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October report for the Wikisource vision development and online survey[edit]

Aubrey, Micru, MarkTraceur, and Amire80 during Wikimania 2013.

With the grant period reaching its conclusion, we would like to make two major announcements. We would like to introduce the open survey for Wikisource contributors and supporters (translated by the community into 11 languages). The survey is a splendid way for the community as a whole to voice their opinion regarding Wikisource and its future. We really hope you will spend 10 minutes filling it out. It's worth it.

The second announcement is that Aubrey and Micru (us), will continue our volunteering activities to kick-start the Wikisource User Group for one more month. Except for the final name (approval pending from the Legal Team), all necessary steps have been taken so that all Wikisourcer's can use this association to find and shape development priorities, and as a way to have international coordination.

We attended Wikimania and Google Summer of Code projects. The Wikimania days were as hectic as they were productive. Aubrey participated in the Open Access panel, and presented Wikisource as a positive tool for the scientific community, provided that Wikisource users possess a desire to support digital-born documents. Micru participated in several discussions about how Wikidata can support bibliographic information and how it can all come together with external organizations.

With regards to the GsoC projects, you can read the final reports from the grantees that worked hard during the summer on projects that can be used for Wikisource:


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