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Title ideas[edit]

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In brief[edit]

  • Wikimania: The 2017 edition of the annual conference for the Wikimedia community will be held in Montreal, according to an official announcement on Wikimedia-l. Unusually, this decision was presaged by a leak on Wikimedia-l in October and a subsequent Signpost article. Meanwhile, there is a major consultation on Meta about the future of Wikimania and what form it will take.
  • Sources, data, and Wikipedia: All three were subjects in a recent Argentine hackathon that targeted teachers. The event was a collaboration between four organizations and boasted 70 people in attendance. Read and see more on Wikimedia Argentina's blog and on Storify.
  • Drone photography: An op-ed from a German Wikipedian ran in this week's Signpost. Of note: "... drone photography offers great possibilities for Commons photographers. Aerial views allow readers to better understand the location and setting of a monument or a place described in an article. And, you can add a whole new dimension with aerial video, to give readers the whole picture."

Ed Erhart, Editorial Associate
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