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Before you start writing...


We've found that answering the questions below will be incredibly helpful in structuring your thinking.

  • Who is the audience you intend to reach?
Wiki(p/m)edian(s) from all around the globe.
  • What is your goal with writing this post?
Our key goal is to engage new readers to Wikimedia projects.
  • What is the two sentence high-level overview of this piece? (Note: This might be able to serve as your summary.)
WACN: Engaging new readers matter the most

Headline and summary


Ideally three to ten words, the headline to your piece will show up in social media shares and on the blog's homepage.

  • ...

The summary will appear separately in italicized text underneath the photo; it can be up to fifty words.

  • ...



Who is authoring the piece?



If you have freely licensed images in mind, please put them here. While we don't use screenshots as lead images, we're more than happy to place one or more in the body of the post.* Good image repositories: Commons featured, quality, valued; Pixabay; other public domain image sites; images.google.com with "labeled for reuse" selected.

*Please also put links to the images or screenshots.



What do you want to tell the world? Write it here. Ideas on introductions and writing style can be found in our community guidelines.


Tulsi Bhagat, Coordinator