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How to scale your education program while keeping a focus on equity

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LiAnna Davis, User:LiAnna (Wiki Ed)

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Wiki Education Foundation

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How we make it happen
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Presentation (but could be expanded to a workshop if need be)
For program leaders interested in scaling their impact
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10 min presentation, 10 minute attendee activity, and 10 min Q&A (but could be expanded to a workshop if need be)
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In 2010, we started our education program in the United States with 200 students. Today, we support around 8,000 student editors each term who contribute content to the English Wikipedia. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to scale programs, and in this session, we will share our learnings with other program leaders.

In particular, we will focus on an approach called process mapping, which we found to be impactful as we looked at how to scale our program. We’ll walk through how and why we engaged in this activity, and then we’ll lead attendees through an activity of creating the first steps of their own process mapping to identify what is currently keeping their program from scaling.

As you think about scaling, it’s important to keep the elements of your program you care about in mind, such as a focus on knowledge equity. We’ll share how Wiki Education Foundation has approached knowledge equity even as we’ve grown, and how we’ve been able to make an impact in this area.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?

Helps other education program leaders learn how to scale their efforts for greater impact.

Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?

Education program leaders

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Adapted from a session at the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017 with this worksheet.


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