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When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life;
for there is in London all that life can afford.
Samuel Johnson

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Project Management Press & Partnerships Fundraising Financials

Post-Bid Action Plan[edit]

  • Engage London First event team
  • Begin fundraising:
    • Confirm soft offers
    • Level39 fundraising event
  • Confirm venue bookings
  • Confirm speaker bookings
  • Contact existing media partners & update them on status of bid
  • Expand team...

Implementation Streams[edit]

These aren't necessarily individual roles - one person may do more than one to start with, and as the event approaches these roles will split into several roles or even committees. What they represent is more independent "streams" that may be tackled fairly independently.

Venue Manager - Ed Saperia[edit]

  • The venue manager deals with everything to do with the venue that isn't the actual content of the conference - they provide suitable surroundings for a conference to occur. This is rooms, catering, furniture, layout and design.
  • Get detailed description of assets: what rooms do we have, when, for how long, how are they staffed?
  • Catering
    • Fix requirements - amount, frequency and also dietary requirements
    • Negotiate with caterers
  • Signage
  • Childcare
  • Foyer design
    • The foyer at the Barbican is massive and will have lots of activities in it.
    • Exhibition space
    • Breakout spaces
    • Live streaming
    • Light entertainment
    • Installations
    • fun things!

Registration Team[edit]

  • Registration schedule (what tiers of tickets, how many, released when?)
  • Registration website
  • Registration process on the day
    • Lanyards
    • Welcome pack / gift bags
    • Some way of telling who else is at the conference and how to find them!

Schedule Designer[edit]

The Schedule designer makes all the conference related content happen at the venue.

  • Confirm and manage keynotes, panelists, GLAM speakers, etc
  • Create Track Framework
    • Work with Venue Manager to fix track numbers & sizes
    • Juggle tracks, rooms and submissions
  • Manage Submissions
    • Ask the community for ideas for tracks / panels / talks
    • Start vetting actual submissions (eventually)
    • Encourage suitable submissions for the public track
  • Manage Exhibitors
    • Ask the community for exhibits
    • Vetting exhibits
    • Manage exhibitors
    • NB Some exhibitors may be sponsors

Social Event Managers[edit]

  • Thursday Night Event
  • Friday Night Event
  • Saturday Night Event
  • Sunday Night Event
  • VIP Events

Accommodation Manager[edit]

  • The accommodation manager helps delegates and guests find places to stay that suit their budgets and requirements.
  • Universities - Work out requirement in detail
  • Secure university accommodation
  • Estimate hotel requirement in detail
  • Start negotiating with hotels in earnest
  • Assemble prices
  • VIP Hotels - Rooms with a view

Media, PR & Publicity[edit]

  • Write press releases for the event and key milestones in the build up to the conference
  • Oversee press part of online presence / press pack currently hosted at
  • Manage media relationships, ensure they're up to date with press releases
  • Manager the Wikimania London social media accounts
  • Producing content for the Wikimania London blog
  • Organise publicity, if any
  • Oversee International Media Coordinators:

International Media Co-ordinators[edit]

  • Wikimania London shall be a global outreach event, with a reach far beyond London. We shall recruit volunteers from all around the world who are passionate about the movement and are active within their local communities and arm them with pre-assembled media packs and a dedicated section on the Wikimania London website, with a mission to engage press within their local countries to cover Wikimania in London and provide a clear call to action for anyone who may be inspired by the events of the conference. These may include volunteering with their local chapter, joining / organising events in their local community, or just simply how to edit Wikipedia.
  • Coordinating with Local Press / Local Chapter / Local Wikimeets to garner increased interest in to local wikmedian projects
  • Good copywriting skills to adapt press releases for the local territory

Community Liaison - Rock drum[edit]

  • Keep community updated on everything that's happening, Including accommodation details, visa process etc... basically everything all the roles are doing
  • Recuit event volunteers

Legal Team[edit]

  • Review contracts

Accountant / Treasurer[edit]

Branding Master General[edit]

  • Graphic design of all elements of the conference
    • website guidelines
    • welcome pack
    • signage
    • digital signage
    • holding slides between presentations
  • Other branding required
    • ident sounds
  • Enforcing brand guidelines across production with an iron fist

Tech Coordinator - Provisionally Kimi Lawrie[edit]

  • Design non-wikimedian facing web presence
  • Interface and communication of ticketing
  • Design site to host / act as a streaming portal of talks from the event

Fundraising - Anastasia Andrianova[edit]

  • see Logistics for detailed fundraising plan.


  • Contact GLAM partners
  • Encourage them to attend & point towards relevant talks & panels
  • Schedule them to speak/take part in panels if they're keen


  • VISA advice
  • flight booking advice
  • negotiate cheap flights?
  • travel from airports to venue
  • travel from venue to offsites

Scholarship Coordinator[edit]

Coordinates and helps form the scholarship committee with WMF

  • Draft and communicate sponsorship policy (i.e. who gets it)
  • Devise and handles application process
    • Receiving Applications
    • Judging
    • Accept or Reject
    • Transfer & Reporting

AV and Production Team - Provisionally Declan Pattision[edit]

Handle the technical hardware requirements of the conference.

  • Wifi infrastructure - Confirm and coordinate with infrastructure partner to ensure the full requirements of the conference are met
  • Make recording, editing, livestreaming and uploading happen
  • Ensure Onsite comms are prepared i.e Radios
  • Working with production company on stage design
  • Working with production company on lighting, sound etc for all the conference and evening events.

Event Volunteer Manager[edit]

Similar to the London 2012 games makers, Wikimania 2014 will have a team of volunteers for the duration of the conference to help execute the event and assist attendees.

Volunteer recruitment[edit]

The bid committee will be presenting at the annual WikiConference UK in Lincoln later this year to attract volunteers.

As part of our Legacy initiative (see legacy tab), we'll invite members of teams bidding to host Wikimania 2015 to lurk our mailing lists and once the location for Wikimania 2015 is confirmed, we'll invite members of that organising committee to work closely with us in the run up to the event.

If you are interested in volunteering, email info(_AT_) with your name, what you'd be interested in doing and why you think you would be awesome at that particular job! We will be recruiting certain roles from the international wikimedia community - these will be promoted closer to the time.

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