Ok.
14 Apr 14:56:20 <JamesF_moderator> Deror_jury> Any more questions?
14 Apr 14:56:36 <JamesF_moderator> OK: 6. How many people do you expect to attend each day of the conference? each of the four parties in the schedual?
14 Apr 14:57:18 <stevevirgin_br> we have heard that at Haifa almost 600-700 attended one social event
14 Apr 14:58:02 <stevevirgin_br> so we have a pool of venues at our dispsal (Colston Hall, St George's etc) so that if we can ascertain early number for events we can be ready for just about anything
14 Apr 14:58:04 <samdownie_br> on q.5. there are busses that go to the Uni residences / student accommendation takes 10 mins from Bristol's city centre and the University campus itself
14 Apr 14:59:15 <stevevirgin_br> .. I think the key to your question is early planning and cooperation from the community
14 Apr 14:59:57 <samdownie_br> on q.6: The Colston Hall can hold over 1,000 people and has (1) a large music hall, hold's 1,200 (2) a medium hall that holds 400-500 standing (3) the foyer areas can hold up to 800 people on different levels
14 Apr 15:00:02 <woodsy_br> as well as their enthusiasm for the event stevevirgin_br
14 Apr 15:00:13 <stevevirgin_br> we'll keep events in same place though whenever we can in break out rooms
14 Apr 15:00:56 <Deror_jury> Where is that on the map?
14 Apr 15:01:53 <woodsy_br> we're just finding the map Deror_jury
14 Apr 15:02:18 <samdownie_br> > Deror_jury > The Colston Hall details can be found on the bid here >
14 Apr 15:02:22 <stevevirgin_br>,-2.601571&spn=0.019549,0.038581
14 Apr 15:03:02 <samdownie_br> more info about the colston hall venire here >
14 Apr 15:03:46 <woodsy_br> colston hall is about 100/200 m from hippodrome
14 Apr 15:03:53 <stevevirgin_br> Hippodrome on map
14 Apr 15:04:07 <samdownie_br> (correction) colston hall venue details here:
14 Apr 15:04:14 <woodsy_br> in between hippodrom & trenchard street
14 Apr 15:04:36 <woodsy_br> ^hippodrome
14 Apr 15:05:21 <stevevirgin_br> any more questions?
14 Apr 15:05:23 <JamesF_moderator> OK, a couple of general questions:
14 Apr 15:05:26 <JamesF_moderator> How much wikimania attendence experience is there in your team?
14 Apr 15:05:27 <JamesF_moderator> And
14 Apr 15:05:34 <JamesF_moderator> How much budget you think you will cover with sponsorhip?
14 Apr 15:06:12 <stevevirgin_br> Not a lot - but we'd expect Wikimedia UK to send people from our team to washington to cover this off - we can help with organisation planning etc
14 Apr 15:07:14 <woodsy_br> a lot of the sponsorship will be sponsorship in kind (festival of ideas, destination bristol & bristol uni)
14 Apr 15:07:24 <stevevirgin_br> We have already secured offers of sponsorship from 3-4 companies
14 Apr 15:07:55 <stevevirgin_br> we'd also wish to reconnect with organisations who have already supported earlier events financially (HP Labs)
14 Apr 15:08:23 <JamesF_moderator> stevevirgin_br> I've been asked for clarification - is "not a lot" actually none, or 1 person once, or 2 people 3 times, or...
14 Apr 15:09:18 <stevevirgin_br> and we are hoping that if we win - we can be part of a UK DTI Delegation to San francisco with the council that will look for more commercial opporunties for the city - and we could be a part of the delegation and seek sponsorship from silicon valley with the WMF's help while we are there - this is not confirmed it is a 'possible plan'
14 Apr 15:09:47 <samdownie_br> message for <@JamesF_moderator> I've got 4yrs experience in editing Wikipedia pages. But more recently I was nicknamed by JIMMY WALES as a"digital noisemaker" as he liked my planning and co-organising of the WP10 anniversary celebrations in Bristol UK, and help in London too. He's also asked for my advice quite a bit with Social Media platforms, and the UX (user experience) of Wikipedia in general, and he's asked my advice o
14 Apr 15:09:51 <stevevirgin_br> None is none
14 Apr 15:09:58 <Deror_jury> "We have already secured offers of sponsorship from 3-4 companies" - which?
14 Apr 15:10:09 <stevevirgin_br> this is a verbal commitment only
14 Apr 15:10:19 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 15:10:26 <Deror_jury> Be careful of those.
14 Apr 15:10:34 <stevevirgin_br> HP labs/two legal firms
14 Apr 15:10:44 <stevevirgin_br> I can't think of the other at this moment
14 Apr 15:11:03 <stevevirgin_br> HP labs would be a given too they paid for the whole of Wikipedia 10 events in bristol
14 Apr 15:11:13 <samdownie_br> sponsorship and support from SETSquared
14 Apr 15:11:14 <stevevirgin_br> and for the Wiki Fundraising conference in May 10 in Bristol
14 Apr 15:11:23 <stevevirgin_br> though I have not formally said 'can you' yet
14 Apr 15:11:41 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 15:11:44 <JamesF_moderator> OK, I think we've asked a lot of questions of the Bristol team. Let's now move on to Hong Kong. Bristol team - there are a number of further questions I've been asked - I'll put them on the bid talk page, if that's OK? Could you try to answer them today or tomorrow?
14 Apr 15:12:13 <stevevirgin_br> We'll do our best :-)
14 Apr 15:12:17 <JamesF_moderator> Thank you Bristol for your answers!
14 Apr 15:12:28 <woodsy_br> np JamesF_moderator
14 Apr 15:12:29 <stevevirgin_br> been a pleasure
14 Apr 15:12:38 <JamesF_moderator> OK, so, questions for HK in #wikimania-questions please.
14 Apr 15:12:59 <samdownie_br> <@JamesF_moderator> thanks for your questions in the last hour. Yes, I'll add my input to your further questions about our Bid, and will do my best :-)
14 Apr 15:13:34 <JamesF_moderator> OK, first question:
14 Apr 15:13:38 <JamesF_moderator> 1. How much wikimania attendence experience is there in your team?
14 Apr 15:14:12 <deryckchan_hk> (counting)
14 Apr 15:14:56 <deryckchan_hk> jeromyu_hk 07 organiser, 09, 10, 11; deryckchan_hk 10, 11 on the bidding team
14 Apr 15:14:59 <deryckchan_hk> (more coming)
14 Apr 15:16:15 <deryckchan_hk> Terrence Yuen (Wrightbus) 07, PY Yick 07 <- these 2 will join the organising team if we win
14 Apr 15:16:37 <JamesF_moderator> OK, thanks.
14 Apr 15:16:49 <JamesF_moderator> 2. How much budget you think you will cover with sponsorhip?
14 Apr 15:16:54 <deryckchan_hk> Tango Chan (User:Tsugiko), Rover T. Wong (User:SusanLai) and Carole Tang haven't been to Wikimania, but have been to chapter conferences
14 Apr 15:18:02 <deryckchan_hk> 2. it's on our budget on the bid page
14 Apr 15:18:26 <deryckchan_hk>
14 Apr 15:19:20 <JamesF_moderator> Sorry, you're right.
14 Apr 15:19:27 <JamesF_moderator> Was on my list of questions for all teams.
14 Apr 15:19:30 <deryckchan_hk> about 90% of the whole budget, the rest coming from registrations
14 Apr 15:19:31 <JamesF_moderator> OK, q. 3.
14 Apr 15:19:52 <JamesF_moderator> Thank you for providing the letter of support from DotAsia. From my reading of the bid, this support will be a very valuable resource in many ways. However, since general language can lead to misunderstandings across cultures (both organizational cultures and transnational cultures), I would very much like your estimate of the level of resources they are prepared to offer. In whatever terms make most sense: FTEs, referrals to sponsors, media clout...
14 Apr 15:20:04 <deryckchan_hk> q2 nb: if we go over, we'll offer more scolarships
14 Apr 15:21:11 <hk_28481k> Please refer to the letter, there will be more than less as the offer on the letter is rather specific.
14 Apr 15:21:12 <Beria_Jury> Wait a bit, all your bugdet will be done with with sponsors money? Without WMF money? That is realistic to aim?
14 Apr 15:21:15 <peteforsyth_jury> sorry, FTE may be unhelpful jargon. it's "full time employees" -- that is, will they be dedicating portions of specific staffers to the conference? for instance, .5 FTE for 3 months...
14 Apr 15:21:54 <Theo10011_Jury> Hi team
14 Apr 15:22:20 <Theo10011_Jury> I have 2 question if no one else has any pressing questions already.
14 Apr 15:22:45 <JamesF_moderator> Theo10011_Jury> We're still going through the list.
14 Apr 15:23:01 <JamesF_moderator> Theo10011_Jury> PM me and I'll ask them and the end or you can just say them then if you want. :-)
14 Apr 15:23:02 <peteforsyth_jury> I disagree about the letter, I do not find it specific. I think it is a good letter, but I am interested in the bidding team's understanding of what kind of support will be provided.
14 Apr 15:23:05 <deryckchan_hk> 2 members of staff from DotAsia will be assigned to organise Wikimania should we win
14 Apr 15:23:06 <hk_28481k> Beria_Jury: This budget is planned without WMF support and we planned this accordingly.
14 Apr 15:23:24 <Theo10011_Jury> I was going through their budget.
14 Apr 15:23:44 <deryckchan_hk> they'll dedicate about 50% of their time to Wikimania once we win the bid, so about 1FTE for a year
14 Apr 15:23:52 <Theo10011_Jury> almost 100,000 USD (~94k) for food alone, seems high.
14 Apr 15:24:04 <peteforsyth_jury> deryckchan_hk: thank you, that is very helpful. Happy to move on to the next question.
14 Apr 15:24:08 <Deror_jury> Theo - not realy
14 Apr 15:24:30 <Deror_jury> I think you sponsorship is unrealistic. but WF is there to assist (they give a loan)
14 Apr 15:24:57 <Deror_jury> Or rather - u will need to work very hard to get those
14 Apr 15:24:59 <deryckchan_hk> almost 100,000 USD (~94k) for food alone, seems high. << Ilario said that wasn't enough. so maybe you 2 should fight over which question to ask!
14 Apr 15:25:15 <deryckchan_hk> :) [last sentence = joke]
14 Apr 15:25:29 <Theo10011_Jury> oh I'm always up for a fight. ;)
14 Apr 15:26:24 <hk_28481k> Deror_Jury: I can assure that once Hong Kong win the bid, as an international event dotAsia suggested that there will be many sponsors to cover, and therefore it is realistic.
14 Apr 15:26:24 <JamesF_moderator> OK, that seems answered.
14 Apr 15:26:37 <JamesF_moderator> 4. Are there any details about the dorms?
14 Apr 15:26:38 <hk_28481k> Also many sponsorship are actually in-kind, and therefore not problematic.
14 Apr 15:27:37 <hk_28481k> JamesF_moderator: Referring to our timeline as it is administratively incapable to get the dorms.
14 Apr 15:27:47 <hk_28481k> we have not had any progress at that front.
14 Apr 15:28:22 <hk_28481k> We can only find alternative dorms to resolve, even the hostel that is opened in late 2012 is actively considered.
14 Apr 15:28:29 <JamesF_moderator> hk_28481k> Impossible until later, or impossible at all?
14 Apr 15:28:37 <hk_28481k> impossible until later.
14 Apr 15:29:04 <hk_28481k> See for details
14 Apr 15:29:18 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 15:29:20 <hk_28481k> of the currently considered accommodation options
14 Apr 15:30:23 <JamesF_moderator> OK, 5. When will registration for accomodations start? ( I recomand that general registration will begin earlier than March)
14 Apr 15:31:28 <hk_28481k> We planned to arrange accommodations registration to be held at the same time to general registrations.
14 Apr 15:32:23 <hk_28481k> Therefore we might move forward the registration date, subject to volunteer availability in the Chinese New Year Fair.
14 Apr 15:33:29 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 15:33:33 <JamesF_moderator> 6. Will you be using international wikimania volunteers?
14 Apr 15:34:13 <hk_28481k> volunteers from Wikimedia Macau and Wikimedia Taiwan, many of whom were organisers of Wikimania 2007, will join and help out.
14 Apr 15:34:39 <JamesF_moderator> 7. as the chance of rain is the highest in August, how would you manage the social activities in case of rain?
14 Apr 15:36:06 <hk_28481k> the barbecue stoves will be in a roofed (but not walled-in - obviously ventilation is needed!) area. Also, if the beach is not too dark, lifeguards are available even in rain so if you're not afraid swimming in the rain then it is fine.
14 Apr 15:36:17 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 15:36:22 <JamesF_moderator> 8. if I go to a regular pub / restaurant, what do I have to pay for an average beer and how much for an average dinner?
14 Apr 15:36:43 <hk_28481k> the average beer is HK$11 (€1.1, £0.9), but that's from a convenience store or supermarket. if you go to a proper bar a European pint will be about HK$50 (€5)
14 Apr 15:36:57 <hk_28481k> <deryckchan_hk> (because the average local doesn't go to pubs, which has until today remained an upper-class cultural experience brought in by the Brits, unfortunately...)
14 Apr 15:37:46 <JamesF_moderator> OK, I think that's all questions for HK.
14 Apr 15:37:53 <JamesF_moderator> Unless there are any final comments or questions?
14 Apr 15:38:21 <JamesF_moderator> ...
14 Apr 15:38:26 <JamesF_moderator> OK, thank you Hong Kong.
14 Apr 15:38:34 <hk_28481k> average dinner is about HK$40-60 per local person but for slightly better meal then about HK$100-200 per person.
14 Apr 15:38:45 <deryckchan_hk> Q5 NB: see for more.
14 Apr 15:39:16 <hk_28481k> of course, haute cuisine would be more expensive, Hong Kong has a wide range of culinary offer.
14 Apr 15:39:16 <JamesF_moderator> Moving on to Naples - fscala_Naples are you lead?
14 Apr 15:39:19 <root-80686_Jury> thanks for that answer!
14 Apr 15:39:37 <JamesF_moderator> And yes, thank you again HK team. Sorry it's so late for you - go to bed! :-)
14 Apr 15:39:47 <fscala_Naples> ehm...that's Ferdinando's ghost, unfortunately he hit the bus....
14 Apr 15:40:01 <hk_28481k> We are actually not at home, but in Starbucks, JamesF_moderator. :)
14 Apr 15:40:15 <root-80686_Jury> hk_28481k: oh, then have a nice coffee!
14 Apr 15:40:39 <CEhk_hongkong> All our team member are now in Starbucks
14 Apr 15:41:01 <Stefano_Naples> sounds nice
14 Apr 15:41:09 <fscala_Naples> I will be leading, and Stefano to chime in when needed
14 Apr 15:41:19 <fscala_Naples> :-)
14 Apr 15:41:46 <Deror_jury> Where is the starbucks?
14 Apr 15:42:03 <JamesF_moderator> Any questions for Naples / Napoli?
14 Apr 15:42:43 <Beria_Jury> yes, they solved the venue problem?
14 Apr 15:42:54 <JamesF_moderator> OK, that one as 1.
14 Apr 15:42:55 <Beria_Jury> last time we talked it was too small
14 Apr 15:43:03 <Beria_Jury> the main hall i say
14 Apr 15:43:04 <fscala_Naples> oh that's
14 Apr 15:43:35 <fscala_Naples> main hall is 600 and all the other rooms are allowing us to host up to 1100 people
14 Apr 15:44:10 <fscala_Naples> sowe are fully capable to host up to that number
14 Apr 15:44:37 <Beria_Jury> 1100 in one room?
14 Apr 15:44:46 <fscala_Naples> we also have the possibility to have screens in the other rooms if 1100 people are all present in the same moment
14 Apr 15:44:55 <fscala_Naples> 1100 in one room not
14 Apr 15:45:15 <Beria_Jury> you see the main sessions (opening / close and some talks) need all the people together
14 Apr 15:45:22 <fscala_Naples> ok
14 Apr 15:45:33 <Beria_Jury> and we move away form 600 people wikimania 2 or 3 years ago :P
14 Apr 15:45:50 <Beria_Jury> so a 600 people venue is too small
14 Apr 15:45:51 <fscala_Naples> but as i said the rooms are all on the same floor, separated only by a corridor
14 Apr 15:46:04 <fscala_Naples> and we can mount screens in case of need
14 Apr 15:46:38 <fscala_Naples> we were selectiong location on the base of attendace to wikimania across the last years
14 Apr 15:47:47 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 15:47:53 <JamesF_moderator> 2. How much wikimania attendence experience is there in your team?
14 Apr 15:48:24 <fscala_Naples> as we said clearly on the bidding page, there is none, it would be the first time for all of us
14 Apr 15:48:46 <Beria_Jury> no fscala_Naples
14 Apr 15:48:54 <Beria_Jury> have any of you attended a wikimania?
14 Apr 15:49:02 <fscala_Naples> no
14 Apr 15:49:03 <Beria_Jury> not organize one, just participate in one :P
14 Apr 15:49:08 <Beria_Jury> ok
14 Apr 15:49:16 <fscala_Naples> no, we said it on the bidding page
14 Apr 15:49:49 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 15:49:53 <JamesF_moderator> 3. How much budget do you think you will cover with sponsorhip?
14 Apr 15:50:13 <Stefano_Naples> 30-40%
14 Apr 15:50:32 <Stefano_Naples> then we will use crowdfunding
14 Apr 15:50:43 <fscala_Naples> we take this aspect very seriously. we say 30-40% because at the moment we only have service sponsors
14 Apr 15:50:55 <fscala_Naples> but we have a list of people to contact
14 Apr 15:51:13 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 15:51:17 <JamesF_moderator> 4. When do you expect your website to be up? And when will registration commence? when can accomodation be booked?
14 Apr 15:51:26 <fscala_Naples> and our service partner (frontiers of interaction) has a huge experience in this with a consolidated list, so we can hev some support
14 Apr 15:52:00 <fscala_Naples> being july full touristic season in naples, we advice to have accommodations to be booked asap
14 Apr 15:52:22 <fscala_Naples> regarding timeline i would leave word to stefano
14 Apr 15:53:13 <Stefano_Naples> the websites (the crowdfunding and the official one) will be both built immediately
14 Apr 15:53:53 <Stefano_Naples> we explained on the discussion page that this is the very first activity we expect to do
14 Apr 15:54:17 <Stefano_Naples> as we have to give the crowdfunding phase the time it needs
14 Apr 15:54:53 <Stefano_Naples> and for the official website, we want to be sure that everybody gets the most clear idea of the schedul
14 Apr 15:55:18 <Stefano_Naples> in order to give as much rationality as possible to the event
14 Apr 15:55:42 <Stefano_Naples> as explained, july is a very touristic month in Naples
14 Apr 15:56:04 <JamesF_moderator> Right.
14 Apr 15:56:07 <JamesF_moderator> OK, finally:
14 Apr 15:56:09 <JamesF_moderator> 5. What about the weather conditions in Naples (consider the meeting will be in a castle?) in the proposed conference time - do you have any measures to ensure the comfort of attendees?
14 Apr 15:56:40 <fscala_Naples> the meeting will not be in a castle, but in a building which is a congress center
14 Apr 15:56:44 <fscala_Naples> stazione marittima
14 Apr 15:56:58 <fscala_Naples> it is fully air conditioned, so no worries
14 Apr 15:57:11 <Deror_jury> And the castle is also fully airconditioned?
14 Apr 15:57:31 <fscala_Naples> yes, it is regualrly used as a congress and cultural meetings location
14 Apr 15:58:02 <fscala_Naples> would not it be, it would be impossible to be in the rooms, which have almost 700 years
14 Apr 15:58:23 <Stefano_Naples> please notice that the architectural criteria of the middle ages, guarantees the most windy places, anyway
14 Apr 15:59:01 <fscala_Naples> and that the structure is in tufo, a local stone which allows fresh air in summer and hot in winter, it has a strong inertia
14 Apr 15:59:27 <JamesF_moderator> OK, thank you.
14 Apr 15:59:28 <Stefano_Naples> ...and it's surrounded by the sea!
14 Apr 15:59:34 <JamesF_moderator> I think that's it from the questions we have.
14 Apr 15:59:41 <JamesF_moderator> Unless there are any final ones?
14 Apr 15:59:41 <fscala_Naples> ok
14 Apr 16:00:21 <fscala_Naples> any other questions?
14 Apr 16:00:29 <JamesF_moderator> No, I think that's it.
14 Apr 16:00:34 <JamesF_moderator> Thank you Naples team.
14 Apr 16:00:39 <Stefano_Naples> thank you everybody and good luck to all bid teams!
14 Apr 16:00:39 <fscala_Naples> ok thank you all guys
14 Apr 16:01:43 <JamesF_moderator> OK, so, now Surakarta.
14 Apr 16:02:14 <JamesF_moderator> OK, welcome to the Surakarta team.
14 Apr 16:02:28 <JamesF_moderator> Questions to #wikimania-questions please.
14 Apr 16:02:35 <Bennylin_Solo> Thanks
14 Apr 16:02:44 <Mimihitam_Solo> thank you very much :)
14 Apr 16:03:20 <JamesF_moderator> 1. How much budget do you think you will cover with sponsorhip?
14 Apr 16:03:38 <Bennylin_Solo> About $130.000 out of $155.000,
14 Apr 16:04:03 <Beria_Jury> that is an sure thing?
14 Apr 16:04:07 <Beria_Jury> or an extimantion?
14 Apr 16:04:11 <Beria_Jury> ahhhhhhhhhh
14 Apr 16:04:25 <Bennylin_Solo> estimation
14 Apr 16:04:29 <Beria_Jury> thanks
14 Apr 16:04:31 <Beria_Jury> ;O
14 Apr 16:04:39 <Bennylin_Solo> the rest from registration
14 Apr 16:04:43 <Bennylin_Solo> around 20% of it
14 Apr 16:05:08 <Beria_Jury> that includes WMF money?
14 Apr 16:05:55 <Bennylin_Solo> We'll try to raise fund from local sponsors first
14 Apr 16:06:21 <Beria_Jury> ok thank you
14 Apr 16:06:27 <Bennylin_Solo> if by Wikimania DC we're still short of possible sponsors, we'll ask WMF
14 Apr 16:06:43 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 16:06:46 <JamesF_moderator> 2. How much wikimania attendence experience is there in your team?
14 Apr 16:07:42 <Mimihitam_Solo> I myself attended a wikimania in Gdansk 2 years ago
14 Apr 16:07:58 <Mimihitam_Solo> together with my colleague who is part of our team, BlackKnight
14 Apr 16:08:06 <Mimihitam_Solo> thus its me & blackknight 1x
14 Apr 16:08:24 <Mimihitam_Solo> and then Mr Meursault2004 has attended more than 4 wikimania
14 Apr 16:08:33 <Bennylin_Solo> 5 I think
14 Apr 16:08:39 <Mimihitam_Solo> thank you for the correction
14 Apr 16:08:41 <Bennylin_Solo> he only misses 2006 and 2008
14 Apr 16:08:47 <Mimihitam_Solo> Moreover, Bennylin himself attended last year's wikimania in Haifa
14 Apr 16:08:55 <Mimihitam_Solo> and last but not least, IvanLanin once in Buenos Aires
14 Apr 16:09:01 <Beria_Jury> anyoe is going to DC?
14 Apr 16:09:26 <Mimihitam_Solo> All of our team apply for scholarship :)
14 Apr 16:09:44 <Beria_Jury> ok :D
14 Apr 16:09:54 <JamesF_moderator> Beria_Jury> WMF normally makes sure that the year + 1 team get to the Wikimania before their's.
14 Apr 16:10:03 <JamesF_moderator> OK, and:
14 Apr 16:10:05 <JamesF_moderator> 3. How much are the prices in Surakarta for a) a beer in a restaurant / bar b) a regular dinner (rough estimates, in average)
14 Apr 16:10:30 <Bennylin_Solo> bottled beer: around 2 USD, can around 1 USD
14 Apr 16:10:43 <Bennylin_Solo> USD 10 will get you a really nice dinner
14 Apr 16:10:48 <Bennylin_Solo> i mean *really nice*
14 Apr 16:11:35 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 16:12:01 <JamesF_moderator> I think that's all the questions we have answered.
14 Apr 16:12:20 <Mimihitam_Solo> Well from my own experience in Surakarta with 3 USD I was already satisfied with the meal :p
14 Apr 16:12:33 <Bennylin_Solo> wait, that's all? :p
14 Apr 16:12:47 <Bennylin_Solo> we've been here for 2 hours,
14 Apr 16:13:03 <Bennylin_Solo> c'mon, more questions please
14 Apr 16:13:48 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 16:13:54 <JamesF_moderator> 5. Any risk of terrorist attack?
14 Apr 16:14:04 <Beria_Jury> LOL
14 Apr 16:14:18 <Bennylin_Solo> that's a fair question
14 Apr 16:14:33 <Beria_Jury> are any tsunami expected for 2013? ;)
14 Apr 16:14:39 <Bennylin_Solo> we've been guaranteed that it will be protected
14 Apr 16:14:48 <Bennylin_Solo> due to its status as international conference
14 Apr 16:15:12 <Bennylin_Solo> when I asked whether there'll be people carrying firearms, i've been told that there won't
14 Apr 16:15:14 <Mimihitam_Solo> The probability of tsunami reaching Surakarta is exceedingly low :)
14 Apr 16:15:58 <Beria_Jury> :D
14 Apr 16:16:05 <Beria_Jury> bah I wanted to surf XD
14 Apr 16:16:05 <Bennylin_Solo> whether it tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, terrorist attack, they're not unique to any city or venue
14 Apr 16:16:15 <Bennylin_Solo> but it's a global problem
14 Apr 16:16:27 <fscala_Naples> nice answer bennylin
14 Apr 16:16:43 <Bennylin_Solo> we're going to work together with the law enforcement to ensure the full safety of all attendees
14 Apr 16:17:00 <Beria_Jury> and the chapter already support you?
14 Apr 16:17:03 <Bennylin_Solo> after all, (again I've been told), if you visit our country, you're all our guests
14 Apr 16:17:13 <Bennylin_Solo> and we treat our guests *to the max* :)
14 Apr 16:17:38 <Bennylin_Solo> Beria_Jury: that's been asked last week, and for now, our answer is the same
14 Apr 16:18:19 <Beria_Jury> ok ;) only to know if something changed :)
14 Apr 16:18:22 <JamesF_moderator> OK.
14 Apr 16:18:25 <Bennylin_Solo> sure
14 Apr 16:18:25 <JamesF_moderator> Any more questions?
14 Apr 16:18:30 <JamesF_moderator> We're already 20 minutes over.
14 Apr 16:18:34 <JamesF_moderator> Sorry everyone. :-(
14 Apr 16:19:22 <Bennylin_Solo> we're going to be very happy if we're selected as the host of 2013
14 Apr 16:19:31 <Bennylin_Solo> because it's been to Europe and East Asia
14 Apr 16:19:44 <Bennylin_Solo> it's never been to SE Asia region
14 Apr 16:20:29 <Bennylin_Solo> OK if that's all
14 Apr 16:20:33 <JamesF_moderator> OK, that's all.
14 Apr 16:20:35 <Deror_jury> I think Haifa was the only wikimania to have a working plan for case of a missiles attack
14 Apr 16:20:38 <JamesF_moderator> Thank you everyone.
14 Apr 16:20:45 <JamesF_moderator> Deror_jury> True. :-)
14 Apr 16:20:55 <JamesF_moderator> We'll have another meeting in 23 hours' time.
14 Apr 16:20:59 <fscala_Naples> well said Deror
14 Apr 16:21:00 <Bennylin_Solo> Deror_jury: we will ask your advice
14 Apr 16:21:01 <JamesF_moderator> For London and the other Jurors.
14 Apr 16:21:07 <Bennylin_Solo> do we need to come tomorrow?
14 Apr 16:21:13 <JamesF_moderator> And of course the other teams are welcome too if they want, but it's not needed.
14 Apr 16:21:18 <fscala_Naples> we had the same question
14 Apr 16:21:21 <Beria_Jury> if you want
14 Apr 16:21:22 <fscala_Naples> ok
14 Apr 16:21:25 <Beria_Jury> not necessary
14 Apr 16:21:36 <JamesF_moderator> We will follow-up with questions on the talk pages if needed.
14 Apr 16:21:39 <JamesF_moderator> OK, thank you everyone.
14 Apr 16:21:41 <JamesF_moderator> Meeting over.