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Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/The Annual Online Edit-a-thon Will be Held in This Summer

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Posted July 10 2015

Title ideas[edit]

  • English: The Chinese Wikipedia's Dong Yuan Ling wants you to contribute articles
  • Simplified Chinese: 中文维基百科动员令期待您的参与
  • Traditional Chinese: 中文維基百科動員令期待您的參與


The Online Edit-a-thon called "Dong Yuan Ling"(Chinese: 动员令/動員令, literally means Mobilization Order) is an annual tradition of Chinese Wikipedia in every summer will start on 4 July this year. In next two months, Editors on Chinese Wikipedia will be encourage to join the activity and improve some topic of Chinese Wikipedia that it weeks on. The first Dong Yuan Ling was held in 2006, and this year is the thirteenth Dong Yuan Ling.

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Gentoo Penguins, West Falkland. Photo by Ben Tubby, freely licensed under CC BY 2.0

An online edit-a-thon called "Dong Yuan Ling"(Chinese: 动员令/動員令, literally means Mobilization Order) is an annual summer tradition on the Chinese Wikipedia. This year's event—the thirteenth ever hosted—began on 4 July 2015. Over the next two months, editors on Chinese Wikipedia will be encouraged to join and improve articles on topics ranging from Math, Earth Science, Physics, Music, Electronic Science/Engineering, Computer Science, and European History & Geography. Articles in many other languages but not on Chinese Wikipedia are also promoted to edit.

Dong Yuan Ling's major goal is to improve the quality and quantity of certain topics in the Chinese Wikipedia; it stimulates Wikipedians to contribute high quality content on Wikipedia, and attract more students to edit Wikipedia while they are on their summer vacation.

Dong Yuan Ling was initially created by User:真實事求是, a Malaysian Chinese Wikipedian, and the first contest ran from 15 July and 1 August, 2006. He also led the second, third and fourth iterations. Since the seventh Dong Yuan Ling in 2009, it has ran in every summer (Northern Hemisphere). In the third Dong Yuan Ling, 真實事求是 introduced a new scoring system, where participants were rewarded with one point for every article created or improved. Bonus points were awarded for selected articles, such as DYK (did you know?), good article, and feature articles. This system has been amended every year to help promote these high-quality articles. In last year's contest, the ratio of articles submitted between featured and all was 6%, held against the same ratio from the Chinese Wikipedia of only 0.07%. We also see an effect on did you know? as well: the daily average number of DYK articles in April 2014, or before this contest began, was 6.7; in August, it was 10.8.

The Dong Yuan Ling can also motivate new users by the score system and honor title. My own experience is a great example: I became a Wikipedian in October 2009 but only had a few edits until I found the Dong Yuan Ling in the summer of 2009, and I signed up. The score-system changed my editing-strategy to improve every single article I wrote as much as I could.

Of possible greater importance, I started to talk, discuss and collaborate with other Wikipedians during that Dong Yuan Ling. Apple Pie is one of Wikipedians that impressed me; he gave advice when I translated articles on US cities and a lot of help since I didn't fully understand how to edit Wikipedia. User:苏州宇文宙武—a history-loving student majoring in Arabic and one of the earliest Chinese Wikipedians—encouraged me when I felt tired. I made a lot of friends and learned many ideas about Wikipedia, and my Wikipedia "addiction" began.

Dong Yuan Ling is coordinated by several users called "hosts." Some are relatively new; Alex is another new-voted host in 2015. He joined Wikipedia in December 2011 and started actively editing in mid-2012. This opportunity is his first experience in leading a Chinese Wikipedia program, and he hopes that hosting Dong Yuan Ling will help improve the weakness of Chinese Wikipedia in some professional fields.

Last year's Dong Yuan Ling, 80 editors created or improved 759 articles in 65 days. The Chinese Wikipedia community gradually focused on diversity, so that "female scientists" became one of the topics that year. Although only 23 female scientists articles were created, with three good articles, the attempt was the first to consider the gender unbalance of the Wikipedia community. Unfortunately, that effort was not carried over this year, causing consternation from the organizers: "We were supposed to attract more female editors to join our movement, but few people paid attention," said Walter.

You are welcomed to join this year's Dong Yuan Ling now. ...

Addis Wang, Wikimedia User Group China

Simplified Chinese[edit]

  • Title:中文维基百科动员令期待您的参与
  • “Simplified Chinese” In Local Character: 简体中文
  • “Simplified Chinese” Language Code: zh-hans

西福克兰岛上的巴布亚企鹅. Photo by Ben Tubby, freely licensed under CC BY 2.0









Addis Wang,中国维基媒体用户组

Traditional Chinese[edit]

  • 中文維基百科動員令期待您的參與
  • “Traditional Chinese” In Local Character: 正體中文
  • “Traditional Chinese” Language Code: zh-hant

西福克蘭島上的巴布亞企鵝. Photo by Ben Tubby, freely licensed under CC BY 2.0 動員令是中文維基百科一年一度的在線編輯馬拉松,今年的動員令將於7月4日開始。在接下來的兩個月中,維基百科的編輯們將被鼓勵參加這項活動並提升中文維基百科中一些被選出的話題,包括數學、地球科學、物理、音樂、電子與計算機科學以及歐洲的歷史與地理。動員令也將鼓勵編者創建及編輯最多語言版本的待撰條目








Addis Wang,中國維基媒體用戶組


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