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Wikimedia Blog/Drafts/Wikipedians overcome the content gap about Asia from all over the world.

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  • Wikipedians overcome the content gap about Asia from all over the world
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The map of Wikidata entries

The second edition of Wikipedia Asian Month has ended. In past November, xxx Wikipedians from xx language versions of Wikipedia has together created xxx high-quality articles about Asia. Despite the Asia is the most populous continent. Wikipedia content lags behind, as the map of Wikidata entries shows. The Wikipedia Asian Month has largely improved it and will continuously motivate Wikipedians to write something about other countries.

Various Wikimedia groups held online or offline events to join the collaboration with Wikipedia Asian Month. Women in Red, a group of active Wikipedians aim to shorter the content gender gap, has particpate in Wikipedia Asian Month and more than xxx new articles from English Wikipedia are created during the event. A Wikipedia Asian Women Month event held by CIS-A2K on November 27 at Bangalore attracted 19 participants. Over 11 articles are improved in three languages.

Nine offline events held throughout the Wikipedia Asian Month all over the world. On the same day of the Bangalore event, Wikimedia Mexico held a Wiki and Ramen Edit-a-thon at yyy. Here will be a quote.

Many quote here

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