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Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2013/FAQ

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What are the emergency numbers for police and ambulance?
General emergency number is 112. Police number is 158, Ambulance is 155.
What languages are commonly spoken?
The official language is Slovak, Czech is understandable, Polish is partially understanable. Basic knowledge of English (younger generation), Russian (older generation) or German is relatively frequent, but in most cases is limited.
Does Slovakia have freedom of panorama? Can I safely take pictures of official buildings, trains and planes?
Yes you can take pictures around the city. Preferably not of military and police buildings.
Does the venue have Wi-Fi?
Does the hotel have free Wi-Fi?
How easily can I find Wi-Fi in cafes, bars, etc?
In big cities very easily. Almost every café and bar has Wi-Fi.
Is there a social event on Thursday evening?