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Wikimedia Commons, the hidden educational powerhouse

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  • Brazil/ Portugal
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Skills for life,how we make it happen
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  • Panel
Wikimedia Commons, all kind of educational institutions, from elementary schools to Universities and the highest centers of Knowledge, GLAM and other cultural institutions
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60 min
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Wikimedia Commons is one of the largest Wikimedia communities, with tons of contributions around the globe. While a lot of educational initiatives can be run there, the great majority of Wikimedia users and readers seem to see it as a repository, or a stock; Wikimedia Commons is more than that. Wikimedia Commons is a true media library with multiples layers of incredible educational potential that are barely explored, even by the Wikimedia Movement.

We have people around the world sharing their Culture, their History, Nature and Knowledge through media. All this rich information not only is stored at Commons, but the media at Commons has life: The community organize this media, curate it, add descriptions, categorize. The metadata created around this files are great educational resources that could be used in studies, researches, part of new educational content as college/school books, classes, books at Wikibooks. When looking at the Commons community as a "free repository", one ignores a great part of the knowledge being generated by that community.

Giving light to all this potential is a must - And so we need to talk about it.

To talk about it we will divided this conversation in three topics:

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. It will help contributors of educational programs and projects see the potentialities of Wikimedia Commons as an educational via;
  2. Show some of the best practices to contribute to Wikimedia Commons and how to create, use and reuse media with educational purpose;
  3. Present successful educational cases and how to implement it;
  4. Improving the uses of Wikimedia Commons as an educational tool globally, using it in shared projects involving different communities and countries.

Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?

Teachers, students, volunteers, public in general.

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