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Throw them something fresher: how to survive a media crisis[edit]

Names and usernames
Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska / User:Magalia
Krzysztof Machocki / User:Halibutt
Type of submission
  • Open discussion

Our projects have been part of everyday life of millions of people long enough to be noticeable by the media. That’s great, but every now and then a crisis occurs: a celebrity is unhappy about his/hers biographic article, a famous scientist bashes Wikipedia for whatever reason, a short-lived vandalism gains long-lived media attention…

During a brief introduction we would like to show you how we handled some of such crises in the past. The following discussion should focus on finding the best practices in dealing with negative media coverage. How to manage the image of Wikimedia effectively? How (and when) to respond to criticism? Finally, how to work towards strengthening the reputation of our projects?

Preliminary preparation (if necessary)
None required
Expected outcomes

We would like to establish good practices in managing the image of Wikimedia in CEE countries (local context!) and discuss effective methods of dealing with media crises. Ideally the outcome of the discussion should be a set of guidelines applicable both to chapters with paid employees and to chapters, where public relations and media contacts are covered by volunteers only.

Duration (without Q&A)
45 minutes in total: 15 minutes introduction, 30 minutes open discussion
Specific requirements
A projector would be nice :)
Both Magalia (link TBA) and Halibutt (How to talk to teenagers about Wikipedia – and why should you) submit their own presentations
Slides or further information

Throw them something fresher razee.pdf

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).
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