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This was a draft for a blog post that has since been published at https://blog.wikimedia.org/2014/08/20/remembering-jorge-royan/



Remembering Jorge Royan



The is a syndicated post originally published by Wikimedia Argentina. The original Spanish version can be found here.

Wikimedia Argentina is saddened by the passing of our great friend and collaborator, the Argentinian architect and photographer Jorge Royan. Jorge was a winner of the [Ranking Nacional de foto color de la AFA] and gold medal winner of FIAP, and held various exhibits in local and international events. He was nominated for Agfa International as a “professional of the month” on his international website.

As well as being a judge for Wiki Loves Monuments Argentina, Jorge donated hundreds of beautiful photos to Wikimedia Commons so that, in his own words, they won’t stay lost in his computer when he was no longer here and serve a greater purpose than just as a curiosity to his grandchildren. We hope that his wishes have been granted.

A camera is like a bird that should be frozen in flight. To decide from where the bird looks into space (and with what eyes) is our job. Sometimes at ground level, others hang from a chandelier from four meters up. To obtain the wings is our problem.

-Jorge Royan

Thank you so much Jorge!

wedding photography, The Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic

A skater in the Vondelpark. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Multi-neck guitar, Paris, France

Jama Masjid the main mosque in Delhi, India

Via delle Oche, Italy

Violin repair shop, Salzburg, Austria

Ford_Motor_Company Vintage Ford, Havana, Cuba

Maori rowing ceremonial choreography, New Zealand