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Wikimania 2013 candidate cities:

Final Candidate Cities: Hong Kong | London

Other Candidate Cities: Surakarta | Bristol | Naples

City details[edit]

  • Country: Venezuela
  • City proposed: Margarita Island, Venezuela
  • Proposed dates: August 2-4 2013.
  • Contact person(s): Wikimedia Venezuela Working Group (

Conference venue[edit]

  • Brief description of venue (room sizes, number of rooms etc.)
  1. Main hall: Margarita Hilton
  2. Seminar rooms: 10
  3. Lounge facilities: 10
  4. Other rooms (organisation, staff, speakers, interviews/press, storage): 12
  • Socializing areas (Garden, lounge etc.), their capacity and the hours at which they are opened/closed: Several bars, restaurants, shopping malls, clubs, beaches.
  • Contacts with conference venue (emails, price quotes etc.)
  • Technical facilities
    • The venue has hosted G-77 conferences and other important international conferences.
    • Wireless Network implementation: Yes


  • Location of main accommodation facilities
    • On site accommodation, several hotels in the area, from 5 star hotels to 2 stars.
  • Room details and price range
    • Hotel rooms, hostels and bed and breakfast nearby.
  • Catering (one meal a day, breakfast is a plus)
    • Full catering service, plenty of diners, breakfast places and restaurants.
  • Contacts with accommodation partner(s)
(Have you contacted the proposed locations, exchange of emails, price quotes etc.)

Party opportunities[edit]

Wikimania traditionally hosts two parties, one for attendees (capacity of 250-350) and one for sponsors and VIPs (capacity 40-60).

  • Attendees party(ies) propositions
    • Several high end night clubs available.
  • Sponsor party(ies) proposition
    • Several high end night clubs available.

Travel and transportation[edit]

  • Estimation of travel costs from all continents:
    • 1250$ NYC - Porlamar.
    • 1200$ Madrid - Porlamar.
  • Distance from international airport(s)and how do we get to the location:
    • There are some direct flights to Porlamar from Europe and NA with Charter Airlines. The rest must connect at Caracas Maiquetia International Airport (short 30 minute transit).
  • Local transportation and local social opportunities
    • Margarita Island is a world renowned tourist destination.
  • Visa issues
    • No visa required for stays of up to 90 days for nationals from Andorra Antigua and Barbados Argentina Australia Austria Barbados Belgium Belize Bolivia Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile Cyprus Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Dominica Ecuador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Grenada Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan Letonia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Mexico Monaco Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Norway Panama Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Slovak Republic South Africa South Korea Spain St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia St. Marino St. Vincent and the Grenadines Sweden Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago Turkey United Kingdom United States Uruguay
  • Tourism opportunities
    • Excellent beaches, shopping malls, night clubs.

Local sponsorship opportunities[edit]

Possibility of local sponsorships

  • Contacts
    • Several sponsors have agreed to offer some or all of the accommodation.

Local team[edit]

Wikimedia Venezuela working group.


Anything you feel should be brought to the attention of the jury.


  • Weaknesses of the proposed location ...and how to overcome those weaknesses
  1. Weakness 1
    Solution 1
  2. Weakness 2
    Solution 2
  • Strengths of the proposed location
  1. Strength 1
  2. Strength 2