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Wikimedia+Libraries/Program/Submission/Students with visual impairment and Wikipedia editing: the "Let's make Wikipedia editing inclusive'' campaign at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

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Students with visual impairment and Wikipedia editing: the Let's make Wikipedia edit-a-thon inclusive" campaign experience

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Ngozi, Osadebe, User:Ngozi osadebe
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Enugu hub, Nigerian, User group (Deputy University Librarian, University of Nigeria, Nsukka)


  • Experience Sharing Panels ( I am interested in this).

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  • Individual Presentations (15 minutes)

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People with visual impairment, Wikipedia editing, contributing to open knowledge, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Hashtag. #LetsmakeWikipediaeditathoninclusive


Wikipedia edit-a-thon started at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)in 2017. The first group of editors were Librarians. All the editors were sighted (have functional eyes). In 2018 the Wikipedia edit-a-thon program was extended to other faculties, institutes and centres in the university. Interested staff and postgraduate students were encouraged to join. By 2019, the program has assumed an annual status.  However, people with visual impairment in the university were not part of the program till 2021 when the  "Let's make Wikipedia edit-a-thon inclusive" campaign was launched in the university.  Let's make Wikipedia edit-a-thon inclusive brought in people with disabilities especially people with visual impairment into the University Wikipedia editing programs. This study aims to document the experiences of visually impaired staff and students that participated in the program. The program will employ the descriptive method. 13 people made up of 8 people with visual impairment and 4 facilitators in the program will form the population of the study. The oral face-to-face interview will be used for data gathering. An interview schedule prepared by the researcher will guide the discussions. Data gathered will be presented in tables and narratives.

Expected outcomes[edit]

Identify steps for including people with visual impairment in Wikipedia editing training and edit-a-thon programs. Equip participants with the skill to train people with visual impairment in Wikipedia editing

Duration (without Q&A)[edit]

20 minutes

Specific requirements[edit]

I am not presenting in any other session.
I will need access to a projector machine, screen and public Address System
I do not need any specific arrangement of chairs and tables in the room

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