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The first Wikimedia Australia meeting has made me buzzy and dizzy, to say the least.

As a member, I hope to have learnt a lot. (I do realise this will have to be made more objective later on).

First of all the meeting was on from 14:00AEST to 16:00 AEST, so I'm making this summary while the issues are fresh in my mind. It isn't going to be particularly accurate on 'who said what' as I was so heavily involved. Don't misquote anyone please!

We introduced each other, and talked briefly about our interests in Wikimedia Australia and on the Wiki projects in general (for example, law, music, commons, community).

The we discussed the first item on the agenda, which was to be either a state organisation or a national organisation. Many of us agreed that the national one would be preferable, so we decided to be a company when that decision arises. The reasons we mentioned were ...

Then we thought about a base. Suggestions included homes, offices, university campuses. Brianna raised the possibility that this would cease after students graduated, but Wikimedia Australia will make the arrangement with the campus we choose.

Also we looked at what sort of benefits being a Wikimedian of Oz would offer. Enoch said there weren't many. Be that as it may. There's the warm fuzzy feeling. Then Andrew suggested that we be a user group. This is a new thing, and we're not sure whether the Wikimedia Foundation would approve of it. Seeing as Angela is on the board, and she didn't say anything against it, it may happen.

Then we tried to decide a possible membership fee. And we talked about the issue of servers briefly. Computerbank looks like a popular venue. Also we decided to maybe have a newsletter.

--Bronwyn Gannan 05:15, 19 February 2006 (UTC).

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