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Published 11/04/2015

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This blog is a report of the interview of the contributors to Doteli Wikipedia which is still in Incubator.

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Ramesh Singh Bohara.jpg
Ramesh Singh Bohara. Photo by Janak Bhatta, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Logo propuesto para la Wikipedia Doteli. Logo by रमेश सिंह बोहरा, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Little over a year back, three Wikipedians from Nepal (Janak Bhatta, Ram Prasad Joshi and Ramesh Singh Bohara) resolved to start a Doteli Wikipedia for a language of about 800,000 speakers in the Far Western and Mid-western regions of Nepal. It is also spoken in northern part of the India, especially in Kumaon, with theKumaoni language being very similar to Doteli.

A cursory analysis of the Doteli incubator project reveals that it now has over 1000 articles, thus meeting one of the perquisite threshold norms for starting any Wikipedia. There are eight active editors, and the project has more than 3600 revisions. The Request for Doteli Wikipedia Project has received wide support on Meta. Further, support for Doteli language was also added on Translatewiki. As the project steadily progresses from its testing stage to a maturing stage, we interviewed some of the active Doteli Wikipedians—including Bharra and Joshi, along with Biplab Anand. Anand played a key role in creating the Maithili Wikipedia project from its start in the incubator.

According to Joshi, the Doteli Wikipedia has tremendous potential of attracting a growing community of users, as there is a large population of Doteli speakers in both Nepal and India. He particularly quoted some of the Doteli-speaking active users of the Hindi Wikipedia who could help in furthering the growth of Doteli Wikipedia. Janak is optimistic about getting the support from academic circles in Nepal as well as in Kumaon division of India.

Desde la izquierda - Janak Bhatta y Ram Prasad Joshi. Foto por Janak Bhatta, licenciada libremente bajo CC BY-SA 4.0.

Están planeando promover y popularizar la nueva Wikipedia a través de radios FM, instituciones educativas, y periódicos como "Chinari" y "Om Sri", además de sitios web y blogs. Particularmente, las estaciones FM están jugando un papel importante y activo en promover el lenguaje, la cultura, la herencia y la comunicación masiva Doteli.

At the present time, the Doteli Wikipedia attracts mainly articles on areas such as geography, biographies, culture and history, although the users are aiming to include articles on many other topics as well. Many festivals specific to the Far-Western region have been effectively showcased in the incubator project, including Bisu praba, Olke sankranti, Budhi polne praba, Gaura praba and Maghesankranti. The project also gives a vivid account of some of places of tourist interest such as Mount Api, Shaipal, Khaptad, Badimalika, Ramaroshan lake, Ghodaghodi Lake, Patal bhumeshwor, and the Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

En los planes futuros de la Wikipedia Doteli, Janak enfatizó que durante el primer año de su proyecto de incubadora, el foco principal era la contribución de contenido individual y el desarrollo de un grupo pequeño pero dedicado de editores. Pero con el pasar del tiempo, espera iniciar estrategias diferentes para atraer más editores, como llamadas telefónicas, chats en línea, eventos de difusión, reuniones informales, programas educacionales, blogs y redes sociales. El Grupo de Facebook de la Wikipedia Doteli actualmente está administrada por Bohara, tiene más de 1100 miembros, y busca promover la Wikipedia Doteli junto con otras facetas del lenguaje y la cultura Doteli.

Joshi favours popularizing the "incubator project concept" so that users can easily find their native incubator Wikipedia and be part of the project, as is the current case with Doteli. On the other hand, Biplab favors a collaborative effort where users of one Wikimedia project could proactively work for another emerging project. Thus, the respondents are highly optimistic of getting the project out of incubator and ensuring its growth and development in the near future.

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