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Title ideas[edit]

  • Ilustrate Galician wikipedia


At Wikipedia, and the other projects of the Foundation Wikimedia, because of our politics of use of images, we have, in a lot of occasions, difficulties to illustrate some articles, especially the corresponding to figures died last eighty years, due to the fact that usually there aren't images of them available without copyright.


Poster to announce Wikicontest "Ilustra o Día das Letras 2018". Image by Elisardojm, License CC-BY-SA 4.0.

The contest is to do a portrait of the writer honoured at the Galician Literature Day of year 2018: María Victoria Moreno.

It can be a drawing, or you can employ another artistic technique. In any case, the work has to be published in digital format and it has to be licensed with a Wikipedia compatible license.

The upload of the file has to be made at Wikimedia Commons, with a correct licence, and inside category "María Victoria Moreno".

The portrait can not be copy of another already published, but your creation can inspired in the work some photograps. You have examples at external pictures at Wikipedia:Wikiconcurso Ilustra o Día das Letras.

The contest finish at 31 of December of 2017, still that, you can follow loading images that you want, but out of the "competition".

Elisardojm, Galician Wikipdia administrator