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Official Wikimania poster for the Wikimania 2022 in Philippines conducted by the Wiki Advocates Philippines
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The Wiki Advocates Philippines will be part of this year's Wikimania 2022. There will be a series of meet-ups, edit-a-thons, watch parties, film viewing, and picnics. This will also serve as a venue for the members to develop their planned programs, outreach activities, and other innovations on Wikimedia projects. Experienced Wikimedians will be sharing their experiences in grant-making, reporting, and development of Wikiprojects.

Another highlight for the group's Wikimania celebration is the outcome of the Hatch-A-Wiki project for 2021-2022. The team celebrates the huge success of two developing incubator projects, the Wikisambit and the Wikikawikaan.

Volunteers and newbie editors will have a chance to get to know more about the past Wikimania celebrations, what were they all about, the people involved in them, and to be inspired by this year's Wikimedian of the year.


This year's Wikimania 2022 participation of the Wiki Advocates Philippines will be a four-day event from August 11 - 14, 2022.

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Meet the Organizers[edit]

User:Kunokuno User:Brazal.dang User:Sheanjean User:Daphpb User:Danbarrameda
Kunokuno Imelda Sheanjean Daphne Daniel
User:Annle123 User:Evem Barrameda User:Roronoaerica User:YamPikit
Annle Steven Erica Yam