Wikimania 2013 bids

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This page has information and links for Wikimania bids for hosting Wikimania 2013, the 9th annual international Wikimedia conference.


This is the timeline for the Wikimania 2013 selection. Please note that these times may be subject to some revision. You should check back to the scheduled date of the item for which you're interested; or subscribe to mail:wikimania-l for announcements.

November, 2011: Jury call for volunteers
12 January 2012: Jury selection announced; Bidding officially opens
28 January 2012 (23:59 UTC): Bidding creation closes; list of running cities announced by Jury.

All cities which intend to run for the bidding process should have created a page on meta and entered the official list. New bids will not be accepted after this date.

30 March 2012 (23:59 UTC): Bidding ends; all major information on the bid pages must be final.
31 March 2012: Question & Answer phase begins; bid teams answer questions from Jury and public and refine their bids.
7 April 2012 (14:00 UTC): First public meeting with bidders on IRC (#wikimania channel on Freenode). The meeting is planned to last 90-120 minutes.

Log available at Wikimania 2013/IRC meeting 2012-04-07

14 April 2012 (14:00 UTC) and 15 April 2012 (15:00 UTC): Second public meeting with bidders on IRC (#wikimania channel on Freenode).

Log available at Wikimania 2013/IRC meeting 2012-04-14, Wikimania 2013/IRC meeting 2012-04-15

15 April 2012 (23:59 UTC): Question & Answer phase ends; beginning of Jury deliberation.

Early May 2012: Jury decision made; announcement of host city to bidders and public.

Hong Kong selected as the winning bid.

Bidding for Wikimania 2013[edit]

Each year, Wikimania is organized in the city that proposed the best location for it to happen in good conditions, as determined by a jury. Each year, many community members get together to propose their city to host Wikimania in the years to come. Bidding is now closed to new bids.



Unofficial bids[edit]

These were unofficial bids that were not put forward as "official" bids before the deadline; some of them were inactive, others were withdrawn.