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Ivo Kruusamägi / User:Kruusamägi
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Wikipedia is an extremely suitable platform for scientific photos: things like open access, wide userbase and the interest towards additional information makes it not just a possible repository for images, but an active environment, that can really bring science closer to general public with engagement between the community of editors and photographers. Collecting and sharing the information to the the world is something that Wikipedia does well. What will happen if we'll combine the science communication and Wikipedias need for thous images: European Science Photo Competition.

In the years 2011–2013 the concept was tested in Estonian Science Photo Competition and now it is about a time to bring it in front of a larger crowd. To carry out an European Science Photo Competition and ask more people from scientific community to share their findings and everyday passion in the form of visual communication. And to do it in Wikipedia. Work to bring that contest alive is in action and we need CEE region to join that. This talk is on how will it happen and what can CEE region do to be present in this event.

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CEE countries will participate in the competition.

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30 min

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