Wikimania 2015 bids/Cape Town/Meeting notes/2014-01-15

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Fourth meeting, 15/01/15


  • Maarten, Brussels (BE)
  • Douglas, Cape Town (SA)
  • Kimi, London (UK)
  • James, DC (US)
  • Dumisani, Joburg (SA)
  • Oarabile Mudongo, Botswana (BO)
  • David, Munich (SA)


Discussion: SWOT analysis[edit]

  • Summarise SWOT and with a focus on how to mitigate the weaknesses.
  • Spread out organisation
  • Small local community
  • 'White male event'
  • Technological problems (WebEx, Swiss chapter's solution, WMF's solution): Maarten suggests that we talk to Wikimedia Foundation about seeking funding to get a proper conference call solution. It is noted that Skype is an unreliable method of contacting the team online.


  • Possibility approach Wikimedia Foundation
    • WebX for teleconfrencing
    • is an open tool run by swiss chapter. we must give it a try.
    • Outreach attempts
    • Expand the Vision section
    • ..


  • Is important for getting more people from Africa involved in Wikimania
  • Sourcing volunteers, participants, actively and aggressively.
  • Attract African attendees
  • Wikiindaba could be very important for the Wikimania 2015 bid
  • WikiIndaba is going ahead, team of 3 with Dumi, Isla, Rexford.
  • Event date revised to 24 - 26 May 2014 to coincide with Africa Day.


  • off the shelf video - good for what we paid for (free)
  • Get feedback on that at the next meeting

Cape Town based people[edit]

  • work on connecting with Cape Town based organisation that promote the vision of 'Bridging Divides'
  • Economic divide:
  • Social Divide:
  • Connect with organisations such as: R-labs, Khyalitsha technical collage, Sinongongo High, and other instituations that

Candidate keynote speakers[edit]

Candidate keynote speakers to include more female and black people.

Bid vision[edit]

Maarten: bridging divides need more thinking other wise we end up with simply attracting more white male english speakers.

  • need to define and conceptulise on HOW we will carry out the vision. How we will bridge the divides at this conformance.

Types of divides[edit]

  • Geographical: between places and hemispheres
  • Economical: rich and poor, those without access to the net and Wikipedia and those without
  • Social:
    • Outreach
      • Wiki-community and experts
      • Wiki-community and people who might/would like to get more involved but dont know how
    • Miscellaneous: how language divides, problems small langauge Wikies have, political divisions


  • content of presentations: eg. African laugangue challenges, Free mobile access, lectures by academics on Wikipedia in academia, outreach, synergies with Wikimedia and tech industry, ectra.
  • nature of the keynote presentaitons
  • Idea: attendees offer workshops/training events during Wikimania for communities.
    • need to identify people who are willing to share such knowledge and information; can be done as part of the scholarship and application process.
  • participants: more people involved this year who are not Wikipedians.
  • Bridging divides between wikimedia community and academia, bussib.


  • Maarten:
    • Consolidate SWOT analysis (Merge two reports)
  • Douglas
    • Prepare budget for the event.
    • List of events.(Event planning).
    • Talk with Edward about how to make outreach a theme of his bid. Learn from him, see how it can be incorporated into our bid.
    • Venue backup plan
  • Kimi
    • Technical stuff with website. Later.
  • James
    • Refining and expanding the bid
  • Dumisani
    • Assist with budget
  • Oarabile Mudongo
    • Connect with James and present the beginings of a registration plan.
  • Isla
    • Continue on getting local outreach in SA & CT
    • Lead conceptualization of Africa meetup or event
  • David
    • Complete visa requirements on bid page.