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Tricks of the trade: FDC proposals and reports[edit]

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User:Claudia.Garad, Michał Buczyński User:Aegis Maelstrom
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  • Lecture (one-to-many)
Global Metrics, SMART goals, storytelling - writing FDC proposals and reports can be a challenge, not only for first-timers. In this talk Claudia shares from a grantee's perspective what WMAT learned in the past 3 years, 4 proposals and 9 reports. Michał contributes the view and expectations of a FDC member.

Preliminary preparation (if necessary)
Basic knowledge of the FDC process and requirements would be beneficial.
Expected outcomes
Provide hands-on knowledge about APG grantmaking.
Duration (without Q&A)
15 mins presentation, 15 mins Q&A.
Specific requirements
Slides or further information

Lightning talk by WMAT at the CEE meeting 2015 in Estonia

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