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Wikimania 2022/Scholarships/Wiki Advocates Philippines/Report

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Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

  1. The group, as stated on the request has 20 active members, however, due to lack of time availability, a few members were not present during the entire activity. They were invited to join in the online activities as participation for the Wikimania 2022. This does not entirely affect the number of participating volunteers since a lot of newbies were also present, totaling 35 participants for the 4-day activities.
  2. The team was also able to participate simultaneously in the opening of the Wikimania 2022 together with the newbie volunteers. It was also a great honor to be integrated during the first few minutes of the program where some of our participants were able to play musical instruments and render songs.
  3. Beforehand, we evaluated those who would need data support, transportation allowance, and small hardware support. During the four-day event, these needs were able to be addressed and we were able to have a smooth flow of events and active participation from the volunteers.
  4. One highlight we are proud of is that the team was able to produce the Hatch-A-Wiki project of the Wiki Advocates Philippines where we were able to visually narrate the works we do in Wikimedia Incubator and also share some interesting testimonials from the volunteers within the group.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
20 to 30 participants to join the event, including on-site and off-site 35 participants for the 4-day event Each old volunteer was assigned to invite a new participant. From the new participants, the group was also able to recruit two members to join the team.
Conduct a 4-day program that will include edit-a-thon, training, watch party, and other capacity-building activities We were able to execute the planned activities for the four-day event. For the detailed version of the program, please check here: Wikimania 2022/Wiki Advocates Philippines/Program
Produce a video presentation of the Hatch-A-Wiki Project to be presented during the Wikimania 2022 program We were able to produce a 20-minute-long presentation, 5 minutes of animation tackling our works on the Wikimedia incubator, and 15 minutes for testimonials of the volunteers of the Wiki Advocates Philippines You may watch the video here: Hatch-A-Wiki Project of the Wiki Advocates Philippines. The project detail is also available on Diff Blog: Hatch-A-Wiki Project of the Wiki Advocates Philippines


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

To provide an overall insight from the concluded event, we have asked for evaluation reports that would answer these questions. The link to the individual report is here: Wikimania 2022/Wiki Advocates Philippines/Individual Report

  • What worked well?
  • The things that I have learned in the entire Wikimania 2022 activity is that celebrating Wikimania means celebrating all the free and open knowledge projects such as Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikipedia, etc. which are organized by volunteers. Apart from this, I have learned how vital time management is to an organizer during this kind of activity. In my own perspective, time management is knowing those things that are needed to prioritize first in order to have a successful outcome in the available time you have. So, for me, time management is very vital during the implementation of this event because we need to be productive in order for us to accomplish things like planning, decoration making, and materials buying on time. We have 10 days of preparation and we need to adapt the time management because this event might fail if we are not going to prioritize those things that we needed to do first. I think we managed our time during this event because we were successful in this event although we encountered some problems. --Daphpb
  • Some of the things I learned throughout the entire Wikimania 2022 were how to manage time well and always be prepared for unexpected changes during the events. In a particular scenario, the game I was preparing for the second day of the said event suddenly went on during the first day. Admittedly, I was shocked, which I shouldn't be because it is part of being an organizer to prepare for anything that might change during the event. But the most important thing is, with my co-organizer's help, we successfully ran/completed the activity assigned to me. --Danbarrameda
  • Being an organizer and participant in Wikimania 2022 I learned a lot through the experience as organizer because it was my first time organizing an event. It helps me to distinguish the things that must be prioritized or eliminated. It is also a great experience to know how to handle different people in an event. --Sheanjean
  • I have learned to practice good faith in dealing with other new volunteers. Since I am assigned on the live streaming part for our local event, I learned on how to navigate streaming tools and organized a live streaming event. --Brazal.dang
  • The whole celebration was great and I gain so many lessons. From personal aspects and on how to get along with the new participants. I remembered the quote of Confucius "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you" It's a kinda personal thing and a lesson to remember. From some angle, I really confirmed that to work as a team is a different kind of level. --Roronoa Erica
  • The things that I have learned in the entire Wikimania 2022 activity is to always be ready and be prepared. Having plans will never make us the least, instead, it will make us ready and confident of what we can do to avoid ruining the plans we had especially in this kind of event. We don't know what will happen in the future, so we need to always have a plan b or even plan z if needed, so that no matter what circumstances we encountered like bad weather, we can still continue conducting our activities thoroughly. We also need to act professionally so we can reduce problems we might encounter in the future to make the event successful in the end. --Even Barrameda
  • I learned that teamwork and trust are very important in a group because without that you will not win, As a volunteer, it is also necessary for us and my fellow volunteers to have unity, even though I am not the organizer, it still depends on us whether an event like Wikimania 2022 will be successful or not. Yes, the Wikimania 2022 will be successful because of the efforts of all people behind this event. --YamPikit
  • There was a lot to learn from this year's Wikimania, especially from the presentations of other Wikimedia groups from other parts of the globe. But what I would treasure most is the learnings I have acquired during the 4-day event that I was with my fellow Wikimedians whom I also considered as a family now. Before, I felt that we were left out as a group and that we were only performing our tasks as Wikimedians in this remote part of the world and secluded from the rest of the community. If not for their appreciation for every little thing we've done for the community, I would continue to feel that way. Seeing that these new Wikimedians we've recruited are passionate about collaboration and free knowledge, I've been reminded of our bigger plans as a group. Back in 2019, we only started talking about gathering a small group of editors who would be editing an unnoticed Wikimedia project in an incubator, but only after 2 years, we have increased in number and were able to develop three Wikimedia projects in the incubator. This year's Wikimania was a celebration of all the persistent efforts we have done way back in 2019 and also of the new volunteers we have now that has helped us towards our goal. --Kunokuno (talk) 05:58, 21 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  • What did not work so well?
  • First, my fear of public speaking. I am one of the organizers and so I need to facilitate the day I was assigned to. While planning for the flow of our activities, I'm so nervous about how I am going to deliver the flow of activities if I am so afraid of talking in front of other people. I asked for help from my co-organizer and luckily they agreed that they are the one to facilitate my games, for introducing each participant and for explaining short introductions about Wikimania and Wiki Advocates PH. Second, lack of materials for live streaming like gadgets, computers or laptops, cell phone stands, tripods etc.. I consider this as a challenge for me because I am the organizer for the first day of Wikimania and with these challenges, we cannot be able to do the live streaming and we cannot attend the zoom meeting which is the very important part of this event. Luckily, Ma'am Imelda saved me from having a failed day because she thinks of ways how we can overcome these challenges. Honestly, I am so stressed about this and even though the event is done already I'm still not complacent because we still have 3 days to accomplish before this event becomes truly successful. Lastly, the stress and the way I overthink. When there's an activity or event like this, I easily feel stressed and there's nothing I can do about it. I also overthink to the point that everything that comes into my mind is all about negativity. I don't want to have this trait because this is the reason why I am not growing as a person. I can't build my self-confidence because I keep on reminding myself that I don't have it and I can't have it. Sometimes, I am trying to make myself grow in my own simple ways, but when I gradually learn to do it, someone will come and ruin it again. But, I am confident that Wiki Advocates Philippines, which is the organization that I am a member of right now, will help me and will be one of the keys for me to learn to overcome these challenges. I know it's not going to be easy but I am always willing to wait. --Daphpb
  • The challenge I wanted to highlight was how I was feeling afraid while we were preparing for the preparation. Owing to low self-confidence, I overthink that I will receive failure because it is expectedly to make unexpected mistakes before and during the event. After all, I don't know how to overcome the overthinking that usually happens to me. But luckily, the said event has successfully done with the help and cooperation of every one of us. --Danbarrameda
  • So far, preparation has become a big challenge for me due to my decision-making skills. You need to consider a lot of things when it comes to being an organizer. It's kind of stressful, but worth experiencing. --Sheanjean
  • The event also helped me to work with a bigger organizing group this time. It is a challenge handling a bigger group with diverse talents, principles and overflowing ideas. The key to being able to handle a team like this is to be open and accepting of differences and giving a chance for everyone else to speak and work on what will be the best for the team in general. It was also a challenge mediating conflicts within the organizing team because it prolongs the tasks at hand and compromises the objectives of the event. --Brazal.dang
  • It is not always a party to describe in every celebration because we can't control every little thing. Facing myself is the most challenging for me because of the mood swings that affect by weather, surroundings or people around me, and lastly myself. From day 1 to day 4 I remain a volunteer because that's how supposed to be. I can't act whatever crazy stuff I want because I must be able to do my best to not affect my organizer, co-volunteer, and especially the participants. But at the end of the day for me, I've done great because I got myself and treat the whole celebration as normal because challenges are always been coupled with our day. Roronoa Erica
  • I think, the challenges that I and my co-volunteers have faced during Wikimania 2022 are when it is day 3 of this event. The organizer for day 3 of Wikimania is about to implement an outdoor game but there's bad weather at that time which prevents the organizer from continuing the games she prepared. This is so frustrating because this might ruin this event, but luckily they find a way to continue playing the games. --Even Barrameda
  • It was our first time presenting at the Wikimania event and even though it was a pre-recorded video, the preparation for it was a bit hard for us. Considering that English is almost our third language, the speakers needed to prepare a script beforehand and master it by heart. They are given guide questions weeks before the video production however since they are not used to speaking in front of a camera and speak in fluent English, we needed several takes before getting it perfect. For my part, I chose to use the Central Bikol language and it was a hard decision on my part since there would be a chance that the audiences may not entirely grasp what I am saying even with the aid of the subtitles. We have uploaded the transcript guide on our presentation page to provide guidance for the audience and hopefully, they were also able to check on it. Admittedly, we were surprised by the number of viewers in Zoom during the local integration. As to our part, we were able to prepare the introductory remarks, the musical performance of the trumpet artist, and the acoustic band. It was in the Zoom meeting that we were not able to handle it well, since there were some viewers who have their mics on. The programming part was also problematic for us because the whole Wikimania program was published only days before the actual event. We were waiting for it to be finalized before we can decide on our final local schedule. We would like to view as many of the presentations that were shown on the program. Another hindrance for actively participating in the sessions was the poor data connection on the venue that we rented. We have expected to have good internet reception at that venue but since the last two days were a rainy season here in our region, it may have affected the data connectivity. We have repeatedly tried to connect to the sessions and in lucky instances, we get the chance to watch some of the videos. --Kunokuno (talk) 06:12, 21 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

Item Details Estimated Price Quantity Total Actual Expense
Data packages Old and newbie participants have availed of this support. 1,000.00 25 25,000.00 25,000.00
Small hardware expenses to support access Participants who have remotely participated have availed of this support. As for the gadgets needed for the live streaming, we were not able to anticipate it since it was only a day or two before we were informed of the actual live integration. 5,000.00 5 25,000.00 24,650.00
Video production support This item was used for the production of the Hatch-A-Wiki Project presentation for the Wikimania 2022 program. 15,000.00 1 15,000.00 25,000.00
Foods and Refreshment This will be served to the members and we also anticipate 10 newbies who will be invited to participate in the event. This will cover two snacks and one lunch. 1,000.00 30 30,000.00 31,680.00
Venue Rental A total of four days will be allotted for venue rental. The first day is for preliminary orientation and review for community members. This would include short talks and exercises, an overview of Wikimania, and forums on what to expect during the three-day event 10,000.00 4 40,000.00 35,450.00
Projector and Speaker Rental This will be installed in the venue. 5,000.00 4 20,000.00 15,220.00
Printed artwork, and conference swag/merchandise for event participants These were distributed both to the old volunteers and new participants. 1,200.00 30 36,000.00 34,200.00
Transportation Expense Several attendees were able to avail of this support. We were also able to rent a vehicle for the last 2 days of the event since we have transferred the venue. 500.00 20 10,000.00 9,000.00
Childcare services This was allotted for participants who will be absent on their homes to attend the 8 AM - 5 PM sessions, and will not be able to do their household tasks. 2,500.00 4 10,000.00 10,000.00
Sanitation Kit This is for COVID-19 protection of participants. This includes facemasks, alcohol, sanitizers, and one temperature gun. A vaccine card will be required for each participant. 500.00 20 10,000.00 7,250.00
Contingency Expense This will be allotted for unforeseen expenses like logistics, processing fee, deposit, or shipping fee for swags. We have also allotted this for honorarium for the musical performance of the two local artists and singers who have presented during the live integration. 5,000.00 1 5,000.00 7,500.00
Total 224,950.00

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

The remaining fund on account is PHP 1,050.00.


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August 14, 2022[edit]

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?

On behalf of Wiki Advocates Philippines, we would like to thank the Core Organizing team for making Wikimania 2022 an inclusive celebration of all Wikimedia volunteers around the globe. We look forward to the next year's Wikimania and hope to actively participate in it. For other details, please check our Wikimania event page: Wikimania 2022/WikiAdvocates/Programs ---Kunokuno (talk) 08:14, 21 September 2022 (UTC)[reply]