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Request for proposals: MediaWiki release management round 2


MediaWiki is the software that powers the Wikimedia project websites. It is not only in use by the Wikimedia Foundation but also by countless other organizations and groups.

Last year, the Wikimedia Foundation started to share the responsibility of the long term management of the MediaWiki software project with the wider community. We are continuing the process with a second Request for Proposals to manage the third-party releases of MediaWiki (PDF).

The process for this RFP is a community-involved one. There is a three-week period for organizations to prepare and submit their proposals, after which the community can comment on and ask questions of the proposers. The Wikimedia Foundation will take all of this feedback into account when making the final decision for who will lead the release management of MediaWiki for the next year.

The deadline for proposals is June 13.

Please do get involved if you are interested in the future of MediaWiki!

Greg Grossmeier, Release Manager

Wikimedia Foundation


Hopefully get this out on Tuesday May 27th.