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Wikimedia Belgium/Brainstorm September 2011

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Welcome to the Brainstorm on the Etherpad of Wikimedia Belgium

Logos: Commons:Category:Wikimedia_Belgium


  • Romaine
  • SPQRobin
  • M0tty
  • MADe
  • Edoderoo
  • Capaccio



  • Lobbying in the European Union (about the freedom of panorama, ..). As Belgian organisation, we are in the perfect position to help other Wikimedia organisations as well
  • Lobbying the Belgium government to release our content in the Public Domain
  • Contact and discuss with the GLAMs to free the contents
    1. the KBR
    2. the KIK/IRPA (700 000 scanned pictures)
    3. the library of KCB/CRB (1 000 000 of files/books/objects)
    4. National Botanic Garden of Belgium (Contacts are already established)
    5. Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen
  • Wiki Loves Monuments in Belgium & Luxembourg - 2012
    1. Find new sponsors
    2. More media attention in advance (e.g. in July or August)
    3. Making publicity on Erfgoeddag / Open Monumentendag
    4. Wiki takes ... (town or city to make pictures with a group of people)
    5. Wikipedia in... (town or city) see http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikip%C3%A9dia_dans_Rennes
  • Wiki Loves Art: in contact with museums and making pictures there by users
  • Take pictures of politicians in one of the Belgian governments. I have the contacts, and we have the right persons to take pictures
  • en:Geograph Britain and Ireland -> such one in Belgium (maybe in colaboration with France and the Netherlands (NL is trying to get it of the ground as well)), Germany has a Geograph allready
  • Supporting or helping with setting up Creative Commons Belgium: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/CC_Affiliate_Network
  • Possible partnerships with:

Structure of organisation[edit]

  • Suggestion: one chapter, but with two/more departments in it (wmf wants one chapter per country)
  • Main language: English, reason: French speaking people often do not speak Dutch, and Dutch speaking people often do not speak French, and also, as Belgium is the center of European politics, with attention for lobbying, WM-BE can become the center of (western) European Wikimedia, working together with other chapters, the foundation, national organisations, international European organisations, giving Wikimedia a home in Europe. English is then the language other chapters/WMF easy can participate. Besides the main language many pages will be translated into Dutch and French, and possible German.

Steps to get chapter[edit]

Step 1: Gather the people

  • -> done!

Step 2: Develop your Goals and Structure

  • -> now!
  • What do you want to accomplish as a chapter? What is your mission?
    • -> To make more information and media free to use...
  • What kind of activities do you want to engage in (e.g. outreach, fundraising, public relations, publishing)?
    • -> see section ideas
  • What kind of structure do you want for your organization? Is there a board and a membership assembly?
    • -> see section structure of organisation
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of your board and your assembly? Who gets to decide what?
    • ->
  • Does your organization want to hire professional/paid staff?
    • -> Maybe, I guess only later on something to think about, first setting up organisation.
    • -> MADe's idea was to hire staff of WM NL/FR for a couple of days when needed

Step 3: Run a pilot program (Optional step)

Step 4: Draft your chapter's fundamental documents

  • -> we must start with this
    Translate all fundamental documents. / getting bylaws

Step 5: Apply to be approved

  • ->

Step 6: Register with the authorities

  • VZW / ASBL
  • Chapter agreement with wmf

Step 7: Get some money

  • Make a request of financing with the nearby chapters
  • Bank account
  • Members pay for membership
  • Funding from Chapter Committee

Step 8: Go!

Other thoughts[edit]

  • Perhaps we can participate in the Fundraisor of December 2011?