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  • Presenting the winners of European Science Photo Competition
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  • Overall, the contest involved 40 countries, over 2,200 people, and nearly 10,000 images. Here are the winners.


The European Science Photo Competition has come to a close and the winners announced. Over 2,200 people from 40 countries participated, adding nearly 10,000 images to the Wikimedia Commons—everything from nanostructures of various materials to the vastness of space, and from portraits of scientists to videos of chemical reactions.

Everything separated into 5 competition categories. Here are the winners.

Many of the photos came in from Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Italy, and Germany, but per capita the leaders were Estonia, Macedonia, and Greece. 93.3% of participants had never before uploaded any images to Commons.

Urmas Tartes, a well-known Estonian entomologist and nature photographer, likes to say that a good picture broadens the horizons of human understanding. He defines the perfect photo as something what combines knowledge with emotion and what is presented in a most suitable environment. These images serve that purpose well, given that they are and will be used on Wikipedia.

All of the files in this competition are freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

People in Science[edit]

Test Bench at the Fraunhofer LBF for active vibration control.jpg

Winner. Checking the test bench for active vibration control at the Fraunhofer Institute LBF. Photo by Thomas Ernsting.

Runner-up. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Lecturer Vadim Evgenyevich Privalov. Photo by Daniil Filatov.

Microscopy images[edit]

1.Magukbaforduló ikerszelvényesek 72dpi.jpg
Winner. Different millipedes. An animal from a Julus species on left and one from Polydesmus species on the right. Photo by Pr.zs.i.

Runner-up. Surface of butterfly feeler. Photo by Pavel Kejzlar.

Non-photographic media[edit]

Winner. Video demonstrating the properties of YBCO superconductor. Photo by Maxim Bilovitskiy.

Runner-up. Small gallium droplets fusing together in a interesting way on water. Photo by Tavo Romann.

Image sets[edit]

Paracetamol in polarisiertem Licht.jpg

Paracetamol in polarisiertem Licht 2.jpg

Paracetamol in polarisiertem Licht 3.jpg

Paracetamol in polarisiertem Licht 4.jpg Winner: Micro crystals of paracetamol in polarized light. Photo by Radix2010.

Total lunar eclipse.png
Runner-up. Movement of the moon passing directly behind the Earth (lunar eclipse). Photo by Christina Irakleous.

General category[edit]

Empusa fasciata redpit.jpg
Winner. A conehead mantis walking on a rail track somewhere in mountainous Arcadia, Southern Greece. Photo by Panagiotis Stavropoulos.

Runner-up. Frosted bubble. Photo by Danielarapava.

Ivo Kruusamägi, Estonian Wikipedian, organizer of European Science Photo Competition